This Is How The Evidence Used To Convict Steven Avery Was Stored

photo showing possible evidence of Sloppy evidence storage practices at Calumet County Sherrif's

Are the brown paper bags of evidence in this photograph sealed properly?  I’m referring to the one labeled 99-00 in black marker ink on the top shelf (to the left side of the image), and the one marked as 02-77 on the shelf below it

The only thing that I know about forensic evidence storage comes from Dan Kucharski.

When he claims to have found a key bearing an emblem resembling the Toyota brand, as he states on November 8th, 2005, on the blue and white flecked carpet in Steven Averys bedroom, he later filled out a report that very carefully described what he did with this piece of evidence (tldr: I sealed the bag with red evidence tape putting my initials on the tape

I called the command post and informed them that we had found this key. Special Agent TOM FASSBENDER and CALUMET CO. SHERIFF’S DEPT. Inv. MARK WIEGERT came to the
residence to look at the key. With my gloved hand, I took the key out of the evidence bag and retaining physical control of it, I showed it to them. They left the residence saying they would be sending a special agent back to take possession of the key to immediately take it to the crime lab in Madison for processing. I secured the key back into the evidence bag and sealed the bag with red evidence tape putting my initials on the tape. Special Agent TOM FASSBENDER and Special Agent MATTHEW JOY, Badge #N516, came back to the residence at short time later. Special Agent JOY took physical control of the evidence bag containing the key. I filled out the Evidence/Property Custody sheet and had Special Agent JOY sign that he had taken possession of this piece of evidence.

But to me it doesn’t look like either bag 99-00 or bag 02-77 have any kind of red tape, initialed seal on them.  I wonder what was in those evidence bags, and for what case? Is this indicative of how all of the evidence collected by law enforcement and used to send Brendan Dassey and Steven Avery away for life was handled?

I wonder what the explanation is this time.  Get ready for the guilters to start dancing again.