Jerry Buting Comes Out Swinging in Rolling Stone

Jerry Buting

Finally one of the major players in Making A Murderer has come out swinging in the pages of the January 15th edition of Rolling Stone in an interview with Tessa Stuart.

There was a burn pit at the quarry? A third burn site?
There was a burn site where they found what the state expert believed were female human pelvic bones that were [Teresa Halbach’s]. But, you see, the thing about bones [is] — unless there’s tissue attached, they can’t do a normal DNA test that would prove [with] a very high probability who’s it is. In the burn pit, they did find a portion of one bone that had some of that tissue on it, and that’s how they made an identification of Teresa Halbach. The bones in the burn barrel, likewise.

But the bones in the gravel pit — they were not able to identify whose bones they were exactly, but they were pelvis bones. They appeared, based on the expert’s opinion, to be human and consistent with a female — I can’t remember if she said “young” female — and most importantly, they appeared to have the same type of degree and pattern of burning or calcination, as they call it, as the ones that were found in the burn barrel behind the Bobby Dassey house and the burn pit behind Steven Avery’s house.

So the other thing that wasn’t [addressed at trial] — and the state really had no explanation for it — [was]: If Avery was the killer and he burned the body behind his garage, why would he move just a few of them, and put them in his burn barrel, and a few of them and put them in some quarry a quarter-, half-mile away? You would think that if you’re going to try and dispose of evidence, you’re not going to leave the majority of it right outside your garage, right? They never offered anything to explain that, and, in fact, in my closing argument I challenged the prosecution to explain to this jury. The way it goes in Wisconsin is, because the state has the burden of proof, they get to finish the closing arguments with a rebuttal argument. So they make their opening closing statement, and then the defense goes, and then they can follow up with their final. [In my closing statement, I said] “He’s going to get up here in a few more minutes and I challenge him to explain to you why these bones were moved.” Because there was absolutely no doubt that the bones had been moved, certainly to the burn barrel and possibly a third location as well. The state never even offered [an explanation about] that; they completely ignored it. Didn’t even address it, and neither did they [address it] at the Dassey trial, I believe.

The other thing that wasn’t covered in the documentary is, we presented an expert who’s from Canada, and he had never testified for anybody but the Crown, the prosecution, before. He was really a world expert on finding cremains outside and in various locations [where one might] try to hide and dispose of a body. And he testified consistently with what we had found in the literature, which is: to burn a body takes either extremely high heat, or a very long, sustained, moderate medium-high type of heat, and it would be very difficult to burn a body in an open pit — an open fire — particularly to the degree that these bone fragments showed. At a crematorium, for instance, they use extremely high heat, and it still takes several hours.

Here, you would have had to continually stoke a fire over, and over, and over for 12, 14, 16 hours — something like that — in order to produce this [type of effect]. And there was no evidence that any fire [like that] had [taken place]. There was a bonfire, but there was no evidence that there was any intense fire like that for such a long, sustained period of time.

So we argued there were other, better spots where the bones could have been burned and really that these were inconsistent with having this burning take place right outside of his garage.

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  • ‘Making a Murderer’ filmmakers: Original juror believes Steven Avery was framed

  • Danny-boy,

    Im steering more and more in the direction that hillegas was just the one leaving harrassing messages to teresa…. And im steering toward bobby and tadychh as the main killers, with the possibility of earl and chuck helping them with the body and truck…. Steven defense 2009….

    • This is my current theory, too.

      Earl hid for a reason. Why?
      The car is hidden closer to Chuck’s house than Steve’s trailer.
      The burn barrel w/ the phone/PDA is next to Scott and Barbara’s house.
      Was it Scott or Chuck who tried to sell a .22?
      Bobby and Scott were each other’s alibi and are we sure Scott went to the hospital? Where was Barb?
      We don’t know when Teresa died – not really.
      Who actually goes/went to that area of the quarry to burn animal remains?
      No one was looking for Teresa for 3 days – hence the car could have been anywhere, the burning anywhere, her death anywhere.
      We have no information of the whereabouts of ANY of the potential suspects, including Ryan, between Oct 31 and Nov 3.

      • I would try and reach ryan to tell the damm truth because if any one of these ppl would come clean about any of this it could blow the whole thing open, they could perhaps find out the truth of what happened to theresa and The Manitiwoc Sheriff’s Department could get what’s comin to em. Ryan Hillegas… You could become the hero… Think about it….

      • Then I have a few comments about that coming soon in the form of a post..

        • When the one juror had to leave for an emergency, how was this 1 juror, replaced immediately WITHOUT HEARING ANY OF ALL KEN KRATZ FACTUL PHYSICAL EVIDENCE IN THIS CASE “after the hearing was completely over?” How was this 1 replacement juror, thrown into the middle of the 11 jurors to make a decision “guilty or not guilty”.

          I don’t understand how any of this was legal, or how was ANY decision made with only 11 jurors . Plus 2 OTHER jurors that were FOUND to be the relatives of the Manitowoc County Sheriffs department, that now say in the Fridays Avery – Dassey protests “they weren’t involved in the Avery Case”. WHAT????

          Manitowoc County Sheriffs department planted ALL THE FABRICATED EVIDENCE THEY CREATED on the Avery property, they searched his property [illegally] in a crime case 8 times, and were involved / named in a pending $36 MILLION DOLLAR lawsuit Avery had just filed that was coming out of Manitowoc County Sheriffs department pockets personally, and it was in their OWN financial interest to frame Avery and Dassey .

          Does anyone know how many jurors were left? When there was supposed to be 12 jurors total. Nancy Grace says as an attorney, all this was legal, and Avery and Dassey are guilty. No this makes everyone question the MISCONDUCT OF OUR ENTIRE LEGAL SYSTEM and all District Attorneys THAT WORK FOR AND PAID BY THE STATE not just Ken Kratz. It concerns all attorneys financial interest too $$$$$$$$ because the world has now been exposed to all of this illegal corruption, that’s been endless for decades.

          When you see a documentary where the wife was killed, the look at the insurance policy amount and their financials first, then go after the wife that is inheriting the large amount of money, and case is closed….

          Thank you…

        • Regarding the replacement juror — I think there were originally 15 people sitting on the jury and only 12 of them were ever going to be the deciders. They usually? always? have more throughout the trial in case there is an emergency and some have to leave as in this case. So it was quite normal and nothing strange. The replacement heard all the same trial information as everyone else on the jury.

          Steve had the option to allow that replacement to go in, and he agreed to it. I think they believed they would win because of reasonable doubt.

          When it gets sticky is when more than the 3 extras have to leave.

  • I think Ryan Hillegas, Teresa’s ex boyfriend killed her. He was never interrogated, he was the one that got into her phone and deleted messages that may play an important role in solving her murder. I think he knew her car was at the salvage yard before it was actually found.

  • This case is extremely disturbing. I don’t understand how these innocent men are still in prison. with all the evidence that has been acquired, it’s not rocket science to conclude that he did NOT commit this murder, neither did Branden Dassey. Dassey has been bullied and manipulated since day one. He was a perfect target by Manitowoc police to manipulate. This whole case is surrounded by corruption. My heart breaks for the Avery family. No one should ever go through the hell they have gone through. Also, isnt it obvious that Mike Halbach is very suspicious? He always seems uncomfortable and very detached; shows no emotion for his deceased sister. The parents themselves didn’t seem too distraught. Something is off with them. Why hasn’t this family been heavily interrogated? Why did her brother become so interested in her voicemail inbox being full and what messages she had received? Why did he feel like getting into her messages to listen to them? The police should of done that, but either way they are corrupt anyways. He tampered with evidence; 3 days after her disappearance? And no one in the police dept asks questions?

  • You should go check out the alternative burn site as seen on google maps.

  • Crazy story

  • I watched this series on Netflix. What those prosecutors did to this family was horrendous! What they did to a 16 yo boy is ludicrous. This young man did not have a parent or an attorney present and he wrote out exactly what he did that day without the lies the person in the room with him told him to write down after the fact!
    Someone had it out for this family and they are getting away with murder because this poor young woman was chosen due to her proximity to the Avery’s property.
    For someone to deliberately kill this beautiful woman just to set up Avery and the boy needs to be dealt with!
    I don’t believe a word that came out of Colburn’s mouth. You could plainly see that the packaging and Mr. Avery’s blood tube had been messed with and that a hypodermic needle had been used to draw blood out of the tube!
    I hope that everyone involved in this “set up” has nothing but “bad” happen to them in their personal lives!
    Teresa’s family is also suffering, lets not forget that either!
    I can only imagine the shock when the truth comes out, and it will, it always does! Someone will say something to someone else or brag about something they “helped” do.

  • Fascinating. I love your updates, I check every day. I think Buting and Strang are incredible. I tried to find anything on Ryan or Mike but its like they don’t exist besides conspiracy articles. No interviews or anything?

  • “Or if shes still friggin alive” – mrs avery…. I dont doubt it at this point mrs. Avery.

  • The comment about how it would be very hard to burn a body in a fire pit to the degree it was burnt, leads me to the idea of that’s why SA also used the burn barrel to burn her body in addition to the fire pit??

    • You might think that, but as stated, the bones weren’t from individual parts. They were mixed in both sources. They were definitely moved from somewhere else.

      There are people who have identified a hunting cabin with the necessary capability that isn’t far from the Averys. We’ll see if that lead pans out.

      • Good observation, I missed that the bones were mixed….

        • I believe that came out in the JButing interview.

          Also there is mention in news reports at the time that multiple 5 gallon buckets were used to move the bones or scatter them. My question: What happened to those? Or is the media of the time confusing them with the ‘burn barrels’?

          Here’s the info:
          ‘According to the records, an unspecified number of five-gallon buckets also “have been located on the Avery compound property which appear to have been utilized to distribute the burned remains” of an adult female body. ‘

        • Even if buckets were used to move the bones, why would someone move some of the bones, to or from, their own property. The criminal mastermind who cleaned up all the blood evidence from within the house and garage couldn’t have make such a mistake, to only move some of the bones. The only explanation is that the kill wanted to be caught, or someone framed SA, and planted the evidence on his property. You can’t both be a genius and make such mistakes at the same time.