An Open Letter to Ken Kratz

Ken Kratz
Mr. Kratz, Can You Answer These 22 Questions About Ryan Hillegas? 


As you may be aware, the person I think most likely did this was Ryan Hillegas.  I’ll just compose a list as you have done that I need answers to so I can get out of this cold, windy town.
  1. Where was Ryan and who was he with on the day/early evening of October 31st, 2005?
  2. Does Ryan have a history of stalking women?
  3. Why does he not know what time he was over at Teresa Halbach’s house?
  4. What was it that he was dropping off for Scott Bloedorn?
  5. How did Mr Hillegas so easily guess the username and password of Teresa’s?
  6. Why are there credible rumors that Mr. Hillegas gave inconsistent stories about how he obtained Teresa’s username and password to access her cell phone records?
  7. Would Teresa’s brother, father and roommate confirm Mr. Hillegas’ account of how he “guessed” Teresa’s password?


  1. Is it possible he knew her username and password all along as is common for couples who have been together for a long time?
  2. If he knew Teresa’s username and password to online phone records, email, and other personal information, could he have predicted with reliability where Teresa would be and when?
  3. When was the first time Teresa went to Avery’s salvage
  4. Did Ryan and Teresa’s breakup predate the first time that Teresa went to Avery’s auto salvage?
  5. Did Ryan ever make calls to Avery Salvage around the time of Teresa’s murder as has been rumored?
  6. How many times, altogether, did Teresa Halbach go to Avery’s salvage, and over how long a duration?
  7. How would others who knew Teresa and Ryan as a couple describe their relationship?
  8. Was it Teresa who broke up with Ryan, or Ryan who broke up with Teresa?
  9. How would the women who were Ryan’s girl friends prior and subsequent to his relationship with Teresa describe Ryan?
  10. Given that the ex-boyfriend is usually the first suspect, there must have been extremely compelling evidence to immediately dismiss him as a suspect.  What was that evidence?
  11. Is Ryan Hillegas considered to be intelligent or even very intelligent by people who know him?
  12. Was Ryan Hillegas working as a nurse or doing clinical rotations as a nursing student in any area hospitals or clinics at the time of Teresa Halbach’s death?
  13. Did Ryan Hillegas have access to any area where blood was stored at the time of Teresa Halbach’s death?
  14. Was Steven Avery’s blood stored anywhere Ryan Hillegas
  15. Was any evidence ever tested for the presence of Ryan Hillegas’ DNA?
As soon as I can clear this up, I’ll be catching a bus out of town.

Kind regards,
Daniel Luke


  • Excellent questions. With regards to the phone records I have been under the impression that even though text messages are deleted they are still able to be retrieved from somewhere. Can some of these questions be asked of others that were eliminated straight away too.

    • Exhibit 361 — a couple days of phone call records, including numbers called
      Note, only ONE of those list as CFNA, call forward no answer. How can that be? How did voicemail fill up? This would need explaining from Cingular. Perhaps inability to connect does that automatically.

      Exhibit 372 — voice mail records including incoming number source I *think*
      Note on last page – zero expired messages.
      BIG note: there is NO message listed for 16:37 (4.37pm) on 10/31.

      WHERE did that CFNA message go?

      Avery’s phone records do show a call to TH’s phone, but it’s not reconciled with the voicemail records, which he says he left, or someone purports that he said he left. I can’t remember.

      This is NOT making sense.

  • Too many unanswered questions to follow-up on, but murder doesn’t have a statue of limitations. Someday, we’ll hear about Ryan getting arrested for Teresa’s murder; won’t be soon, but someday.

  • Check for warrants shown for Ryan J. Hillegas in Wisconsin. Try to begin with. Good luck.

  • 1. Was Ryan questioned about the deep scratches on his hand? Was Ryan examined for any others physical signs of trauma?

    2. Why was Ryan put in a lead position during the search?

    3. Why has Ryan not been brought up on federal charges for breaking into Teresa's email account? CCFA

    4. Why were phone records not called into evidence to see if Ryan's number had a history of possible stalking issues?