Proof That Fassbender Knew He Was Tricking Dassey?

Thomas Fassbender

In response to my post last night about the memo that was issued by the Wisconsin State Crime Lab instructing field officers to disconnect the battery cables of a vehicle before sending it off to be processed for evidence, someone left an interesting comment that reminded me of a critical detail that should or at least could have implications for Brendan Dassey’s freedom:

This battery cable business is another connection started by Fassbender really. He’s the one that suggested that Avery went under the hood to Brendan. And we have to understand in order for the hood to be opened, the handle INSIDE the Rav must first be pulled, right? But no dna found there as far as I know. Or fingerprints.

Whether the battery cable business was started by Fassbender or not I don’t know, but what I do know is that Fassbender worked as a special agent for the homicide division of the Wisconsin Department of Justice.  He had years of experience working crime scenes by this point so must have had knowledge of the protocols for handling a crime scene, including the protocol, described in the memo, of disconnecting the battery cables of vehicles that are to be taken in as evidence.

If this is so, Fassbender had to have known that it wasn’t Steven Avery who had gone under the hood, and if he knew this, he had to have been consciously aware of the fact that he was manipulating Brendan Dassey to falsely incriminate his uncle Steven .  If we can prove with reasonable certainty that the battery cables to Teresa Halbach’s RAV4 were disconnected as a matter of routine practice by a technician, and not by anyone else, then it should be possible to assert with reasonable confidence that Fassbender was keenly aware that he was able to get Dassey to say whatever he needed him to say.  How many such interviews had Fassbender conducted up to that point?  Hundreds?  Thousands?  I think it’s pretty safe to say that he knew exactly what was happening, and what he was doing.