Reddit MaM Taps Out

Reddit Ban

This is what happens when smug pricks like NewYorkJohn and super_pickle over at the defunct MaM subreddit echo chamber get checkmated.

I get banned immediately after demanding in a polite way to know from them how they’re going to explain how Teresa was chained to the bed with leg irons that were to short to span from bedpost to bedpost.

These corrupt con artists have zero interest in the truth.  Of course they will claim other reasons, but we all know they constantly lie.

Nevertheless, I consider This is a badge of honor.  When the guilters ban you, it means you’re getting somewhere and they would rather concede surrender than allow more holes that can’t be patched to be poked in their flimsy defenses.

To be clear, without performing their usual rhetorical acrobatics, they have no answer for why the cuffs are too short to back up the part of Dassey’s confession that Steven Avery “chained” Teresa Halbach to his bed.

They reality is, the most vocal Avery and Dassey opponents are more than likely nothing more than shills paid by the corrupt law enforcement establishment of of Wisconsin whose job it is to spread doubt.  These are amoral, cowardly individuals who would rather see an innocent kid rot in jail for his entire adult life rather suffer the embarrassment and shame that would come from admitting they got it wrong.  Don’t kid yourself.  There is A LOT on the line here, and they will do everything in their power to prevent exposure.  But you probably already knew that.




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  • Hypocrisy reigns supreme. Considering the overwhelming message of MaM the series, the subreddit MaM in under the control and management of guilters. ZooperPickle is also a MoD on SAIG and a Militant Guilter. From their OWN sub I read some of the most vile crap, and they weren’t talking about SA or BD.

    They were talking about what they would like to do to KZ and Deloris Avery. Rape, sodomy, some really sick stuff. What happened to those wonderful redditors that would post sh*t like this? Nothing. Not a damn thing.

    I’m not sure what happened within the Reddit Admins. Balls fell off. Or they had spine removal surgery. They should have stepped in well over a year ago and banned the children. Instead, they looked the other way. Then a mole was let into the MaM MoD group and he proceeded to set everything on fire and THEN TRIED TO DENY IT.

    I’ve met some really good people on Reddit and if it weren’t for them, I would have left it behind over a year ago. The folks at SAIG and many that now have control of MaM believe justice was (somehow) served. The folks at TTM believe due process was thrown out to get two convictions.

    I left the MaM sub behind long ago, it’s a waste of time posting there unless you are a guilter. FACT.

  • The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off SAIG.