[until further notice, this site is no longer about what it was about, (the wrongful imprisonment of Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey) but about creatively and effectively resisting fascism, racism, sexism, hate, homophobia, oppression, abuse of authority and cruelty in US]

Protester Safety Tips:

  1. Be peaceful and do not destroy property
  2. Wear a gas mask with eye protection
  3. Make your signs of thick plastic or plywood.  Use as a shield when needed
  4. Wear bicycle helmet and padded clothing

There are only so many cops in a city.  Nevertheless, a small number of people can easily control a much larger group.  It simply needs some kind of plan.  Typically protests emerge spontaneously, but for all of their fury, are almost completely devoid of a plan other than to march in a certain direction, or to maybe block an interstate.  Inevitably, the losing side is rarely the one which represents the established order.  Yet, this outcome is not preordained. In fact, it becomes unlikely as soon as a little bit of thought and planning go into our measures of resistance.

It is not illegal to protest.  It is not illegal to carry a sign.  It is not illegal to carry a sign made of plywood (that might offer protection against batons and rubber bullets).  It’s not illegal to carry a flag on a ten-foot flag pole made of thick wood or aluminum.

If I were going to stage a protest, I might wish to know what the capacity of the local jail was.  I might wish to know what would happen if the capacity of that jail were greatly exceeded.  What if such a jail were full of captives who agreed to make life as difficult as possible for their jailers?

Imagine a protest march wherein which the first two hundred or so protesters at the front were already flex-cuffed.  Imagine when the order came to clear the streets, these protesters, already in gas masks, sat down and refused to move.  Wouldn’t this break the ranks of the cops?  How many cops would be needed to arrest and transport all of these protesters?

Leaving aside, for the moment, what hundreds upon hundreds of like-minded protesters might do once they actually reached the jail, I wonder what the outcome would be if each person thrown in jail insisted upon a jury trial?

This is the first of many such posts.  I have so many ideas!!!  But until next time, let us be shrewd and purposeful in what we do.  Let us use all of our art and cunning.  Let’s have fun.

Above all, Solidarity.




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