Kernel Article by Jesse Hicks

The Kernel just published Jesse Hick’s One Amateur Sleuth’s cross-county quest to prove his ‘Making A Murderer’ theory.  I am the subject of the article.  I will share my thoughts on this later.

I will be going back to Manitowoc.  With simply a car (which I’m happy to sleep in), I will be able to get around and interview people.  To be able to talk to people like Ken Kratz and many, many others is not possible from far away.  I hope by now people understand how serious I am about my goals and my unwavering commitment to achieve them.

All I need are a few alibis from a few people for October 31st, 2005.  After that I can leave.  Thanks in advance.

By the way, the article references one of my ideas (described by Hicks as “Zuckerbergian”)  Decide for yourselves.



  • Oh and what happened at the Pub and what’s the issue with the no guns allowed sign?

  • Was in on your live chat with Jessie today. Good job.

    Probably wouldn’t have given Jessie a hard time about not taking sides though….might hinder a second interview.

  • So Dan,

    I got a couple things to clarify. I have heard it said by multiple people including Buting that Hillegas hacked into her voicemail and listened to them. But according to Ryans sworn testimony he NEVER listened to her voicemails. Doesn’t seem like he has any reason to lie about that, unless….Also, it said the Avery’s welcomed you onto their property but Charles? became upset with your prescence. Which person that resides on that property had a problem with you being there?? Something else to consider down the line, especially if you go back to Manitowok. Watch your back.

  • Have you been hearing the theory of Edward Edwards doing this?? Lots of interesting facts on that.

  • Daniel,

    I have one request when you go back to Mantowoc.

    Interview the coroner in town..find out the cause of her not being allowed on the Avery property. If people start talking about the problems there, some shady people may become unglued. According to Reddit reports, there is a major beef between the sheriff’s department and the coroners office, and it’s odd the Manitowoc coroners office was not allowed to examine the crime scene or even be on site.

    Really fascinated by this oddity. Thanks

  • I have a serious question.

    How are you going to avoid choking the shit outta Ken “the prize” Kratz if you have the opportunity to talk with him in person?

    There is no hidden agenda or anything in that question. That whiny-assed bitch has the most annoying voice! Couple that with just him being him and well, I’d want to choke the shit out of him if I met him.

    • ANON 106 – Wow. You are unbelievable. You criticize him non stop about this issue and now make a ‘joke’ about it. It is ok for you to choke someone – no sweat — but you bring up Dan and subtle strangulation daily.

      • This was a serious question using a very common phrase, meaning figuratively. I couldn’t think of another way to put it.

  • Sorry if this question is repetitive, but why did the Avery’s ask you to leave? Did you overstay your welcome or did your behavior worry them?

    I hope you find the answers you’re looking for.

    I have a strong suspicion Avery’s defense is looking in the same direction from one of her earlier tweets about the missing voicemails. They will have an easier time talking with Ryan’s friends and Ryan. I’m sure if anyone has information, at least one person would have contacted her.

  • Great article. Explain a lot.

    As we say down here, good on you, Daniel.

  • I saw on the cover of the daily dot interview with you that there was a cartoon like figure of you working hard. The curtains were closed. Might this stem from a fear of getting murdered by Ryan Hillegas?

  • Great interview Dan. I am so sorry you felt that way about being an RN. I do not see RNs that way. Healers do God’s work and it is vital stuff.

    • That is kind of you to feel that way about RNs and I am sure many are kind healers I just had mixed feelings about it as described in Jessie Hick’s article.

  • Wish I could join you, honestly.