Fuck Kathleen Zellner

Kathleen Zellner

To Zellner (and all of her sycophantic idolatrous followers):  THE FUCKING KEYS DON’T MATCH.  Why did you ignore this?  Why do you continue to ignore it?  Facts do not stop being facts just because you don’t like the person who points them out.  Zellner: You are an arrogant woman, and you have failed your client.  It was profoundly stupid of you and your staff to have ignored all of the things that I worked so hard to put right under your nose.  It was also a dick move to borrow so much from me without giving me a drop of credit.  Quit being so fucking haughty.

If Ken Kratz was not at the Madison crime lab on 11/5/2005 and in the early morning hours of 11/6/2005, it means there is an almost 100% chance that Avery did it.  Though I believe it is much more likely that Ryan Hillegas committed this murder, (which means Kratz HAD to have been at the crime lab at the time I predict) your theory, Zellner, about how he planted evidence in Avery’s trailer was VERY sloppy, as it failed to account for Ryan’s established alibi in front of a half dozen witnesses, two of whom were cops, at the time in question.  What an embarrassment.  Brain fingerprinting?  Please.  I would have also thought that your 1,200 page motion would have been largely free of spelling grammatical errors, but this was not the case either, alas.

So was Kratz at the crime lab or not? This is what my theory predicts, and I can’t imagine the planting of evidence happened any other way.

The one guy who I know would know whether Kratz was at the crime lab in Madison is Nick Mirsburger  as it is he who drove the truck that pulled the trailer containing Teresa’s RAV4 away from Avery Salvage at around 9:00pm November 5th, 2005.  Records show that he arrived in Madison around midnight the following day (after a drive which took several hours for some mysterious reason).

I called Mr. Mirsburger awhile back to ask him whether he remembered Kratz being there.  When it finally registered with him what I was referring to, he acted very strangely.  I only had one question for him: Was Ken Kratz at the Wisconsin’s crime lab in Madison when you delivered Teresa Halbach’s car there on 11/5/2005?  Can someone less easier to dismiss than I call this asshole and ask him this question?  Jesus Christ.


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  • I just can’t believe she did this..I’ve been here even since before your overthrow name change,and I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to see such a huge cache of information on this case right here – on a public forum – be completely and bitterly ignored by the one person supposed to help. I mean even the iconic picture of Teresa standing by her RAV4 with HER KEYS IN HER HAND don’t match the ONE key on a LANYARD CLIP that police found..the key is the key, regardless of who actually did the crime, and regardless of who planted what evidence, Steven Avery is innocent of both..And this has been lost on most people’s minds. Daniel give me the number I need to call to talk to this man and ask him this question as well please. I want to know the truth. By the way, Yes I believe Ryan killed Teresa, and dumped her body in one of the lakes he frequented for fishing, 100%.

  • I’m a little disappointed. I’ve been following you on this for quite some time now. I began to get a little frustrated that I hadn’t seen an update from you in months. I get a notice that you have put up something new and, upon reading it, I am left shaking my head. Not that the underlying point is wrong, the fact that this is all we have to talk about after 3 months of nothing? While I appreciate your passion and work, thus why I have followed, Zellner has been doing this her entire career and very successfully. It just feels like there is so much going on with this right now that could actually use your tenacity rather than cursing-out Zellner. Just my opinion. Appreciate you.

    • I haven’t been doing updates because there is nothing to update. Additionally, when I spent months researching all the I’d written about the keys, the battery cable, the cut on Steven Avery’s hand, Kratz’s whereabouts on 11/5 and 11/6, and a lot more, I was basically ignored. I took it in stride, and didn’t complain because I wanted to be a team player. Now that what I had privately predicted has come true—were basically dealing with catastrophic failure— I cannot remain silent anymore.

      The circumstances surrounding the key on the floor of Avery’s trailer is already suspicious enough. The fact that that key doesn’t match the official evidence key is a smoking gun that I feel could have gotten him off. Do you know how many people took that seriously? No one. Why? Because it didn’t receive Zellner’s official endorsement. Why? Because it was embarrassing to her that it was I, someone she despises, who discovered it, and not she. She knew that if she used it there was no way to avoid giving me credit. That’s insane, and worse, it means she is not putting her client first.

      For me it’s been a real eye-opener when it comes to group think. This is how people think: “Oh, yeah, it kind of looks like the keys don’t match, but that CAN’T be true or else someone as successful and important as Zellner and all of her amazing experts would have said something.” This is actually not the correct way to think. No one imagines for a damn second that Zellner could be wrong or that she might be acting according to a set of motives which are self-interested.

      The few who agree that the keys don’t match will suddenly become leading experts on digital photography, and will then take pains to lecture me on the ins and outs of lighting, data compression algorithms and so forth. I know what I see with my own eyes, and I think it’s a commentary on the times that we live in that people are so unable to think for themselves that they refuse to see what’s clearly, undeniably right before their very eyes.

      I’m also pissed at Zellner for taking just about all of my ideas and giving me zero credit. Actually, I’m happy that she’s taken my ideas if it helps Avery because that’s really the only thing that matters here. In fact I wished she had taken everything instead of just a little piece here and a little piece there. I think the world can see what’s going on because I have everything documented. I said something first, and then Zellner said it.

      This is where I began to question Zellner’s character. Not only has Zellner and her team not given me any credit, they have seen me as some kind of threat and have treated me with hostility. I made ONE innocuous comment on Zellner’s twitter feed and I’m banned? Really? I said nothing about this and continued to support her. What kind of person steals from you and then kicks you to the curb? Kathleen Zellner, apparently.

      Look, maybe the title of the post was a little over the top, but I want to make it clear that I take nothing on authority, and neither should you. I am sure she has helped out a lot of people in the past, but the only thing I am concerned about right is Steven Avery and (Brendan Dassey). When Zellner throws the biggest piece of evidence she has in the trash, and as a result her client can look forward to spending the rest of his life in prison, I have no other choice but to draw the line.

      Given Zellner’s stature, and the fact that her recent failure will do very little to dim the ardor of support she has among her acolytes, I would ask I am fully aware of what the outcome of my remarks will be: I will be further ostracized, and that’s saying something because I’m already down pretty low. But I don’t care. I so don’t care. I have to call shit like I see it, and I will refuse to compromise.

      Now that I have replied to your comment, can we talk about the fact that the keys don’t match and what this means?

      • Absolutely and welcome back.

        • I don’t know how much longer I’ll be back because this whole thing sickens me to no end. In what I wrote today, I wanted to make my case again, one last final time, that I can see no other person but Ken Kratz as the person who planted the evidence. Thus, I predict he had to have been in Madison on 11/6 at around midnight. If it can somehow be confirmed that he wasn’t there at this time, it can see no other way but that Avery was the killer.

  • Remove name and numbers, 3 hours to Madison is right in line and normal timing . Its not across the street.
    Daniel stop doxxing people

    • Doxing? You’re an idiot. The address and number are on the dudes website. Try to use your brain, huh? And no, it isn’t in line with “normal” timing. Jerry Buting himself asked about this, and was given a bullshit excuse. But that was hardly the point I was making anyway. You don’t read, and you don’t understand this case. That is patently obvious.

      • You aren’t wrong. I have been saying for 8 months that zellner pit 0 effort in this case. Her 1200 word brief was a total combination of shit I did videos on in 2016. Nothing new. Nothing exciting and no work from her. This case is a publicity stunt for her. I knew damn well she had no tricks up her sleeve. Thanks for the hard work Zellner. NOT!

        • I despise arrogant people who wear fur coats and go around in chauffeured limousines. It is very clear that the woman is exceedingly vain and cannot tolerate ever being questioned. Bad enough as that is, she has an army of acolytes who worship her and stand prepared to jump down your throat if you EVER DARE question her. Sorry. I’ve had enough.

        • Thanks for the support, Laura. Sincerely. As you can see, I get very little, so when I do, I’m very grateful.