Dear My Zombies, The Rest of The World and Kathleen Zellner

Pic of zombies from The Walking Dead

People all over the world were shocked and when they woke up one morning to find out that the unthinkable had occurred: Donald Trump had been elected president.  How did he do it?  I think his main political strategy, and maybe his only one was to lie constantly, and I guess he knew this would work because Americans have become the dumbest people on the planet.  It’s a condition that I believe is curable, in theory, but for right now, it’s just the way things are, and there’s nothing anyone can do about it until some inevitable tragedy occurs which changes the way people see things.  Tick tock.  Ho hum.

What I’m trying to say is that the current zeitgeist strongly favors public liars and con artists in America.  It’s not just Donald Trump.  It’s Bill O’Reilly, Alex Jones, Pat Dixon, Tomi Lahren, Nancy Grace, Geraldo, and the list goes on.  But do you know who else is now on this list?  If you thought I was going to say Ken Kratz, give yourself a pat on the back for having been blessed with extraordinary powers of deduction.

For those who believe Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey are innocent, I have some very disturbing news: Ken Kratz is winning!  It is he, more than anyone else, who is going around on TV and radio, telling his story, telling lies, and sowing the seeds of doubt.  No one seems to care, and the same bullshit, lazy media who were asleep at the switch when Donald Trump was telling all of his lies is doing the same thing as the trot out Ken Kratz before an audience of millions.  Nancy Grace wrote the foreward in his book.  The last episode of Dr. Phil leaned heavily toward the conclusion of Steven Avery’s guilt.  Kratz has now got an ever growing list of very powerful media figures behind him.   These are people who are watched by hundreds of millions of Americans!  

My pain is all the more acute because I feel as if I’m the only one in the whole FUCKING world who realizes this or cares about it.  It’s like living in zombie land without being a damn zombie, and I want to yell at people to WAKE THE FUCK UP but I don’t because it simply isn’t going to do any good.

Is there anyone who supports Steven Avery’s innocence who serves a function that’s in any way similar to Kratz?  NO!  Kathleen Zellner has not stepped up to fill this role, preferring instead to send out a single cryptic tweet every month that provides almost ZERO information.  And God help you if you happen to be an Avery supporter and dare speak one critical word about Kathleen Zellner.  Awhile back, I tweeted something very innocuous to Kathleen Zellner that was just a hair short of idolatrous.  She responded by blocking me from her twitter.

To the World, yes, I actually have a global audience that reads this blog, I apologize for the unorthodox formatting of this note.  Please understand that I live among Zombie lunatics, and I have no other choice.  Even with these unusual measures, the chances of being heard are still at almost zero.


I might wake up tomorrow to find out that all of this has changed.  I very much want this to be true.  I very much want some good news for once.  Kathleen Zellner, please give us some kind of fucking sign.  Have a little respect for your supporters.  Working the PR angle is not going to do any harm, and please keep in mind that Ken Kratz is incredibly well connected to the most powerful people in Wisconsin, and these people are incredibly well connected to Donald Trump.  You might need all the public support you can get, but that is going to be difficult to do if someone like Ken Kratz is going around sowing seeds of doubt.

Lastly, Ms Zellner, I know that you and your staff avidly read this website.  I do sincerely hope that you will give credit where credit is due if I happened to be of influence at all on you or your staff in connecting the dots.  I know that I have spent as much time on this as you or anyone in your office, and I was also on the case before you or anyone else was.  I trust you will be honorable.




  • I only started reading your posts tonight and i must admit, i could sit and read your ideas and findings for hours and hours. Very impressive indeed. I do hope your writing a book. :D

    – Nicholas you imbecile, I’m a firm believer of freedom of speech but you sir, are a wanker.

  • Dont break a hand jerking yourself off!

    • That would be as physically impossible as cutting the outside surface of your right middle finger while stabbing someone with a knife, but thanks for your expression of concern.