Something Laura Nirider Missed

CASO pp 443 Thomas Fassbender interviewing Brendan Dassey on 2/27/2006 at Michicot High School



You’re a kid, you know and we got, we’ve got people back at the sheriff’s dept., district attorney’s office, and their lookin’ at this now saying there’s no way that Brendan Dassey was out there and didn’t see something. They’re talking about trying to link Brendan Dassey with this event. They’re not saying that Brendan did it, they’re saying that Brendan had something to do with it or the cover up of it which would mean Brendan Dassey could potentially be facing charges for that.


We wouldn’t be here bothering you if we didn’t know that. We’ve gotten a lot of information and you know some people don’t care, some people back there say no we’ll just charge him. We said no, let us talk to him, give him the opportunity to come forward with the information that he has, and get it off of his chest.

During the Federal appeals hearing held on February 14th, 2017,

it seemed to matter a great deal whether Thomas Fassbender and Mark Wiegert viewed Brendan Dassey, before his “confession”, as a suspect or a witness.  Fassbender’s statement would indicate that he was being viewed as a suspect.  How could this be denied if there had already been discussion about the possibility of his involvement, and the possibility that he was helping to cover up a murder? If some had proposed that he be arrested, it cannot be maintained that he was being viewed as just a witness.