Why It Is A Grave Error to Underestimate The Guilters


A lot of the guilters that you will encounter on the internet, those particularly on Reddit subs like SAIG and MakingAMurderer have several big advantages over every single truther there is, including me.  They include the following:

  • Simple, clear objectives
    • Protect law enforcement at all cost
    • Destroy all challenges to the state’s official account
    • Lie often if necessary to ensure first two objectives

But their biggest advantage?

  • They know the truth, and knowing it makes it easy to deceive and misdirect

If you spend any time on these subs, virtually all of the people who post regularly are people with connections to law enforcement in Manitowoc County!  Even if their overall narrative is ludicrous, which it is, it is a grave error to underestimate these people.  There is a small cadre that know the case extremely well, in fact far better than the casual truther, which is most truthers, actually, and the fact that they come from either law and law enforcement gives them insider knowledge that the truther does not have.

We all know that in the United States, all members of law enforcement have a persecution complex, and when they feel threatened, they spare no effort in erecting formidable defensive ramparts.  Making A Murderer was a massive blow to Wisconsin law enforcement, and what we witness on the aforementioned Reddit subs is there attempt at damage control.  These people are angry.  They’re embarrassed.  They feel like they’re  under attack, and now they’re loaded for bear.

In the meantime, while the rest of us are having debates, discussing contradictions, and refining our theories, these super guilters are busy concerning themselves with a singular objective: destroy and person or any claim that challenges the state’s official version of what happened, truth be damned.  Period.  In the face of what the guilter agenda is, how well organized, connected, and funded it is, the lone truther plinking away at his keyboard in Boston, MA is going to be outmatched on all levels.  And his commitment to honesty, fair play, and decency will be used viciously exploited by a pack of predators who sniff out any and all weaknesses and then go in for the kill.

And that brings me to my second point.  The prominent guilters actually know what happened on Avery Salvage Yard on October 31st, 2005, and they know who did it.  The rest of us are left to wonder and speculate even while we are being unwittingly misdirected and deceived by guilters in ways subtle and not so subtle by these guilters whose job it also is to introduce doubt whenever the opportunity arises.

For instance, the details surrounding how a particular piece of evidence was planted can be inherently mysterious, and any number of plausible theories might be correct? But which one?  Since the Predator Guilter knows what happened, it is very easy for him or her to ridicule the incorrect theory and labil the person who came up with it as a moron.

Here’s the thing with predators I once heard: the wolves never care about how many sheep there are.  If we’re going to win this people, we are going to have to become a lot less like the nice and fair truther, and more like the Predator Truther.  We’re in a war, people, and it’s about time we realized it.




  • OMG really did you really say that. Lets see…. Hoes who tweets 24-7, who also got kicked off reddit for being a jackass. Lets look at all the Avery groups that fawn all over with crazy. Oh ya you have been kicked out of them also. To the one maybe two anti avery groups. Come on man. You and I both know. BTW Daniel who doxxed you. Who was that? Let me help you one is an admin is the family group the other is a know it all nothing who sits and collects donations to send to the family and SA and BD. You know the nutter hutter who photoshoots “Sweaty” into her family pics. The same one who was forbid by BD mother to contact him again. Come to think of it they doxxed me they doxxed all of us who have been. Hell they took it a step further and made a group to post all their crap in. Now why would people who think SA and BD are innocent be doxxing? Here is a news flash for you most all the people they doxxed are on the innocent side. Who is PR for who?
    Grow the hell up, get over it. KZ did not put your crap in her motion about the key.. Maybe she knows you are full of it.
    Its a sad day when a renowned atty can’t come up with anything and makes a brief off reddit and facebook, because there are just as many who say wow I told her that. Tells me something she found shit and Avery is in fact guilty.

    • Please state yes or no whether you believe the following scenario Note, if you state no. please state what part you do not believe. Additionally, if you thought I got something wrong in describing it, please state what that might be. Thank you.

      Steven Avery LURED (oh my!) Teresa onto his property. Then he somehow dragged her into his trailer by force, but no one hears her scream as she is being dragged away. Maybe she doesn’t scream (explain).

      After Avery gets her into the trailer, he chains her and ties her to the bed and begins raping her with the intent to kill her violently when he is done. But while his is in the middle of this, he hears a knock on his door! Like any rapist would, Avery, in the middle of committing an actual rape, with a woman chained to his bed in his bedroom, he goes to answer the door even though he doesn’t know who it is, and even though his victim is able to scream for help (what does she have to lose at this point?)

      Not only does Steven Avery open the door for his nephew, he invites him in and says something like, “Hey, I got this woman in my bedroom chained and tied to my bed. I’m right now in the middle of raping her, and when I’m done, I’m going to kill her in a very bloody fashion. Would you like to join in?”

      Though Avery doesn’t know what Dassey’s reaction to this will be ahead of time, he floats this suggestion, giving Dassey the opportunity to say yes or no, presumably? And if he says no, Dassey leaves the trailer and goes on about his business like he never saw anything. Or is it that Avery will murder Dassey right then and there on the spot too?

      Dassey, a shy withdrawn kid with extremely low self-esteem, a below-average IQ and no prior history of any violent or antisocial behavior willingly agrees on the spot to his uncle’s suggestion. They both rape her, then Dassey cuts her throat and stabs her in the stomach with a knife? shard of glass?, but the bedding catches all of Teresa’s blood. Then for some reason they untie and unchain Teresa while she is still bleeding from her wounds, and bring her out into the garage while she is still alive and then shoot her in the head, again, without leaving any blood anywhere that couldn’t be removed from the scene.

  • I hear and understand what you are saying, but I won’t stoop to their level. What I mean by that is their manipulation and often outright lies.

    After this debate started during the winter of 2016, I along with many others tried to have a conversation with many of them. But it became clear to me that’s not what they want. It shouldn’t be what we want.

    There is a conversation to be had, but not with ANY guilter. You aren’t going to convince them of anything, their mind is made up. And, it’s obvious they have a personal stake. Why go to the lengths some of them have for two people that are already locked up? I also fully believe several of them are paid.

    The real conversations should be had locally and with your state Rep. They are the ones that can have real influence on the Justice System.

    • I honestly have come to believe that there is a PR firm out there paying NYJ, Figdish, and a few of the others to wreak havoc. There is no one on the other side who brings this much dedication and intensity with the possible exception of myself, and I have my own set of motives, having been in prison and having an incandescent, white-glowing hatred for the system. I used to go out of my way to be polite to these assholes, but go read through what NYJ writes or Figdish, and see with what contempt he treats people

      I do believe that it is important to have “conversations’ with guilters not for the purposes of convincing them of anything, but for the purposes of exposing them to their readership. The truthers are losing the PR war on this big time, and if we don’t fight back, we are ceding important ground. I’m just here to let them know that the gloves are off.

      • I have honestly come to believe you are not the person I thought you were. PR firm on reddit. come on. Did you maybe co write kellers POS book with him. Dude they dont need PR. KZ she needs all the help she can get. Tweet tweet and tweet some more. Not on things she shot her mouth off about came to light. Not one thing in her lovely press conference at the courthouse MaM film crew in tow. Oops again.
        A dozen people in one group, posting. How about the massed in TTM. Who spew shit, Daniel shit. You all got emotionally sucked into MaM and cant find your way out. Just the OMG crazy.
        I will say it to you again, since you deleted it twice now. You had all your answers at your fingertips just for asking. All it took was a walk to the courthouse and ask for the index for DCI and photos. Than requesting that file, at that time you could even photo copy.
        You would know YES the keys are the same, you would know unconditionally RH alibi, names dates, times, and places. You would have the other man you have a hardon for. You see Danny, SP being paid from a different count have to keep time logs of all time working on that case. So they can bill it back to the correct county in this case MC. Every atty’s keep billing client time log. How do you feel that you have wasted 2 years of your life chasing your imagination? How do you feel that you have alienated all groups? How does it feel you now have to resort to being a total troll??? How do you feel most of all that you invaded Averys christmas? Put personal information out on kk and most of all RH over and over. How do you feel that you made it possible for 100’s of other morons to troll him and his job. You popped your gasket when you found out the doxing twins passed your shit around. Was that sick pay back to an innocent man. You strangled you wife, nothing new you say it in the very blog. What was it that pushed you to it. Do you honestly think a man in prison, playing soap on a rope for 18 years, came out a happy man with no issues, compounding his already serious anger issues.
        Does a normal man say in letters to woman, his hate and detest of Sanda. How he wants to have sex for 4 hours and force her to listen and maybe watching is an option. She is good for snacks and ice cream and and time out for a visit, as long as she dont try to kiss him. The one and only person who has been there for him all this time. The ONE and ONLY.
        Think about it dude. and this also….. Nenver Never ever threaten me again. Be very careful what you wish for.