My Strange Text From Ryan

As soon as Ryan Hillegas’ very bizarre court testimony aroused my suspicions, I got on Facebook to see if I might be able to find him.  It didn’t take long!  I sent him a message thinking I would just be one of hundreds or thousands sending similar sentiments his way, so I didn’t even expect the message would be read […]

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TLDR Ryan Hillegas

Ryan Hillegas didn’t “guess” Teresa Halbach’s password and username as he claims on the stand in court.  I’m pretty sure he knew it all along.  Keep in mind that Ryan had been Teresa’s boyfriend for FIVE years. This means that he was well aware of where Teresa would be and when. And he had had access to this information over […]

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Is Ryan Hillegas The Killer?

Ryan Hillegas — Case Solved? DISCLAIMER — I wrote these posts on the brink of exhaustion, hardly having slept since watching Making A Murderer as soon as it came out.  This is a stream-of-consciousness purge, at the moment, more than anything else. After the just the first viewing I was mainly puzzled by whether members of law enforcement, or even law enforcement agencies […]

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