Getting The Guilters to Dance

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How do you get a guilter to dance?  It’s a hell of a lot of fun, actually.  Right now I have at least three guilters jukin’ and jivin’ to explain all kinds of things.  They are, in no particular order: NewYorkerJohn  PugsLifeRules and Figdish35 whose balls are way to swollen right now to get back out there on dance flow right now after our last dance, but that will be the subject of another post.

Well first you have to let them take their best shot with their lousy leaden bullets of contrived logic, shot from pistols that have a tendency to backfire, and then when you duck and dodge all of them, and then you fire back until they start to back away and..well, you saw the cartoon, right?

Yosemite Sam, aka NewYorkerJohn is probably the smuggish and prickish guilter on one of reddit’s main subs, MakingAMurderer  and that’s saying a LOT because he has gathered a following of cavilling acolytes who strive with a rabid ambition to be ranked equal with their elder in horseshit.

So today, he pops off with a statement that he furnished in direct response to a challenge that I issued to him via private message (I was banned the other day) concerning the impossibility of Teresa Halbach being chained to Steven Avery’s bed as Brendan had confessed, and was alleged in court.

This guy uses his smarts—he’s not an idiot by any means—to try to browbeat and intimidate others.  I’m guessing he’s a former prosecutor by the arrogant tone:

You call truthers stupid when you are just as irrational and dumb as them. I did give you an answer about your idiocy with respect to the leg cuffs. You ignored it. Suggesting the legcuffs would have to be connected bedpost to bedpost is absurd. How long did it take to make up such idiocy? One cuff was on her leg or arm and the other cuff was on the bedpost. He had 2 pairs of legcuffs thus one set for each leg or arm. If he used it on the legs as intended then the arms were either tied to the bedposts or she was handcuffed and the other handcuff was tied to the bedpost.

As for your idiocy about the key it just shows you have as many mental problems as the truthers you criticize to allege such nonsense which is as bad as theirs. The only difference is they are making up their nonsense out of bias to pretend he is innocent. You have some other motive for making it up.

So I send him this reply:

Oh, okay, so all of the cuffs were used, and then ropes were used too? In the “confession” Dassey refers only to chains. So the ropes come from the pic he drew for that con artist O’Kelly?


Why would Dassey switch from chains to ropes? Why, for that matter, would he switch from glass from a broken bottle to a knife as the means to “stab” Teresa? These are all things in the “confession”. It might make sense to go from “I didn’t stab her” to “Okay I did stab her, and I stabbed her with a piece of broken glass”, but it doesn’t make sense, once you’ve already admitting to the fucking stabbing to switch to a knife unless you concede that what is being said by the interviewee is not reliable.


Ergo one can infer, unless one is hobbled in the practice of sound ratiocination as guilter morons are, that the same interviewee went from chains to ropes for the very same reason. How would I guess, however, that you’re going to contrive more excuses?  Weak shit dude.


NewYorkJohn is relying on Dassey’s sketch which show Teresa not only chained to the bed, but also tied with ropes, so I have to anticipate and answer this feeble nonsense.

We have to trust that Dassey’s artistic skills are at the skill level necessary to make a realistic distinction between rope and chain. Funny that these ropes were never found, by the way, not that it should raise any doubts either.

So two sets of cuffs were found on the 5th.

But in the photo documenting the discovery of the key on the carpet taken on the 8th, just in the lower corner of the image, there is a set of what look like fingercuffs in the brown bag. So, despite there being two sets of cuffs found in the nightstand, the fingercuffs weren’t found anywhere on the property on the 5th, and if they were they weren’t ever entered as evidence.

The guilters haven’t really had a good answer for why the fingercuffs were never logged as evidence (that we know of).  We also don’t know when they were logged which should raise huge red flags for everyone.  Whoever they had editing and cropping their images simply didn’t notice the cuffs in the bag while they were doing this.  Super_pickle, a mod on both SAIG (Steven Avery Is Guilty) and MakingAMurderer claimed that the thumbcuffs wouldn’t have had any evidentiary value.

That’s strange because how would they know it didn’t have any evidentiary value at the time that they were found?  There is no record nor any mention of fingercuffs in any official documentation that I could find even though plenty of other sets of cuffs were. But I know, nothing at all odd about that right, and you’d have to be a fucking moron to think otherwise?

Or, maybe you would have to be a moron to not clearly see that there is something very odd about all of this.

For all of the things that the guilter-in-chief on reddit labels as either “dumb” “idiotic”, “absurd”, or “ludicrous”  he somehow finds the most ludicrous of all scenario totally believable.  A sudden TOTAL suspension of disbelief:


So Let me get this straight (and tell me where I go wrong, PLEASE): Steven Avery LURED (oh my!) Teresa onto his property. Then he somehow dragged her into his trailer by force, but no one hears her scream as she is being dragged away. Maybe she doesn’t scream (explain).


After Avery gets her into the trailer, he chains her and ties her to the bed and begins raping her with the intent to kill her violently when he is done. But while his is in the middle of this, he hears a knock on his door! Like any rapist would, Avery, in the middle of committing an actual rape, with a woman chained to his bed in his bedroom, he goes to answer the door even though he doesn’t know who it is, and even though his victim is able to scream for help (what does she have to lose at this point?)

Didn’t Dassey say that he heard Teresa Halbach screaming for help?  I think I remember piece of shit Luke Berg even bringing that up in Federal court recently…



Not only does Steven Avery open the door for his nephew, he invites him in and says something like, “Hey, I got this woman in my bedroom chained and tied to my bed. I’m right now in the middle of raping her, and when I’m done, I’m going to kill her in a very bloody fashion. Would you like to join in?”


Though Avery doesn’t know what Dassey’s reaction to this will be ahead of time, he floats this suggestion, giving Dassey the opportunity to say yes or no, presumably?  And if he says no, Dassey leaves the trailer and goes on about his business like he never saw anything. Or is it that Avery will murder Dassey right then and there on the spot too?

The above puts the guilter position in a real bind because if they allow that Brendan felt so afraid for his life that he had no other choice but to obey uncle Steven’s orders, then he’s off the hook.


Dassey, a shy withdrawn kid with extremely low self-esteem, a below-average IQ and no prior history of any violent or antisocial behavior willingly agrees on the spot to his uncle’s suggestion. They both rape her, then Dassey cuts her throat and stabs her in the stomach with a knife? shard of glass?, but the bedding catches all of Teresa’s blood. Then for some reason they untie and unchain Teresa while she is still bleeding from her wounds, and bring her out into the garage while she is still alive and then shoot her in the head, again, without leaving any blood anywhere that couldn’t be removed from the scene.

So I ask NewYorkerJohn:


What did I get wrong, about this ludicrous scenario? You’re going to stand by this horseshit and peddle it around like it’s true and bring to bear your estimable intelligence to defend it? Holy shit. That makes zero sense that a guy as smart as you would spend your time on it. Retired DA who used to send people down for this stuff? Fuck. If so, I wonder how many innocents you ever convicted because you do have a special talent to turn horseshit into gold to someone who isn’t careful. You have to be somebody’s bagman just like good ol figdish35.

So far crickets from NewYorkerJohn..



  • NYJ is an ambulance chaser IIRC, not a former DA. I’ve tried to read some of his ramblings on SAIG and ended up with a headache. He simply has ZERO logic.

    Funny thing about all of his (and others) claims about the legcuffs and handcuffs. How come there wasn’t ONE molecule of Teresa’s DNA found on anything? Yet they found Jodi’s. Given that she was LOCKED UP at the time this all went down kinda screws their entire argument.

    I can’t say enough about how wrong the system treated Brendan. It got WORSE, AFTER he was appointed a PD. Is this the United States?

    If NYJ really is any kind of legal person, he knows what I just wrote is true. Kachinski was working FOR Kratz, not his client Brendan Dassey. You can tell these people have never been in a legal Pickle (see what I did) in their life or have a loved one targeted by Law Enforcement. Get in court and LIE on the stand.

    Due Process must stand for EVERY citizen.

  • Awwwww Danny Danny Danny, your butthurt is showing again.

    • Pugs, I know that I’m knocking on your door for you to make a hateful comment like that. The hotter you get the closer I know I’m getting. You’re on my turn by the way over here where there are no rules except mine. I’m star of my shit baby, step into my parlor…