Exclusive Sensational Information About Kathleen Zellner’s Investigation???

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UPDATE 4/15/2016

The mystery commenter leaves the following commenter today backing off of what he or she had earlier implied or stated, but still maintaining access to inside information:

I would caution readers of this site not to read too much into my comment. I do not speak for Kathleen Zellner or her team, as I originally stated. When I refer to “us” I am not referring to KZ or any of the team working under her, but instead, I am referring to the nonpublic group I am involved with. This is not a “bombshell” comment. If one were to read Miss Zellner’s Twitter comments there is information that, in my opinion, does fall under the characterization of “bombshell”. The source group of individuals that I associate with, the positions we hold or the origin of information used to form our conclusions are not something we would discuss. My comment is a combination of my personal opinion, as well as, information and conclusions we are aware of or have reached based on the insight we are fortunate to have. Yes, we do have information that is not for public consumption, which is why I refer to what is contained in my comment as “what I can tell you”. This is simply an indication of the existence of limits as it pertains to what I and/or we are willing to say. “Involved within the inner mechanisms of the case” would be inaccurate.

Yesterday, someone posting anonymously, but claiming to be close to the Kathleen Zellner and her team left a highly intriguing, albeit lengthy message, which, if authentic, adds new information to the public repository of information about the progress and direction of Zellner’s investigation.  

Here are a few tantalizing excerpts from the message:

I wish I could speak for the entire team working under KZ, as I am aware that all agree with you, however, it is not my place to do so. What I can tell you is this; Motions will not be filed on behalf of either appellant until the exculpatory evidence can be presented in conjunction with conclusive inculpatory evidence. The goal is not limited to clearing them but rather to conclusively demonstrate who is responsible. This is already clear to us.


For those who feed on speculation I can tell you that those who will be implicated and charged do indeed appear in the Netflix presentation. Speculation concerning a serial killer or disc jockey is not valid with regards to the cause of Theresa’s death. The guilty parties are living their lives large and small but they are (and should be) worried.

This is the message in full:


Daniel you have a voice. It is not meant for those who would discount you for past actions, but instead, for offering your interpretation and opinions with an insight that most others perhaps do not have. Do not discount yourself. You need not be replaced. On a multitude of commentary site sections people argue their viewpoints on the Avery case in every manner from educated to ignorance. This is human nature. You call out Mr. Kratz and this is absolutely deserved. This man should never have held a public office. There is no doubt that he is culpable in the miscarriage of justice in both trials concerning the death of Theresa Halbach. I wish I could speak for the entire team working under KZ, as I am aware that all agree with you, however, it is not my place to do so. What I can tell you is this; Motions will not be filed on behalf of either appellant until the exculpatory evidence can be presented in conjunction with conclusive inculpatory evidence. The goal is not limited to clearing them but rather to conclusively demonstrate who is responsible. This is already clear to us. It is now a matter developing the evidence, not the least of which includes the purchase of an identical vehicle to that of the victim. I can tell you that all the evidence needed has been obtained. For those who feed on speculation I can tell you that those who will be implicated and charged do indeed appear in the Netflix presentation. Speculation concerning a serial killer or disc jockey is not valid with regards to the cause of Theresa’s death. The guilty parties are living their lives large and small but they are (and should be) worried. By now, chain of evidence procedure by nature has revealed itself to those being investigated. I am telling you what I can. There were a great deal of smoke and mirrors during the investigations and prosecutions and unfortunately, much of this was brought on by the original bias of some members of the Manitowac County Sheriff’s Department. Once Steven’s original conviction was overturned there was no way for Manitowac to be effective in any future criminal proceeding and this has fed the fires to the point of misleading public speculation. What the public does not know is that bias was also injected upon both Steven and Theresa by members of the Calumet County Sheriff’s Department and Prosecutor’s Office during the investigation and prosecutions surrounding her death. There are those who believe law enforcement members are responsible for Theresa’s death and this too is not valid. When the time comes to reveal the truth there will be members of the general public who will not want to accept it. There will be families shattered by the revelation of the guilty but we must not lose sight of the fact that no one will be able to make the Avery family and relatives whole again. In addition, the bias against them will go on just as it has for years as a result of the local public’s view of their place in society and the legitimate misdeeds of Steven and other members of the family. It is easy to point the finger at those who are different or who have misstepped societies expectations. It is much harder to remain objective until all the facts can be revealed. The mishandling of Theresa’s disappearance and murder when combined with law enforcement mistrust and bias inflated by publicity allowed intelligent guilty parties to take advantage of the dynamics of the situation and operate all but unnoticed. If public law enforcement suspicion and the effects of previous prosecutorial misconduct were to have been removed during the period when Theresa went missing and was then discovered the guilty parties would have been easily identified. In fact, they may not have been able to carry out the murder at all. The killers played right into the hands of law enforcement bias of the Averys and the public perception of mistrust of law enforcement. In these two Wisconsin counties members of those charged with the caricature of justice have indeed tainted it. Sadly, the two counties and the State of Wisconsin are not alone. Although the justice system in the United States is among the best this world has to offer it is an unfortunate fact of life that human error and malice can never be completely removed. Those who do taint our system from a position of malice should face severe punishment as a deterrent for all who hold positions of power. In the case of Mr. Kratz it is a human defect that rendered him incapable of performing his job. He, most likely, was ill enough to not see what he had become. He should still be held accountable, as should the others who not only failed the Averys but the collective public they were supposed to have served.


I responded to the anonymous poster (with the sobriquet of TAR): [I begin by quoting a statement written by the anonymous comment leaver…

“I wish I could speak for the entire team working under KZ, as I am aware that all agree with you, however, it is not my place to do so. What I can tell you is this; Motions will not be filed on behalf of either appellant until the exculpatory evidence can be presented in conjunction with conclusive inculpatory evidence.”

So you have inside information? And you’re AWARE that the entire KZ team agrees with me? Very interesting.The anonymous poster then left another message today in response to my questions about his statements:

Explaining who I am or what I do can only serve to detract from the issue at hand. I chose to comment based on your passion Daniel and commitment to this cause. You have done well and I sincerely hope you continue. On a personal level I was or am very much like you in some regards. My passions drove me to excel at the risk of being viewed as crossing the line by some, repeatedly. I believe you have a righteousness about how you handle yourself. The trick is to keep yourself in check. I know this is not always an easy thing to do. I have lived like this for a great deal of time. The more intelligent and/or talented, the more screws tend to come loose at times. Sound familiar? I wish you well and I know you are on the right track. BTW moving across the country to follow the Avery pursuit and having contact with principal players wins you a federal file, so be aware of that. As far as inside info is concerned I can neither confirm nor deny, but you know how that goes. Believe in yourself and you can make a difference.





  • Not buying it.

    This, in my opinion is nothing more than one of your daft followers seeing you feeling down and wanting to give you and ego boost and get you writing again.

    They succeeded, you’re writing again and probably sported wood for a day or three.

    • When I read in the CASO report that Teresa and Scott B. were intimate on several occasions, I couldn’t help but smirk thinking of Ryan insisting Teresa and Scott were “just friends”, that’s all. I thought; “Ohhhh, in your FACE, Hillegas!” Hope that knowledge wiped the ever-present grin from his face.

      • Oh I think RH knew and I think it infuriated him hence why he hung around as much as he claims he didn’t.

        • Exactly. But I wonder if Scott knew that he knew. And the other question is how did he know?

        • I’m not convinced that he knew. He and Scott were good friends and sleeping with an ex is a MAJOR bro-code violation! Big, big, big one!

          Now, if it happened once, Scott/Teresa could just apologize and explain it away; “Ohhh, it was nothing. We were sooo drunk. It just ‘happened’. It didn’t mean anything and it certainly won’t happen again.” But, Teresa and Scott had sex *several* times.

          And if he did know, then he perjured himself. I’m surprised Strang/Buting didn’t ‘go there’ (impeach his testimony by calling Scott to the stand to testify that they were intimate several times) to make the point that if he’d lie about that–something that wouldn’t in any way incriminate him, that he’d lie about something that DID.

          I’m sure Kratz would have objected for relevance, but Strang/Buting could have said it was relevant because; “A trial is for determining truths, and we are trying to establish that Mr. Hillegas is not being truthful in his testimony, which suggests he would be untruthful in other areas of testimony”, or something to that effect.

          I don’t think Kratz could have objected under Denny because they wouldn’t have necessarily been ‘implicating’ Ryan as a 3rd party, but rather, simply establishing that he wasn’t being honest in his testimony.

        • But they weren’t going to be honest because they were going after Avery.

        • First, you could be right, and I could be wrong, but I’m certainly not the first person to imply that Ryan showed a lot of stalking behaviors. Teresa couldn’t very easily ban him from her life because Ryan had more or less become embedded with her family, if his relationship with Mike Halbach was anything to go by. IF Teresa spent a good deal of time with her family, and more than likely she did since the house where she lived was practically in her parents back yard, Ryan, by virtue of being friends with both Teresa’s brother Mike, and her roommate Scott, could literally come into and go out of Teresa’s life more or less at his whim.

          Also, it is my supposition that Ryan had access to Teresa’s email and phone records all along, (which is why he had no problem “guessing” her password) so he very easily might have been aware of Teresa and Scott’s tryst without either ever explicitly telling him.

          Lastly, even if Ryan knew that Teresa and Scott had slept together, and it was known that he knew, he wasn’t necessarily lying when he said on the stand that they were just roommates. If what had happened was a one time thing long ago, if would have been more misleading to describe it in some other way.

        • Hi Daniel. If the Halbachs trusted and liked Ryan, he would likely have been on their list of 2 citizen contacts (instead of Scott or Tom Pearce). Keep up your good work! Kat.

        • Ryan is a bullshit artist PERIOD.

          Now that in and of itself does not imply that he killed her. Im not one hundred percent one board that bus. Never have been from the get go but have been on the bus of him being a major suspect along with the ever loving brother…..based on just and only just the Netflix series.

          Months later i still have the same perceptions.

        • Is anyone else not seeing the red ‘Reply’ option beneath some of the posts? People have replied to my posts and I want to reply back, but the red Reply button isn’t there. It’s there on the majority of the other posts, though. Weird.

        • I really don’t know why that is, but thanks for bringing it to my attention. I’ll have a look and get back.

        • All set now. Thanks, Daniel!

        • Liz the reply is only available to a certain level of replies.

          It’s not an ego thing or anything beyond a reply level.

  • JustAGuyOnReddit

    I want to try to take a stab at this.

    From the line “most in the general public will not want to accept it”…quite possible that it’s a reference to it being Mike Halbach?

    Then go further. #strangerbesideme

    Look at Teresa’s family photo. Who is she next to in it?

    Was featured in the documentary? Was pretty clearly in the documentary, and prominent against Avery.

    #checkaduhid? Who accessed voicemails? Mike Halbach did. Could that 2:41 call have been a call for a hustle shot, and when the person called back and confirmed they wanted to place the ad in Auto-Trader, Mike deleted the voicemail, thus..hiding the ad?

    This one though, that if the killer IS Mike, that Scott Bloedorn talked. Why?

    Read this Zellner tweet:

    “How long will the witnesses who lied at trial be protected by those who know the truth?”

    Witnesses at trial were Mike and Ryan…Scott didn’t testify. Those who know the truth, could be Scott, protecting them until now.

    Things could be heating up if you ask me.

    • I’ve made contact with Bloedorn through email and vmail many times. He will not respond. As I’ve mentioned before, silence can be as revealing as words when we know when to listen for it. My current thought is that he had nothing to do with Teresa Halbach’s death/disappearance. But I do suspect he has information. In fact, I know he must have information. For example, Ryan Hillegas said in court that the last time he saw Teresa was when he went over to where she and Scott B were living to return something he had borrowed from Scott. He was characteristically vague and didn’t say what it was, of course. Nonetheless Scott should know whether it is true that Ryan had borrowed something, what that something was, and whether he did, indeed return it.

      • JustAGuyOnReddit

        I have many times suggested something I saw in the Nov. 4th interview with Scott Bloedern on WBAY showed something that WASN’T supposed to be there.


        If that was sitting there on Nov. 4th, and LE came by and nabbed it or got it from him AFTER this interview, they had no idea it had made an appearance on TV before planting it.

        As for Ryan on the stand, from Wiegert’s statement, Scott said the last time that he saw Teresa was at 2pm on Sunday Oct. 30th. So that time is locked into a police report. That means from 2pm-midnight, Scott was not in Teresa’s presence.

        Now, Ryan is asked on the stand, when he last saw Teresa. He confirms Oct. 30th as well, when he dropped something off for Scott. Then when asked what time, we get the vaguest answer ever..He has no clue, morning noon or night. Why? Simple. He had no idea what time Scott had told police HE last saw her.

        • I think the lanyard clip being on the counter is too highly speculative to entertain, for the moment. As for your second point, I’m not really sure whether it should have mattered in Ryan’s mind that he didn’t know when Scott had last seen Teresa. Can you explain your reasoning?

        • JustAGuyOnReddit

          Scott told Wiegert he last saw Teresa on Oct. 30th at 2pm.

          During Ryan’s testimony he is asked when he last saw Teresa. He said he saw her when he was dropping something off for Scott. When asked what time, he drew a blank and went with “I don’t remember”. Odd, except, he had no idea what time Scott told cops he last saw her. If he says “I dropped something off for Scott at 8pm”..well, then that makes Scott’s statement questionable, because Wiegert’s report says 2pm.

          So to cover both their asses, he went with “I don’t remember”. As a bonus, since my previous post gave details about Mike possibly being #thestrangerbesideme and detailed the family pic, and #checkaduhid with it being possible Mike deleted a voicemail about an ad with Auto-Trader when in her voicemails then this will floor you.

          Re-watch Ryan’s testimony when asked when he last saw Teresa and pay attention to Mike Halbach when the camera cuts to him. Notice anything different about his posture and chewing nails? That looks like a guy just worried as shit that Ryan is going to slip up. All other courtroom shots of him look confident as hell.

          And having it being Ryan would be a shock enough to the community, but Ryan AND Mike? Holy hell, people would lose their minds if her step-brother/cousin was involved in her death.

        • Scott didn’t necessarily have to be home though. In fact, I’m sure that Ryan was hoping that Scott wasn’t home. He probably knew he wouldn’t be home. So what was Ryan dropping off? How far did Ryan have to drive to get to that house? Was it out of the way, or was it on the way to where he was going? Did Teresa answer the door, or did he let himself in?

          TO your second observation, I too, found the camera work very interesting. You know, it was the Making A Murderer documentarians who did the camera work in the courtroom. These women spent ten years of their lives on this case. You think they haven’t been doing exactly what we’re doing now for TEN solid years? There was a reason they included all of those shots of Mike and Ryan.

        • Hey Daniel, I don’t want to get off the subject, But what do you think of Sieberts statement here. Anyone track this to see a link matching anyone.

          Siebert, Avery’s neighbor at the time, thinks he may have seen Halbach’s Rav4 drive onto the Avery property — accompanied by another car, a white Jeep, he claims — and to the back of the auto salvage a few days before the police discovered the vehicle.

          READ MORE: Steven Avery case: New information questions if bones found were Teresa Halbach’s

          While he said it was a regular occurrence to see a lot of vehicles using that back road, these two stood out because of their rate of speed, which was much faster than normal. He never saw the Rav4 re-emerge.

          “It was a white Jeep, and it looked liked the paint was peeling off the hood,” said Siebert. “You could see like an undercoating on the hood. The Jeep was what I saw come back out, but I didn’t see the the Rav4 [come out].”

        • JustAGuyOnReddit

          By the way, I am not saying it’s the lanyard clip. I am saying that’s the key and lanyard clip we see next to Avery’s slippers.

      • I have to say, my impression of Ryan is that he seemed high on something while on the witness stand. Maybe he was dropping off some MaryJane to Scott but couldn’t admit it legally.

  • I found it interesting that the writer expresses a bit of compassion for Kratz.

    While they acknowledge that he is culpable and should therefore be held accountable, they also say; “In the case of Mr. Kratz it is a human defect that rendered him incapable of performing his job. He, most likely, was ill enough to not see what he had become.”

    It was almost a “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do”. Interesting, indeed.

  • “It is now a matter developing the evidence”. That doesn’t make sense to me either. I think this is a wannabe, maybe 0hour from Twitter that is doing this. As he has disappeared. Nobody from Zellner Law would write and or share anything pertinent to Steven Averys case, before it was heard in court. This is unreliable.

    • This case has already been solved.. coldcasecameron.com ……

      • he may have been the mystery man on the property KZ was taling about. The one leaning on somethin along the rivers edge in black. He did like to watch the invest. team do their wok on his cases. Who knows

    • JustAGuyOnReddit

      Unreliable was my first thought.

      Except TAR wrote about Brendan Dassey’s mistreatment, and suddenly, a flurry of tweets from Zellner about Dassey, who she has never talked about before because he is not her client.

    • JustAGuyOnReddit

      it’s not 0Hour1…

      I figured out who 0Hour1 is on Reddit, and this topic is just barely being touched on Reddit.

      He had his Twitter deleted, rumored to be, because he was posting a leak about Ted Cruz or something. I would assume he would be posting like crazy on Reddit about this topic, but pure radio silence from him lately.

      • No, it wouldn’t be 0Hour1. That dude is a fraud, and I called him out many many months ago on twitter. I was instantly blocked. I’ve also been banned by the reddit sub, makingamurderer of videoing people, I guess. That’s the subject of another post though.

        • JustAGuyOnReddit

          i gave you kudos on MAM sub, for it being your email from 12/25 to Ken Kratz as being the catalyst for all the statements released to the press detailing all the points of what was left out of the docuseries after the press went crazy about it.

          From his email reply to you, he copy and pasted his items left out to all major media that made contact with him. Down to every single piece of punctuation that you saw in your email.

        • Whatever he did worked. No one really looked into the character of this guy before they started to pick up his talking points as their own. To think a guy like that can, for a time, control the narrative, is very alarming. There’s a talk show guy in Milwaukee, Dan O’Donnell, who put out an entire series, Debunking A Murderer, which basically is a riff on Ken Kratz’s so-called “excluded evidence”. It comes up again and again.

  • Anyone involved with this case on the level this mystery individual claims would not misspell either Manitowoc or Teresa. It’s one of those things even the worst spellers among us would pick up from reading those terms again and again in print. This bulk of this person’s knowledge comes from watching the series where he or she didn’t have the opportunity to learn how either of those words is spelled. Troll.

    • I’d considered that we might have a troll here. But if so, I find it a little unlikely that a troll would back away from the initial impression created. But when pressed, that’s exactly what the person in question did. As far as the spelling, yes, I would agree with you except if the case happened to be that the author was dyslexic. Do you know anything about dyslexia? Those who are afflicted are often very intelligent, even accomplished people, who nonetheless struggle with spelling. The overall diction of the piece touches the borderline of grandiloquence, in my opinion, but upon close analysis, it seemed to me that whoever wrote it had a well-stocked lexicon and was perhaps mostly self-educated. The prose style was a bit stilted and strained, as if the use of written language had been a skill acquired after great effort. My feeling that it wasn’t so much a troll as someone who wasn’t as precise as they could have been. OF course I wouldn’t be at all surprised to be very wrong.

    • Folks are not being observant enough – Zellner has misspelled Teresa with the H on her tweets. Zellner is also very cryptic and is often wanting to pass on messages without actually giving much away. The message is also from someone much smarter than 0hour – its not written by an attention grabber. It could be another blogger out there, just wanting to summarise their current status, whilst being anon. and giving it attention by referring to KZ. It could be from someone on the ‘other-side’…. the prosecution side, someone feeling guilty but smart enough to make it look like a KZ team effort. However, it could still be Zellner herself….wanting to pass on a little more information than she can’t do over tweets. She may be protecting some of the new ‘suspects’ that have become widespread since the release of the Calumet files. New people are having their FB pages copied over the internet, family photos sent out, criminal activity reports opened, and so on. This can raise unnecessary publicity firstly by naming innocent people, but it can backfire when those innocent people decide to seek law enforcement help, and negative media attention. So worth asking who might be trying to defend those people? Who wants to keep it cryptic? I intend to read it a few more times to see if the person makes any general mistakes – but i must say i didn’t see any the first few times (and as pointed out KZ uses the H in Teresa). If it isn’t KZ then its a very good effort to liken it to work from KZ, and I tend to feel if it isn’t then it could be someone from the ‘wrong-side’ who has decided to poke their head out and start to hint at the real truth…Griesbach for instance. There are hints in there that point me in that direction too.

  • Just read their third comment. At best, a low on totem poll paralegal about to be fired.

  • I think the person egged you on with the long comment that seems like a silly endless riddle. Second reply to you from him or her seems written by a different person or one that decided not good to egg you on. Second one made more sense. Reflection.

  • I have not seen in any of the reports Brad and Ryan got into a fight. Not has the infamous Sat. nt. party been confirmed.

  • I agree with your commenter Daniel. You have always been one of my favorites to follow. Not getting bogged down in all the silly internet drama. You have stayed the course and you have remained true to your beliefs while respectfully listening to other’s theories! Glad to see you blogging again too. I can relate with the statement about screws coming a little loose on occasion when you are talented/intelligent. That’s okay though. We live this life but once and being true to self is sometimes the hardest thing we can do…in regard to that fight that supposedly occurred, has anyone seen any credible documentation about that. I recall it being mentioned by someone who supposedly “hung out” with Teresa’s group. I have been in contact with one friend and he was not there the night of that particular party, so he could not confirm. He did not know Bradley, but did say he was shocked that Ryan was so involved as Teresa did not indicate they were still as close as Ryan made them out to be. Interesting. He also said Teresa was a BIG flirt.

    • Thanks for the nice words, but Wait a sec…you know people who know/knew Hillegas/Halbach, or know people who know people? I’m super interested in exactly what they might have to say.

      • Maggie (@Bayes_Razor)

        My psychic side (call it Bayesian analysis) says the person who wrote this comment is the same as the one who wrote the comment feigning insider knowledge of Zellner’s ongoing investigation. I’m no insider, but my knowledge of the Avery-Dassey-Halbach case is rivaled by few outsiders. (In addition to watching MAM, I have read over a hundred documents and articles pertaining to the case and watched countless youtube videos from so-called internet sleuths. I even came up with a methodology, based on Bayes’ Theorem of conditional probabilty, to compare a specific hypothesis of Avery’s guilt to a specific hypothesis of his innocence. I recently gave a talk on the topic at the Conference on World Affairs). And my two cents: the probability of Avery’s guilt–and Dassey’s– is approaching zero, as a matter of statistical science. The operative theory of innocence–that Avery was framed–miraculously PREDICTS/EXPLAINS every important piece of evidence, from Avery’s impeccable demeanor of innocence, to the means, motive, and opportunity of police to frame him, to the blood on the steering column that looks to have been applied with a Q-tip, to the valet key with none of Teresa’s DNA on it, to the failed searches before the paydirt ones, etc. It’s, quite literally, uncanny. And the theory of his guilt–with OR without Brendan Dassey: epic fail. Nothing but inconsistencies, questions, and loose ends. My bet for the real killer: the man known on the internet as “the German,” real name: Siegfried Berg. I have confirmed that he’s a real person, and that he has TONS of red flags immediately relevant to this case. As of now, he’s fled to Germany, possibly trying to emigrate to Thailand. #mightyisthetruth #waitforit #fictionwillfall #makingamurderer

        • If I am of any service to this matter it is, as I see it, being the clearinghouse of information for two individuals: Ryan Hillegas and Mike Halbach. As such, I seek only one very, very simple thing: a solid alibi from each. Don’t get me wrong though. I am thrilled that you have scientifically come to the conclusion that Avery wasn’t guilty, but for now, I have no good reason to switch horses in mid stream.

  • There is no doubt in my mind that when the real killer(s) are identified, there will be one massive upheaval of disbelief coupled with a lot of “i told you so’s”
    once you sort the wheat from the chaff its easy to see a clearer path to the truth,…all the rumours and innuendos and the current focusing on S.A.’s past indiscretions isn’t helping anything at all…

    does the man have a criminal past? yes but does that truly define him as a person today who has spent the bulk of his life behind prison walls left to do nothing but allow his imagination to run wild and to make threats and be a tough guy so others leave him alone,…self-preservation in my mind… i don’t condone the things he did or the threats he made via his children,..smh,..but then how many of us have done things we wouldn’t normally do when peeved off or hurt…

    i think that when the truth comes out we are going to find that the killer(s) took advantage of the Avery situation; probably viewed it as a fix all for the counties problems while dealing with an issue they had with her or maybe just with S.A himself.

    So many people in that county had their own agendas when it came to S.A.; from extended family members, to complete strangers and for them it was based on rumors and innuendos they were made aware of, and what happens with rumors? they go the distance and they certainly have within this county and within the family itself. just my opinion.

    • Well…the real killer is DEAD…Edward Edwards…beyond a doubt…..go to Facebook: Cold Case Cameron

      • I read-up on the Edwards theory long ago. Only one problem–he was living in Kentucky at the time of TH’s murder and was verified as being *in* Kentucky that week. This was verified by someone with credentials. Unfortunately, I don’t recall where I read it back when I did months ago.

      • JustAGuyOnReddit

        Jesus Christ, would you please stop with the Cameron files and Edward Wayne Edwards.

        I am about to throw up every time I hear an EWE reference, and you are looking more and more foolish, Mark Musial, everytime you post it. Do yourself a favor, and just squash that belief.

  • The h in Theresa is a clue. It stands for Hillegas.

  • “When the time comes to reveal the truth there will be members of the general public who will not want to accept it.”

    This comment made me go, ‘Hmmm….’ Most “members of the general public” think that Avery is innocent, or at the very least, was railroaded and didn’t get a fair trial, so I’m scratching my head over who it is that the general public won’t want to accept as being guilty.

    • Well, whoever the person is seems to indicate that they agree with my speculation about who killed Teresa, and that person certainly isn’t Steven Avery. Until I have solid alibis, as I’ve stated repeatedly, I suspect Ryan Hillegas and to a lesser extent, I suspect Mike Halbach. If Mike was involved, I do believe that there will be a lot of people who will not want to accept it, including myself.

      • Perhaps. Though, of the numerous sites I’ve frequented over these months, many, *many* people think that Mike was involved. I am one of them. Though, I don’t think he was involved in the murder–I think he was involved in the cover-up. I theorized that when MCSD found TH’s car during an illegal search (when Colborn called dispatch to run her plates) they involved Ryan and Mike. i.e. “I did some snooping around the Avery lot and saw Teresa’s car, but I can’t say anything because I didn’t have a warrant” (or words to that effect, then manipulated them into having someone from their search party ‘find’ the car–y’know, for “Teresa’s sake” ;-). I figured that would explain why he and Ryan were so sketchy in the video clip, tripping over each other’s words, when asked whether or not it was their first time at the Avery lot.

        I was only a few episodes into MaM when I thought that Ryan was the killer. I felt it in my gut. But in the months since, with the onslaught of additional information, I second-guessed myself, and thought that Scott Tadych and Bobby Dassey were the killers, given their sketchy alibis for each other, Scott trying to sell a .22 long gun at work after Teresa went missing, Blaine saying that Bobby was asleep (not “hunting”, as he said) when he and Brendan arrived home from school that day, etc.

        Initially, in addition to my gut telling me Ryan was guilty, finding out that he also had scratches and a boxer’s fracture on his right hand–pinky finger to wrist, convinced me even more. But after this week’s CASO document dump, it was revealed that Ryan and Brad Czech got into a fight Halloween weekend, and I thought; ‘Oh, SNAP! There goes my Ryan did it theory’ because that fight would explain the cuts and boxer’s fracture on Ryan’s hand. It’s pretty amazing that he wasn’t questioned about that hand and that photos weren’t taken. Though, knowing MCSD, Ryan could have told them he hurt his hand pulling weeds and they’d have said; “Okie dokie!”

        • Why did Ryan get into a fight with Bradley? Why was Hillegas going over to Scott and Teresa’s house? What was Ryan dropping off for Scott the day he last saw Teresa? All of this makes me think that Ryan was still pining for Teresa, and unwilling to accept that he’d been jilted. If the scratches on the hands of Hillegas were the result of fisticuffs with Czech, and not from Teresa trying to make a desperate attempt to fight him off as he was squeezing the life out of her, say, it is, they are hardly less incriminating.

        • No clue what the fight was about, but of course, everyone (including me) speculates that it was over Teresa, since she’d been intimate with Czech. The reason Ryan was going to Scott/Teresa’s was because he and Scott were good friends. Ryan even stayed there for weeks after Teresa passed.

        • “But after this week’s CASO document dump, it was revealed that Ryan and Brad Czech got into a fight Halloween weekend,”

          Can you link to this please?

        • I wish I could! I read it somewhere either on Reddit or elsewhere online and did a quick search a few days ago trying to find where I read it, so that I could link it elsewhere as well, but came up empty. :\

  • It bothers me this person can’t spell Manitowoc or Teresa.

  • Wow! Very intriguing!