Rumor Control for The Brendan Dassey and Steven Avery Case

Information about the Steven Avery/Dassey that needs to be clarified.
  1. How many times did Teresa Halbach visit the Avery property and have interactions with Steven Avery?  It is certain that she’d been more than once, but how many times more than once?  I’ve heard estimates between three and fifteen times.
  2. When Steven Avery called Teresa Halbach at around 4:35pm on October 31st, 2005, what exactly did he say?
  3. According to Brendan Dassey’s “confession”, Steven opened the hood of Teresa’s RAV4 in order to disconnect the battery cables.  This, presumably, is when he left his DNA under the hood latch.  But was the car found with the battery cables disconnected?  What would have been the purpose of disconnecting the battery cables in the first place?
  4. Steven Avery was went to jail for throwing a cat over a fire.  And it is said that he doused the cat in either oil or gasoline, and that he was with others when this took place who also might have been involved. Was some kind of accelerant put on the cat?  Did the cat survive?  Who reported this event to the police?
  5. Scott Tadych testified that he visited his mother in the hospital the day Teresa Halbach is presumed to have been murdered.  Is there any way to verify that his mother was indeed in the hospital at this time, and that Scott Tadych went to visit her on the day he said he did?
  6. How did Teresa Halbach’s real father, Richard Halbach die?
  7. Are Mike, Teresa and Timothy Halbach all from the same parents, or were either Mike or Timothy brought over from a prior marriage Tom Halbach had with someone else?
  8. Did Teresa Halbach break up with Ryan Hillegas, or the other way around?

This is simply what I can think of for the moment, but I know there are lot more loose ends.  One of my readers has already composed a list of “Voids”, which I think was immensely helpful, but as this moves forward, I think it important to have the best information possible to that the dissemination of false information isn’t propagated.  If there are readers out there who have heard conflicting information that you would like to have clarified, please post a comment or send me a note through the contact form.  I know that there are many others.



  • Hello, I would like to know if any jurors from Brendan Dassey’s trial are speaking out like the few have from Steven Avery’s trial?
    Thank you

  • Looking at the family tree I didn’t see the surname Sturm anywhere who I believe was supposed to have been a cousin of Teresa’s?

    If She wasn’t a family member or distant relative then who was she and why was she so involved in the front line search?

    I also read somewhere that she was a private investigator but if that’s true who was she working for?

    • I read that she is the Halbach father’s aunt’s daughter — i.e. 2nd cousin or something. Might check up a generation.

  • #8 is the question. On the stand, Hillegas describes himself as “a good friend”, and oh yeah, he also had a 4.5yr romantic relationship with her. But instead of moving on, he remains in her life as a “friend”, perhaps keeping tabs on her via her living arrangement w/ his friend… he’d know if she’s dating, who she’s seeing, if she’s getting laid (he obviously wasn’t..), etc. etc. And oh yeah, he just happened to know her online userid and password into the Cingular website.

    ‘Cause that’s normal. I know the userid/p’word combos for all my ex-gf’s cellphone accounts.. Especially when he says the p’word was ‘umm, I think her sister’s birthday’. Nothing suspicious there at all.

    So, young woman goes missing and the police/FBI don’t think to consider her former bf of 4.5yrs (who’s still lurking in her life) to be a person of interest? Yeah, that’s normal.

    So, yes… somebody out there pls comment on the answer to question #8!

  • While this could potentially be incorrect, this is the best info I could find regarding the the Halbach family tree. It appears Tim is oldest, then Theresa then Mike and Richard was their father. If you click on the pink and blue marriage links you can figure out who is who. It appears that the oldest 3 kids are all from the first husband, Richard Urban Halbach and the the younger 2 with Tom. *Richard is listed (parents Cyril and Regina). All the way to the right is says private, but if you click on pink and blue link you’ll see Karen’s maiden name again. The married name of one of the younger daughters is correct and the maiden name of Tim and a Mike’s wives are correct.

    I saw someone post of reddit that her father committed suicide. I don’t know how they knew that, there was no clarification for that. I’ll see if I can find some.