How Cingular Wireless Online Accounts Worked in 2005

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A reader wrote in to explain

I for some reason feel that I have to email you and tell you this. Maybe God is guiding me :-)

I have had my Cell phone for over 10 years.
I am an AT&T subscriber. However, before AT&T bought Cingular Wireless, Guess who was my subscriber? Yes, Cingular Wireless. When watching the Netflix documentary Making a Murderer section came on about “he just guessed the password.” I screamed “BULLSHIT”.  I immediately thought “He cannot admit to falsifying identity, so he had to say he guessed the password.”
To further state “I am 99% positive he did not guess her password.”

How do I know this?  In 2006 I was involved in a terrible relationship.
I was being cheated on. No matter what though she would deny, deny, deny… I tried so hard to get proof that I was driving myself crazy. I remember spending hours trying to get into her phone so that I could look and listen but no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t get the password right. Keep in mind this was someone I had been with for 5 + years.

Then one day I received a big wireless bill. I thought, “what the heck, how did that happen?”  I called and they told me I could check online.  So I went online and it said this wireless subscriber is not set up with an online account.
So I entered my number clicked new registration and viola. It asked me to create a password. I did and seen that they had shut off my unlimited texting and that was the reason for the large bill. I called them and cleared it up. After logging out I put her cell phone number in and it said “This subscriber is not set up with an online account.” :-)  So I put her number in and it asked me to set up a password. I did and after that I had all the proof I needed. :-)

Info I was able to obtain:
I could see when calls where made.
How long calls were.
phone number of incoming and outgoing calls.
Cell tower location of incoming and outgoing calls.
Time and number of text messages.
Full account access. Meaning I could upgrade or degrade cell plan Hours, cell plan texting, passwords, everything.

Info I was not able to obtain:
Text message dialogue.
Voice mail recordings.
any exact location she was in at any given time.

In order for me to listen to her voice mail I would have had to reset password and then call voice mail from another phone and then enter the password.
I did not do this as I didn’t want her to know that I could see her call history.

But make no mistake. Because she had not set up an online user profile. I was able to just set one up myself using her number and I had full access to her account. Including billing information.
It was that easy.

So that’s what I think Ryan did.  She hadn’t set up an online account.
Ryan went to cingular’s web site and put her number in. He then created a profile and password and bingo.  He then had full access to her wireless account.

It would be very interesting if somehow someone could find out what date Teresa’s Cingular online profile was made!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




  • [speculating] I think with Zellner’s latest tweet, and this testimony ., “4:21pm •Laura Schadrie a Cingular engineer testifies that all activity on Halbach’s phone ceases at this time.” We can probably guess, Zellner has Steven at home with his own phone making a call to Teresa’s phone at 4:35. If he is home at 4:35, where is Teresa’s phone at 4:21? I have not seen the triangulation’s, but I would bet it puts her in her home town. With the time difference 4:21 and 4:35 it has to be far enough away the Steven could not have just driven back home. So more than 9min. I think Zipperer’s is too close. Maybe you have these numbers? Do you or anyone know if at 4:21 her phone is in her home triangulation? This might just all the proof you need Daniel. That weird Nov. 2 call on Tesesa’s phone might just be Ryan.

  • Does that mean they had to have her phone to delete the messages?

  • We really need all of Teresa’s call the days prior to her disappearing. What if someone stopped calling her that normally called her? It was Scotts birthday Nov 2nd. Did they talk daily? Would she have normally called him on his birthday?
    How often did she talk to Ryan? When were his last calls to her? There is a normal for TH that we need. She does not seem to have a lot of personal calls for a young lady her age on her phone. It really makes you think she had another phone. I can not imagine this would not have come up by her parents however. So if it is the only phone, it should tell us a lot. We need records of her home phone too. I just can’t imagine an investigation with out these items.

  • did vm drop off after 14 days back in 2005

    • Yes, I believe it did. But might there be a simple way to figure this out? If the call that Steven Avery placed to Teresa Halbach at 4:35 on October 31st was longer than the length of the greeting, we can be assured that he left a message. How long was that call? What did he say, if he left a message? What were the contents of the messages left by others? Where is that information? Did the prosecution have it, and did they give it to the defense?

  • My gf used to guess password of what seemed like every guy we knew. This was years ago when we were super young and thought it was funny. We knew pro athletes so dumb password would be their number on shirt. We just doubled it.

  • I can confirm this also, did the same thing with significant other’s AT&T account.

    You could not delete voicemail recordings from the web, or access them. You could only see when the voicemail system was accessed.

  • Could you delete voicemail recordings from web?