Brendan’s Legal Team Is Asking for Support

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Please consider making a contribution to the legal team fighting for Brendan Dassey’s freedom.  All that stands between Brendan Dassey and a lifetime’s worth of undeserved suffering are Laura Nirider and Steven Drizin. They have both worth indefatigably, selflessly, passionately, brilliantly, and mirabile dictu, successfully—if the recent decision by the appeals court which went in Brendan’s favor is any indication— to secure Brendan Dassey’s release from the miserable prison in which he now languishes.

Owing to their efforts, the 7th Circuit recently ruled in Brendan’s favor. This was a MASSIVE victory, and one for which we all devoutly hoped. But the battle is clearly not over as arch villain, Brad Schimel continues to temporize with legal legerdemain, and an demonstrated willingness to ignore the ruling of a Federal court. Your contribution, however modest, also sends a message that people deeply care about this issue and will not stand for this variety of injustice.

These two justice warriors have reached out to the wider community only with great reluctance as it is the first time they have done so even though they have been waging this battle for a very long time. Consider, too, that their adversary, The State of Wisconsin, has a virtually unlimited pool of resources to bring to bear to maintain the status quo and have demonstrated no scruple to play dirty.

Therefore, if you’re the kind of person who roots for David over Goliath, won’t you help put another stone in his sling so that we may hasten the release of an innocent man who has already spent for too long in the jaws of injustice?


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