Answer to What The Evidence Has In Common

  1. All of the major pieces of evidence–the bones, the bullet, the key, the RAV4, and Avery’s blood within it–were found in plain view, so much so, that it may as well have had a red neon arrow pointing to it.  I find this highly suspicious even while, at least with the key, the RAV4, and the bones, we are supposed to believe that an attempt was made to conceal this so-called evidence.  Why go to the bother of burning someone if you’re going to leave their bones out in the open in your own backyard?  Why go to the bother of removing all of your prints from a vehicle, and then leave a piece of evidence as obvious as a big streak of blood right near the ignition?  Why both to put a few branches on the RAV4 right on the property when it could just as easily been driven into a nearby lake?  Why burn the body, the camera, cellphone, and then leave the key in the room?
  2. All of the evidence was found in the Avery residence, or very close to it.  When people try to cover up a murder, evidence is usually moved away from, and not toward where the murder took place.
  3. All of the evidence had either Steven and/or Teresa’s DNA on it.
It’s all a bit too pat for my liking.


  • You are making way too much sense.

  • I agree that confronting Ryan in person wouldn't accomplish anything. They key is to interview people who know him who already have their suspicions. If Ryan did this, you can be sure they're out there, and have been thinking about saying something to someone for years.

  • Where are her friends? Did she even have any? Her friends would know who kept calling her, If she was seeing someone new, sleeping w the roomie, they'd know lots of secrets.

  • Yah…not so sure if that a good idea either…however…how about going to Auto Trader and see if she ever mentioned to anyone who the mystery caller may have been. Who knows, she may have talked to the janitor or maybe the guy behind the counter at the coffee shop where she got donuts for work…or a bartender. Maybe show pictures of a few additional suspects to see if anyone may have seen them hanging around….

  • True, all want to be critical of Daniel's actions or non but are obviously addicted to his site. So go figure. Let it ride.

  • The floodgates are already open, anon… why not keep going? As if a visit to the ex-boyfriend is any more or less maniacal than going to the Avery compound on Christmas day?

    Dan The Man is already there in WI, why not take full advantage of it by getting himself into increasingly more risque situations and endeavors? It makes for great entertainment and we could all learn a thing or two.


  • Not sure the idea of bombarding the ex bf at work is a "valuable use of time" or a very good idea at all. I think it's so funny how many people come to this site to read what Daniel writes and then complain about the way he spends HIS time in the comments. Why even bother visiting the website then?!?

  • This is not new information nor any sort of revelation to the case but generic observations that anyone can opine about. You need to focus on NEW INFORMATION discovery and not what you are trying to piece together from the documentary. Problem is, he has new representation now that is hopefully turning this whole case upside down in a ferocious manner.

    Since you are already in Wisconsin and basically acting as a rogue detective, how about pushing the envelope even further and going to ex boyfriend place of employment to question him directly or get the transcripts and spend your time digitizing them. These actions would be much more valuable than scanning the film looking for clues.

    • Why don't you focus on reading a blog that doesn't bring out your unwarranted criticism? Daniel is posting HIS observations on HIS blog and I think he makes much more sense than some of the other people out there posting a bunch of idiotic crap. Go to Reddit and criticize some of those folks because trust me, you will find plenty to get aggravated about. Daniel's blog is all about promoting intelligent discourse and using higher level thinking skills; if you don't find it interesting or helpful then don't read it.