How to Overthrow The United States

The name of this website, Overthrow, with the ‘us’ domain extension, is not a call for riotous rebellion against the government, or even civil disobedience.  Rather it is a call to examine the possibility that the society we desire can be achieved peacefully, even within its current framework, if we dare to look inward, if we dare to overthrow within ourselves the kind of moribund and stagnant thinking which breeds reptiles of the mind.

The pervasive belief that we are powerless is a pernicious, self-defeating lie which turns otherwise capable human beings into loathsome complainers.  It is also a convenient and seductive lie because it excuses and obscures the real problem which is apathy.  If we cared enough we could change things.  Know that, and if any of these words resonate with you, from here on out, I urge you to make a resolution to never complain about something without taking some action first.

Once you have made the resolution to renounce powerlessness, you will find that your most potent weapon against the forces that oppress you and others in society is your own mind.  Take up the hobby of learning and thinking carefully.  Join a club whose mission it is to foster this.  Never cede the realm of thought to those you consider to be smarter, or more educated, or more connected, or more wealthy than yourself.  Begin to realize that the fact that better thinking is possible through simple practice is a secret of the powerful.  

If you hold the cynical view that those around you are stupid, you will be well served by changing your thinking on this matter too.  How can you be allied with those you consider to be beneath you?  It only benefits those who hold power to get those who don’t to believe that their fellow man is not equipped with the necessary mental faculties to understand intricate matters, and fight for his own liberty.  If your neighbor pays his taxes, he’s sufficiently well equipped to understand almost anything.  Whether he chooses to is a different matter, but that he is capable is what really matters.

We must do what we can in ways that are gentle to encourage others to take up the mantle of self-education.  Those who exhibit the signs of disabled thinking deserve the same kind of compassion we might show to someone who is physically disabled.  Luckily, unlike many ailments which afflict the body, there is a cure for stupidity, in most cases, and that cure has a name which is called reading.

There is no substitute for being well informed, but you will need to make an effort to know about what’s going on around you because there is nothing that the powers that be find more threatening than informed citizens.  You might want to start by getting to know the names  of the people in your local community who control the levers of power.  Who do they represent?  By what margin did they win their last election?  How many total votes did they get?  Who were the people who gave their endorsement?  If you did nothing more than this within the next year, you will have done far more than all but one protesters yelling chants in ten thousand.  Consider how powerful it would be, for example, to know the name of the bureaucrat who passed a city council resolution to raise the cost of a parking ticket from $20 to $35.  I’ll confess that I do not know these things myself!  Shall we begin the journey together then?

Imagine knowing the names of all of the members of your city council, and their voting records.  If you want to begin to change things; if you want to start sending a message to power, this would be an excellent place to begin.