Now You See it Now You Don’t

This evening, around 1:30 am December 23, the Reddit post that I linked to had a lot of detail about someone’s suspicions about Mr. Hillegas.  It detailed how there was a stalking incident, not my words, by the way, between Ryan and his most recent gf.  Additionally, it went on to detail a highly incriminating statement that people had heard pertaining to how Ryan gained access into Teresa Halbach’s phone records.  According to the post, Ryan had told co-workers at some point that he had fooled a “grunt” working for the Cingular phone company at the time into giving him the necessary information.  This raised immediate red flags because it is quite clear that the testimony Ryan Hillegas gave under oath was that he guessed the username and password in the presence of Teresa’s father and brother after they went over to Teresa’s roommates house, Scott Bloedorn.  What puzzled this co-worker of Ryan’s, particularly, is why he would have inconsistent stories about these details.  Yes.  Why indeed.  You will see in the comments yet remaining much to backup what it is that I claimed to have read even though, for some mysterious reason, the original post that quickly generated a bunch of comments has been deleted.  Here, again, is the link to the Reddit thread