Today’s Trip to The Locksmith

Though I have put considerable effort already into proving that the key found on the bedroom floor of Steven Avery’s trailer on 11/08/2005 was planted, there were, until today, a few loose ends I needed an expert’s opinion on to tidy up.  So, to make clear exactly what those loose ends are, I thought it best to offer a brief […]

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Blood Redemption: What The Avery’s Might Know That Could Help Free Steven and Brendan

The blood evidence in the Toyota RAV4 was probably the single most important piece of forensic evidence tying Steven Avery to Teresa Halbach’s murder.  Indeed an unhealed cut on the outside surface of Steven Avery’s right middle finger was discovered when his body was subjected to close examination after his arrest on November 9th, 2005, four days after the discovery […]

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