Reddit in Chaos

The sub on Reddit, Tick Tock Manitowoc, where the Netflix his series, Making A Murderer, gets the most attention, has been in utter chaos the last few week.  For one thing, none of the regular contributors there seem to have any idea about how to react to any of the my last half dozen or so posts which  irrefutably show that not only was the key found in Steven Avery’s bedroom planted, but also that a lot digital editing work went to cover it up.

They find these posts so offensive that they’ve issued a sub-wide ban on any links going to any page on this site.  In fact, the moderators, or, mods, as they’re called, who run the sub have laid down a series of arbitrary and overly strict set of rules which has unfortunately made what might otherwise be a helpful resource, and a place to discuss ideas and research, unwelcoming, off putting and pharisaical.

Some weeks back, I was myself banned from the whole of Reddit after a concerted effort was made by several people who accused me of being a mentally deranged attempted murderer.  This charge is made a lot, in fact, because when I was arrested almost seven years ago now, I was charged with attempted murder.  The charge was dropped within a matter of hours.  That is not to say that I was not guilty of a minor assault against my ex wife.  I was, and, I’m ashamed to say that for a brief moment, I did put my hands around her neck.  If you want to call that “strangling” fine, but if it was that, it was the kind of strangling that doesn’t cut off either airway or circulation.

I view it as important for people to own up to what they do, and that is one of the main reasons why, on this site, I have never made any attempt to conceal my identity even though it would have been quite easy to do so.  My own view is that, in society, we do a lot more harm by insisting those who we know to be “transgressors” wear a mantle of shame.  And since my trip to prison, I have noticed that there is no shortage of people who love to point their finger in self-righteous indignation for past deeds without ever making it fully clear whether I should even attempt to be a better person, or whether I should just agree with them that redemption is not possible.

I should also make it clear, just for the record that the assault, such as it was, resulted in ZERO injuries.  I know this because my ex was taken to the hospital afterwards to for an MRI to make absolutely sure.  So, to be sure, there were no cuts, no bruising, nothing of the sort.  This is not to lessen the severity of what happened, nor is it an attempt to offer an excuse.  Rather, what it is is an attempt to set the record straight.

Those on Reddit, namely a particular site devoted to discussing why they think Steven Avery is guilty, namely, SuperMaM,  who wish to traduce my reputation have also pointed to an article that they found online wherein which I respond to someone else trying to ruin my reputation by bringing up the attempted murder charge.  In one of my responses, I mention that, owing to constitutional infirmities, I’ve had a very, very bad, explosive tempter in the past, and that I found taken an antidepressant drug, Lexapro, really helped to smooth the waters, and that I was glad I was able to be treated.

With that information, certain Redditors over at SuperMam started a 200+ comment thread  in which they all chimed in about my character, and my level of violence, and on and on. Just to be clear, I’ve never a single one of them in person, if this should matter at all. It was really quite a nasty thing, but I wouldn’t have really cared had they not banned from their little party before I had a chance to respond to every single accusation.

So I wrote to the individual mods (I was still able to do this).  This would be Peanutbuttermouth StoneSkull, formerwhatever_mate,  meregirl with the following message:

You don’t suppose that creating a +- 200 post thread where virtually all of the comments insult and attack me personally would make a violent, mentally ill person angry do you? If I ever do step over the edge everyone will now know that the push came from you motherfuckers!!!! so keep talking

I was calling their bluff, basically, and after a little back and forth, they eventually backed down by deleting the thread but not before going to someone on Reddit and making up god-knows-what sort of accusations against me, and having me banned.  I’ve appealed to Reddit about that, explaining the situation, but to no avail.

Before the official Reddit ban, however, my enemies over at Reddit tried to put a tremendous amount of pressure on one of the more intelligent and prolific mods over at Tick Tock Manitowoc.  I mean, they were hammering this dude.  But this mod, hos_gotta_eat_too, actually stood up to the lying bullies and was noble enough to come to my defense on the matter after I sent him the following private message:

I guess you’ve come under a lot of fire recently for not banning me. Anyway, I don’t mind if you do. I wasn’t trying to put you under pressure, or disrupt the sub, or distract anyone. The sub in which I was banned has had a field day in writing all sorts of arguments, but they haven’t attacked any of my ideas. That is the only thing I care about. They can justify their actions all they want with whatever rhetoric they prefer. But banning me, in my opinion, is just an excuse on their part to avoid my arguments.

This is the response that I got from hos:

no, it’s principal. I won’t let people tell me how to run TTM and this is a guilter led frenzy to try to stir up shit to try to make the sub collapse. It won’t happen.  I won’t ban someone based on a group telling me to. fuck that shit :)  also, no reason to’ve done nothing wrong to me or to TTM

So, fast forward to today.  One of the two guilters forums, SuperMam is private which means that it is officially an echo chamber where no one goes, and the only other guilter sub, SAIG (which stands for Steven Avery is Guilty), has sparse traffic

So what of TickTockManitowoc?  Unfortunately, this sub has become yet another echo chamber ruled by a handful of power tripping tyrants who make up arbitrary and silly rules, so it too is also on the verge of collapse.  One such rule, for instance, is that no one is allowed to link to any other page on the internet within the forum!  So much for the usefulness of the ENTIRE fucking internet, I guess.  Oh, and they also banned their most prolific and interesting member, hos_gotta_eat_too!  What a bunch of morons.

It’s really unfortunate because this case is about to blow up, and where better to have a discussion forum, but on Reddit?  Additionally, the TickTockManitowoc sub does, admittedly, still have a to of useful information.  The problem is, if a lot of people start to go there in the near future, they will have no idea about how stupid and strict the rules are, and might easily run afoul of them.  Pretty soon another forum is going to need to come into existence, or the mods on that sub are going to have to either relax or move on.

Also be aware that if you spend more than a year doing pathbreaking, exhaustive research on the Steven Avery case, as I have done, you might run the risk of having someone else try to take credit for your work, and you also run the risk of being accused of stealing someone else’s work.  For example, the user Foghaze, after I wrote extensively about the keys not matching, wrote the following comment:

This guy read my comment from April 18 and ran with it. I called it a possible dummy plant. Interesting “hypothesis” he has. /s

The ‘/s’ at the end of the comment, just in case you don’t know, means sarcasm.  If you click on the link in the comment, it goes to a page where Foghaze goes on at length about a post she had contributed in April 2016, which showed the same thing I showed just a few days ago: the image showing the key on the floor of Steven Avery’s bedroom doesn’t match a later, much more detailed picture taken of that same key.  Is Foghaze telling the truth about beating me to the punch?  Actually, she is, and even though she deleted her original post that would have proven this only a few days after I came out with my post about the same thing, I happen to have seen her original post before she made the dumb decision (as she herself admits) to delete it.

I obviously think one should give credit where credit is due, but at the same time, I don’t appreciate Foghaze accusing me of stealing her work.  It was she, apparently, who discovered that the key on the floor of Steven Avery’s bedroom didn’t match the official evidence key.  That doesn’t mean that I didn’t see the same thing months later without knowing anything about her earlier discovery.

At this point, you might be wondering why neither she nor anyone else in the TTM sub ever did anything with their discovery.  The reason, oddly enough, is because in their theory, there is no reason for the keys not to match because they all believe that the RAV4 was found on the 3rd of November, two days before it was officially found.  For whatever reason, it has always been accepted as gospel truth by those with this theory that the key planted in the RAV4 was one that was found already in the RAV4 by Andy Colborn.

In my theory, both Andy Colborn and James Lenk are unwitting dupes of the evil mastermind, Ken Kratz.  THerefore, mismatched keys were never inconvenient to my theory, nor required elaborate explanation.  In fact, the reason that I was able to discover that the keys didn’t match was because my theory predicted that they wouldn’t, and I was pretty happy to find out that my theory held up.

So, as things stand, at least for now, the effort to free Steven AVery and Brendan Dassey languishes on account of the incorrect theories of those who most ardently believe both men to be innocent.  So far, everything is working out exactly the way the evil genius, Ken Kratz, had planned.  Will Kathleen Zellner and the folks she has working for her be able to uncover the truth?  Boy, I sincerely hope so.




  • You need serious psychological help.

  • Also Danny what did you do to RH life, you called his friends, you sent them letters, you told them he was a killer and Im sure it was you who also called his job and with much more. How about the poor sap who had the same name in MN you trolled the poor man to death. Have a spotted cow or cream soda and chill.

    • I never called Ryan Hillegas at his work. I never sent him letters. I never told any of his friends that he was a killer. I never “trolled” anyone in MN with the same name. Get your facts straight before making baseless accusations.

  • Danny Boy, You cant call foul play to information you put out that made people dig, right or wrong. You can not also cry foul,when you are all over to any place with posts, to anyone who will listen doing this very thing. You have nothing to back up the accusations you have made. Nothing at all but your gut. In the case with you x and x it did happen? Yes its real, you acknowledge its real. This is where the phrase whats good for the goose is good for the gander comes in.

    • I’m not “crying foul” to any information that is true. Only that which isn’t. And I do have plenty of reasons to be suspicious of Ryan Hillegas. Obviously we do not agree on this.

  • Hello,

    Your blog certainly is an interesting read. Your honesty regarding the past incident with your wife is certainly commendable. You dont have to explain yourself, you served your time so well done to you sir!

    As for your thoughts on the steven avery case. I do have one question?

    Have you ever considered the fact that you are a fucking crackhead?

    First off you try to justify choking your fucking wife out, then you make up ridiculous fantasy stories about a fat, inbred murderer? Then to top off your attempt at being the most vile person on the internet, you accuse a fucking innocent man of the murder your fat pig of a boyfriend carried out.

    You sir, are a below scum.

    • To answer your question, no, I have never considered that I’m a crackhead. Crack is now considered to be tres passe, having fallen out of fashion sometime in late Fall of 1995. Thanks for your comment by the way. I always know that I’m making REAL progress when the haters return. Thank you sir! Sir, thank you very much, sir!

  • Just a correction.

    The mods of TTM are not the villains in the situation. This whole brouhaha is Reddit admin related.

  • “I should also make it clear, just for the record that the assault, such as it was, resulted in ZERO injuries. I know this because my ex was taken to the hospital afterwards to for an MRI to make absolutely sure. So, to be sure, there were no cuts, no bruising, nothing of the sort.”

    Just because she didn’t had visible bruises or cuts…..that doesn’t mean she hasn’t been injured……injury from this abuse doesn’t always become visible, there is something called psychological injury! This kind of injury can be a lifetime injury that will never go away, bruises will heal……..the memory of you partner laying his hands around your neck….will stay a lifetime…..think about that!

    • I don’t disagree. I am not here to lessen the severity of my actions, just to point out that I did not attempt to murder someone as the DA charged. That goes on your permanent record in the United States, and when people Google your name, that is what they see. DAs do this sort of thing intentionally in order to ruin people. It comes up on Reddit, for example, and my detractors use it relentlessly in an attempt to discredit me. IF you read my website, you may notice that I have a great deal of dislike for Ken Kratz. He was obviously once a DA, and he engaged in this sort of practice.

  • Tick Tick Manitowoc struggled with evidence that stuff was planted???? Do you mean Super MAM or SAIG? TTM is a truther sub and would support such evidence.

    • They struggle with anything that contradicts the Standard Model as laid out by Jerry Buting and Dean Strang. In the Standard Model (SM) the blood came from the vial in evidence in Manitowoc. In the SM, Colborn found the RAV4 on November 3rd, and then had as much time as he needed to plant evidence, rip of the tags of the RAV4, etc. In the SM, obviously Lenk and Colborn are implicated, and Ken Kratz is just a shady dude. This is the reason they reject and ignore almost everything I have to say even though by recognizing it, it should lead to Steven Avery’s and Brendan Dassey’s immediate release. I guess they would rather these unfortunate men remain in prison than admit that they’re wrong.