Overthrow The United States


The ongoing, hardly abated American program of mass incarceration must end. Did you know that there is a higher proportion of African Americans in prison than there were blacks in prison in South Africa under apartheid?  School children in America are sent to jail for how they wear their pants.  Cops shoot people like dogs in the street with total impunity.  We’ve all seen it with our own eyes.  It is now time to stop this violence and insanity.

Unfortunately, even though people have taken to the streets in large numbers from time to time, most notably in Ferguson, Missouri, after the execution of Michael Brown in broad daylight, systemic changes have not materialized.  In fact, there has been an increase in the killings of unarmed American citizens by police.

That profound change is something urgently needed is something that we can all agree on, perhaps, but you might wish to know exactly what I intend to change, how I intend to bring about this change, and why anyone should believe it has any chance whatsoever to succeed.

So let me take these questions a bit out of turn.  The essence of my idea is to concentrate overwhelming resources at a single place, and once having established a beachhead, to move on to another location.  I think Oregon happens to be a good place to start.

In America, mass incarceration occurs on the level of individual states, and not so much on the level of the Federal government, so it makes sense to start on the state level.  What would be required to take over politics in this state on a county and state level?  It would take an invasion of approximately one million Americans willing to live in various locations in Oregon long enough to be eligible to vote.

Burning Man is scheduled to take place August 28th and September 5th. That’s 70,000 people right there if I could convince them all to come up for an extended vacation this year.  But the general point is that there is actually enough people in the United States as a whole to effect this take over.  We just need to be gathered in one place for long enough with a plan and a purpose.

I should like to make a few things very clear, going forward:

  • We shall be lawful
  • We shall be peaceful
  • We shall be respectful
  • We shall be accurately and abundantly informed
  • We shall be apolitically political

Concerning the first four points, further explication is hardly needed, but the last point does.  Over the last ten or twenty years, I’ve noticed that America society has become bitterly divided between was is presumed to be Left and what is presumed to be Right.  I do not wish to rehash, argue, or address the fault lines over which these disagreements continuously roil.  Rather, I’d rather construct a consensus on criminal justice reform over which the broadest swath of Americans can come to agreement.

Now, to the specifics.  This is a preliminary set of ideas which is sure to go over the coming months.  (What are your ideas?)

  • End solitary confinement and all forms of torture practiced on or off American soil
  • Abolish plea bargaining
  • Abolish bail
  • Ensure that the public defenders office receives as much funding at the office of the prosecutor
  • Change state law so that judges are appointed instead of being elected
  • Allow cameras and recording in Oregon courts
  • Digitize all public legal and legislative records, and make them freely downloadable on the web
  • Provide financial incentives to jails and law enforcement agencies for reducing rates of recidivism and crime.
  • Restore all legal rights to those on parole and probation

With enough numbers, we can put into office whoever we please, or prevent whoever we please from taking office.  There are about 1.7 million voters in Oregon, and only 70% show up to vote.

To recap, this plan calls for enough voters from around the United States to show up long enough to be able to vote and influence elections.  Funding from around the world is needed to establish this effort, and to keep it going until  it succeeds.  I believe that $800,000,000 should be enough to accomplish these goals.  Thank you in advance for your support.  Here is where you can donate for now: https://www.gofundme.com/whokilledteresa


          Then indecision brings its own delays,
          And days are lost lamenting over lost days.
          Are you in earnest? Seize this very minute;
          What you can do, or dream you can do, begin it;
          Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.  Goethe






  • You’ve put a link to the fundraising of your Avery/Halbach/Hillegas investigation in this article, which describes a grand grassroots effort billed as “Let’s OVERTHROW The United States,” which proposes to concentrate on Oregon first. What exactly are you thinking by linking the two projects? Aren’t you afraid of confusing people about what they’re donating to?