Let’s Get FigDish to Dance The Jig!

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Reading through guilter sub MakingAMurderer today fellow truther and freethinker lickety_snickum asked an astute question about why no one else’s DNA was found on the hood release of Teresa Halbach’s RAV4.  First all of the predator guilters pretended that they never opened the hoods of their car:

Here is how PugslifeRules responded the the question:

You are past pathetic, can you read at all. “I take it for regular oil changes and maintenance.” Sorry unlike you I don’t open my hood and say, yup that’s an engine. Moron

User lets-shake-hands made a similar comment:

TH may never had opened the hood of her car. If she did she might have only opened it a couple of times over the years that she owned it. So the answer is no.

And on it went.  When lickety_snickum sharpened his question a little more by asking what would explain why NO ONE else’s DNA but Steven Avery’s was found on the hood release, they shills stated getting even nastier while ignoring a question they apparently had no answer for.  Figdish35 (who is a rich lawyer, and whose real name is Don Norton) snarkrs..

Is this dude’s point that it’s not really her car because her DNA isn’t under the hood, or is he arguing that there’s too much Avery DNA on it so it must have been planted? WTF?

See how Figdish deftly deflects and then counter punches with an uppercut of misdirection?  He tries to come off all casual about it too, as though he just throwing out a remark off the cuff when in fact he is following the outlines of an agenda that is anything but casually executed

But I say we get Figdish35 to dance the jig?  First, let him know where you found this information by linking back to this post.  Second, let him know that you’re on to him as a shill for Manitowoc law enforcement.  Second, demand that he answer the question about how only Steven Avery’s DNA could have been found on the hood release.  Here is a link to the conversation in question  And just sit back and watch Figdish35 dance.

Oh, one last thing…there is a whole long story about the hood latch if you want more information about how that evidence was planted.  No one could ever understand why the RAV4 was found with the battery cables disconnected.  Well, what happened is that someone popped the hood of the RAV4 soon after it had arrived at the crime lab.  Ken Kratz saw that the battery cables would be disconnected as a matter or protocol and then decided to say that the RAV4 was found with the cables disconnected.

The reason I know this is that when Steven’s pontiac was seized on November 6th 2005, the CASO actually records an officer seeking instruction about disconnecting the cables.  He asks Kim Skorlinksky from DCI (from the state crime lab) this question:

You’ve got some kind of memo that if it’s inside its supposed to have the battery disconnected

And then you see that when the car was taken into evidence in Crivitz, they opened the hood, disconnected the battery cable, and then sealed it with  initialed evidence tape




  • Well, I’m glad to see that everyone has decided to “church it up”… I am not a lawyer, I am not a police officer, I am not a criminal psychologist. I am, however, an intelligent, Christian, conservative, hard working father of 6, with 2 of them being daughters, that has common sense. I have read the entire trial transcript twice and have found no way to tie the events without a LOT of stretching. Virtually every aspect can be brought to question. And I still do not understand questions that were not asked and remain unasked. My point is this, if anyone can look at the entire case against SA & BD and not at least question the validity of it, then you either A) have an agenda or B) your have an IQ lower than BD. PERIOD. I truly pray that we do find out the truth and that those that committed the atrocity are put to death. I simply do not have enough faith to make me believe that any part of the justice system is going to let this one get away. They have too much to lose. We will find out what Hillary was hiding on the hard drives she had bleached before we will find out the truth in this case.

  • Daniel you are a liar out and out that was not my answer to her, that was a reply to his / her normal shitty remarks to comments made. or wait is that you? Clearly can’t read either. My response to him/her/you was, I don’t open my car hood not even sure I know how. If you are going to pull this shit at least be honest. Your butthurt once again. Figure it out here once and for all. You spend huge amounts of time alienating people. You yourself said you got kicked off reddit for demanding some one tell you something, but lol you demanded in a nice why. I see how that worked out for you. I will say it again because you seem to have a problem reading I never saw your post on reddit.
    You like to think you have the edge here with your past. You are not SA any more than you are RH. So stop thinking and pretending you are. Or that RH would or did or does think like you. Understand NO ONE is going to tell you anything. This is a legal matter not fun and games, and frankly RH business in none of your’s. He is not under arrest now or ever. He is not on trial now or ever. I don’t give a flying F if you like that or not, clearly that is your problem.
    Like I told you. If you went to the Courthouse, rather that the Averys on Christmas, followed by creeping Kratz and perfect strangers. The answers you so seek were there for you to read along with 7000 pic in living color. The DCI file about 32,000 pages. You would also know the KEYS DO MATCH. Dude you do not have a one up on several private investigators and several of the best defence attys. More so off a blurry pic. Just because you know how it feels to want to hurt someone or even take there life.
    If your brain was not so far up your ass you would really seek legal help before you get in deeper with your BS and find yourself getting sued. Which if I were these people I so would.
    Sorry not sorry harsh, but enough is enough. You get butthurt and off on a rampage you go.

    • guilter got on her dancin’ shoes..dance guilter DANCE!! Look at her GO, hahaha!!

    • Oh boo hoo from the anony-mouse. Why bring up YOUR hood latch at all? Deflection. Then add some insults. Are you in the 7th grade?

      Like I said in an earlier comment in a different topic. You don’t want a REAL debate, you want to shut down any talk of Criminal Justice Reform that is so badly needed. And you certainly don’t want to talk about Due Process violations committed against Avery and Dassey. There WERE several.

      Better pray you or anyone you care about never gets in the crosshairs of corrupt Law Enforcement and morally and ethically bankrupt Prosecutors.

      Have you seen the DCI reports? NO, you haven’t, they have denied all FOIA requests. And I’m not not sure which “KEYS” you are talking about. There is ONE key. One of the most important pieces of evidence “allegedly” found, and what do these veteran cops do? Take a blurred picture of it. The other photos taken at the time are CRISP and defined. Also, the other pics of the key at the lab shows that is a BRAND NEW Valet key.

      But you know all of this, yet you are here and on Reddit, deflecting, defending this fantasy told by people that are proven liars. You obviously like the system the way it is. All the lies that get told, yet somehow only the cops and certain prosecutors can distinguish any kind of truth.

      Let guess, more threats coming? More juvenile trash talk? I’ve got two teenagers that are more mature than you, anony-mouse.

      • She doesn’t realize that a man who has literally lost everything to the corrupt system doesn’t care about getting sued; doesn’t care about going to jail or prison. But I’ve done none nothing illegal and this lady has used my name on forums as well. I didn’t even read through her full comment, tbh.