Making A Murderer is more an earthquake than just another show to talk about for a few weeks or months around the water cooler.  It transcends entertainment because it shows with what contempt those in power regard the rest of us. It would be a grave error to consider what took place in within the Wisconsin justice system between 2005 and now to be anomalous in any way because miscarriages of the kind we witnessed in the series, and ones far worse, whether you believe in Avery’s guilt or not, are not only commonplace, they are the status quo.

My present, but not necessarily primary purpose is to use Making A Murderer as a jumping off point to broaden the discussion about not only what to do about two men falsely imprisoned, but what to do about our broken judicial system.  To achieve this goal, I would wish to be guided by an edict of William Blake:

He who would do good to another must do it in Minute Particulars.
General Good is the plea of the scoundrel, hypocrite, and flatterer;
For Art and Science cannot exist but in minutely organized Particulars,
And not in generalizing Demonstrations of the Rational Power:
The Infinite alone resides in Definite and Determinate Identity.
Establishment of Truth depends on destruction of Falsehood continually…”


It is my fond hope that this will be a watershed moment for Americans who care deeply about justice and desire to create a more fair and just society for everyone, but my first concern is doing what I am able to do, hopefully with the assistance of others, to free Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey.


  • Thank you, Daniel for helping these two falsely imprisoned men , I hope anything I share can be of help also, excuse any typo errors, you are an excellent writer, and very descriptive. In New Albany, IN there was a SIMILAR case. David Camm, now released after his third trial, he now works for the innocence project in that local area. He was also falsely imprisoned (twice) also for the same thing murdering his wife and children, he was released upon his third trial out of that area, he possibly works at the innocence project (if this is correct name) in Louisville, KY across the bridge from Indiana (uncertain). The DA, and prosecuting attorneys withheld evidence they knew “who did this” Charles Boney, that was just released during the time of this murder that committed these murders and rapes. David Camm story is on Wikipedia. He has been on 20/20, he has written a book, and is now suing the state of Indiana. His attorneys had to take great measures to get the DNA accurate, the prosecutors were lying about, that are now being sued. I know what its like to be framed, I am framed right now, by my own attorneys, and my husbands crimes he reversed onto me, I am like Steven I have done ALL my own FEDERAL legal work. These are high profile White Collar Crimes committed against me, placed into fraud induced legal documents. I appreciate you for what you are doing to assist, it makes my heart smile! What is great about this for the first time the world is united on Stevens & Brendon’s injustice. I pray these men’s family’s are doing well, you know that Steven Avery “has a two new female attorneys as of January 8th, 2016”. Choice.org has almost 500,000.00 signatures, BUT HAS VERY FEW signatures THAT NEEDS FULFILLED BY FEBRUARY 6, 2016 to “Initiate a Federal Investigation” of the Sheriff’s Offices of Manitowoc County and Calumet County, Wisconsin https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/initiate-federal-investigation-sheriffs-department-manitowoc-county-and-calumet-county-wisconsin

  • Somewhere_in_the_desert

    Have you seen this video? https://streamable.com/hvr5

  • He got away with out having to answer typical questions a lawyer would ask because they needed S. Avery to be the fall guy. 36 million.

  • In my personal opinion, as someone who has been stalked and threatened by an ex boyfriend, his only reason for going there was to check up on her. The dropping off something for Scott was just an excuse. Yes this can happen years after they break up especially if he was not seeing anyone and he suspected or knew that she was.

  • I came across this blog of the 2007 trial. It’s not a transcript but a briefing of what is happening. Notice Ryan’s statement on February 13th. He did talk to her when he saw her at her place that Sunday.


    The blog states: Hillegas, a registered nurse who works in cardiology at a Milwaukee-area hospital, said he had seen Halbach the weekend before, and she told him she was going to dress as a cowgirl for a Halloween party.

    Odd that he can remember a detail such as her costume but not what time of day this occurred?

    • And what was he dropping off for Scott Bloedorn? Was Scott Bloedorn at the house when the item was dropped off? He conveniently omits all of this information.

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