It’s All Coming Together Now

While trying to find out as much as possible about the battery cables, I suddenly realized today that I’ve been looking with tunnel vision at only the Avery case, forgetting that the trial of Brendan Dassey reveals just as much if not more.  In fact, it is only during the trial of Brendan Dassey that it is unmistakably asserted that the battery […]

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Something Laura Nirider Missed

CASO pp 443 Thomas Fassbender interviewing Brendan Dassey on 2/27/2006 at Michicot High School Fassbender:   You’re a kid, you know and we got, we’ve got people back at the sheriff’s dept., district attorney’s office, and their lookin’ at this now saying there’s no way that Brendan Dassey was out there and didn’t see something. They’re talking about trying to […]

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