Steven Avery’s Blood: The Last Piece of The Puzzle

Making a Murderer premiered on the 18th of December.  I believe I watched it the next day all the way through, and again all the way through the next day.  Not a good sleeper to begin with, this has made the problem dramatically worse.  I wouldn’t be surprised if tomorrow is a record day of work call offs and lowered […]

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Avery Road Dead End Part II

When Gary, my Iraqi cab driver made the turn on to Avery road,  I asked him to stop so I could take this picture.  He happily obliged, and we resumed our journey. Heading down Avery road a short distance, we reached some buildings on the property.  Out away from town with the street lights that you would normally find in […]

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Avery Road Dead End Part I

Many people seem to have trouble believing that I went to visit the Avery’s on Christmas day, so I thought I would offer up a little proof that I’m not making any of this stuff up. I flew in to Milwaukee’s General Mitchell airport from Portland, Oregon around 9pm on December 24th.  I was just going to sleep on the […]

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