Hobson’s Choice

Brendan Dassey's confessional form from his defense team
Below is the document that poor Brenday Dassey was coerced to sign by Michael O’Kelly.  What we might say about the sheriff’s, the prosecutor or Ryan Hillegas, for that matter, is still largely a matter of conjecture.  But we know this guy didn’t really mind too much preying on the weak.  That fact that Dassey is serving a life sentence behind tactics like this used by his own defense is unconscionable.  What an outrageous mockery of justice.





  • I got quite giddy while watching Brendan prepare this document on the show. If the following has already been discussed to death online, I apologize.

    I felt a wave of giddy relief because I thought that I was seeing the outline of a deceptive strategy on the part of Kachinski. I thought that O'Kelly was sternly bullying Brendan and manipulating his statement on camera, to create a record of Brendan's malleability. When O'Kelly called Kachinski after the interview, and more when I heard the record of O'Kelly inviting the state's investigators to interview Brendan the next day, with a casual (along the the lines of)"it will be your choice as to whether you'd like a copy of the document Brendan prepared for us today", I was utterly convinced that Kachinski and O'Kelly had baited the state into discrediting Brendan's testimony.
    I assumed that the specifics of Brendan's drawings (indicating Teresa was bound to Avery's bed in a very strange way, with ropes on her wrists and chains on her ankles) could be presented in contrast to the physical, surely documented state of Avery's bed. I also assumed that Kachinski would present the highlights of the inconsistencies between Brendan's confession, while in custody, to O'Kelly, and Brendan's next confession to state's investigators (which I interpret to have occurred less than 24 hours after the O'Kelly interview.)

    Is it possible that Kachinski was running the above game, but did not disclose his strategy for fear of harming his client?

    Thank you.

    • The people involved are either too obtuse or too malicious to recognize how obviously impossible Brendan’s story was. Therefore, your theory us untenable.