Bobby Dassey? Nope.

Hold your horses, Ms Zellner.  In the document that you filed 10/23/2017, you basically throw Bobby Dassey under the bus by first listing out all of the macabre and debased search strings that were made on the Dassey home computer, and then by further stating that only Bobby could have made those searches because he was the only one home at the time the searches were made.

To quote Scott Tadych, I think you’re grasping at air.

Gary Hunt, your computer forensic specialist (who seems to have trouble getting something as simple as the right YEAR correct, and even more important things as we shall shortly see) states the following in his affidavit:

“The HP_OWNER user conducted the following internet searches on various dates:”

Listed beneath this statement there are 70 search terms having to do wither either images of underage persons having sex, underage females as young as 11 posed nude, or images of “girls” who have died in some horrific way, such as by auto accident or drowning .  None have either time or date attached.  Because there were many other people, many of them young, teenage males, in the trailer where Bobby lived, none in this batch of 70 searches can be tied to Bobby.

Gary Hunt’s affidavit next states the following:

On September 18, 2006, between 5:57 AM and 10:04 AM, the HP_OWNER user conducted 75 unique Google searches.  These searches have been attached as Exhibit B.

In a supplement to this filing, Gary Hunt submits a correction for the date.  It is not 2006, but 2005!  But the year was not the only thing that Gary Hunt got wrong.  He also got the time of day wrong!  

Gary Hunt flubs the time

If you look at the time of the first search, (you have to tilt your head to do it, or figure out some way of tilting the image), yes, it does indeed begin at 5:57 AM.  But of the 75 searches on that day, there are only seven searches in the AM, and they are all between 5:57 AM and 6:05 AM, not even ten minutes.  Nevertheless, the searches resume again at 7:52 PM, and they continue at a fairly regular clip until 10:04 PM.

September 18, 2005 was a Sunday, by the way.

The next  computer related set of data mentioned in Zellner’s filing for which a date and time  are known was on April 9, 2006 at  10:24 AM.    It appears to be an image of a female figure in water.  There is no search engine information (such as a specific search term) connected to this date.  Rather, the image is mapped to the address where it was found on the hard drive along with the times it was created, accessed and modified.  April 9, 2006 was a Sunday.

On April 19, 2006, a Wednesday, the next day that Zellner’s indicates a date and time for something of importance on the computer known as HP_OWNER a total of six images are shown, each showing an injured or deceased female.  Gary Hunt’s forensic analysis indicates that all of these images were created between 10:41:01 AM and 11:02:14 AM on that day.

The only other images on the HP_OWNER are a picture of Teresa Halbach, and another of Teresa Halbach and Steven Avery together.  According to Gary Hunt’s affidavit, it is not known when either of these two images were downloaded, scanned in, etc.

It strikes me as wildly speculative of Mr Zellner to suggest that only Bobby, or even likely Bobby made these strange internet searches all on the basis of being home for twenty minutes on Wednesday April 19, 2006.  Of course, we have to adjust our view of Zellner’s conclusion given that her forensic expert got crucial dates and times wrong.

Why is Zellner going after Bobby, then, we have to wonder?  Well, it all gets back to what Bryan Dassey told Kim Skorlinski, the DCI agent who interrogated him in the back of O’Neill’s squad car in Crivitz on November 6, 2005.  Bryan Told Mr. Skorlinski that Bobby told him that he saw Teresa Halbach leave the Avery property on October 31st, 2005.  Yet, Bobby testified in court during Steven Avery’s trial that he didn’t see Teresa Halbach leave.

So why would Bobby lie?  Zellner seems to suggest that it’s because Bobby might have murdered Teresa Halbach.  But I don’t believe that this is true.

First, I think whomever it was that was searching for images of dead females was also searching for inappropriate and illegal images of children, and  I don’t think it was Bobby who made any of these searches.  My view is that it was an older man, and I base this on the following observations: the search history reveals a cultivated sexual interest across a range of categories: black women, latina women, big women, lesbians, and underaged females.

Is it more likely that someone around the age of 18 would make all of these searches, or someone much older?  My vote is for someone much older.

I also believe that whoever was searching for images of children was a very depraved, sick person, and where you see depravity in one corner, you’ll likely find it in other corners as well.

Therefore, I find it much more plausible that Bobby Dassey was given an ultimatum to give false testimony against Steven Avery by someone who he might have feared, and that someone had to have been Scott Tadych.

I don’t take any of this to mean that Scott Tadych killed Teresa Halbach, although I am beginning to view it as a distinct possibility.  What I do think is that Scott Tadych might have had it in for Steven Avery and might have been the one to plant the blood evidence in Teresa Halbach’s RAV4 had he happened to have been the one who discovered it either on the side of the road, or where it was later found at the Avery Salvage yard.  If what Scott Tadych said to Steven Avery just a few days ago on October 24, 2017 is any indication, he was harbored a bitter resentment against Steven Avery for quite some time.  Here are a few things that Mr. Tadych said during this conversation:

SCOTT TADYCH: I wanna talk to that fucking little bastard.  I want that motherfucker to answer some fucking questions.  Fuck Steven Avery.  He is a piece of shit.  He’s been all his fucking life.

SCOTT TADYCH (directly to Steven Avery): You ruined my fucking life.  You ruined my fucking name, dumb cock-sucker.  You fucking jailbird motherfucker.

SCOTT TADYCH: I hate the cock-sucker.  You ruined my fucking life.

SCOTT TADYCH: You little fucker, look what you did.  What you said.

SCOTT TADYCH: He’s a stupid fuck.

SCOTT TADYCH: Yeah, you talking about my mother, you cock-sucker?  I’ll put you in the fucking ground.

SCOTT TADYCH: The only evidence they got is against him


By encouraging Bobby Dassey to lie, Scott Tadych had the ability to seal Steven’s fate, not because he wanted to frame him for murder, necessarily, but just because he hated him and already was convinced, like so many in the Manitowoc area, he was guilty.

The reality is, the evidence against Ryan Hillegas is still more compelling because if Tersa Halbach made a note in her day planner at 11:35 AM while she was making her rounds for Auto Trader, and she did NOT return home to her residence in New Holstein, there is no reason why Ryan should have had it in his possession after this time unless he is the one who killed her.



  • Clayton Merriweather

    Rewatch Scott’s reaction when Avery’s guilty verdict is read. It’s just such an odd reaction to that, unless of course you know you just literally got away with murder. Maybe I’m wrong but that reaction really left me with an uneasy feeling about him.

  • Ryan may be a better suspect, but he isn’t the only one. There is clearly a web of lies and deceit that spanned months prior to Avery and Dassey’s trials. ST, BoD are at the heart of that. And I’m now convinced Barb knew all about it. She put Brendan in harm’s way. I think between Scott and LE, Barb decided to play along in this fucking charade.

    How could she possibly think this would end well? How ever much you may disagree or dislike what Zellner is doing, protecting those that actively took part in this shell game of deception isn’t on the table.

    Never forget what Bobby and Scott told the cops and what they said on the stand. WHY LIE if you haven’t done anything wrong? Oh, no doubt Ryan lied his ass off too, but that is a separate issue. Never forget what Scott said AFTER Steven’s trial.

    Scott’s alibi was never vetted, and this double alibi bullshit story between him and Bobby won’t work. Scott had access to the ASY. His story changed numerous time from the beginning until the end of trial.

    I’ll bet there’s much more we haven’t heard about yet.

  • Don’t forget the Time offset.

    • Not sure what you’re referring to. Can you please be a little bit more specific?

      • These times are probably stored as UTC times and have to be adjusted to the local time. Prior to 10/31/05, the adjustment from UTC to Central Time Zone (US) is -5:00 hours. This means that in the table of time stamps for the searches, they probably just subtracted 5 from the hours place but forgot to change the PM to AM. So anything that happened after 12:00:00PM would list as 7:00:00PM or later, while everything before 11:59:59AM would retain the AM correctly.

        • It’s all actually a lot more simple: Zellner got it wrong. Hard to believe, huh? Notice how she’s totally backed off the claim that Ryan raided Steven’s trailer for blood just at precise right moment? Someone must have finally pointed out the absurdity of this scenario, and so she decided to chase down another rabbit hole, taking her adoring acolytes with her. At this point, it’s beyond embarrassing, and I would be highly surprised if any of her recent efforts succeed. I can say that her more recent briefs are devoid of major spelling errors, so I guess that is an improvement.

  • Hey brother, where did you get the transcript of that conversation? Also, who else was involved in the conversation? The way the statements read, it is like a three or more party conversation. Just curious as to where that conversation started and where it went. Great work, as always!

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