Evidence Kratz WAS at Madison Crime Lab 11/05/2005

Outside View of the Wisconsin Crime Lab in Wassau, Wisconsin

Some weeks ago I wrote a post providing a detailed explanation for why I thought Ken Kratz, the man who prosecuted by Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey was the one who planted the evidence.  Not just some of it. All of it.

For this theory to be correct, however, I had to place Ken Kratz at the Wisconsin State Crime lab right after Teresa Halbach’s RAV4 dropped off after it had left the Avery salvage yard at precisely 8:42 p.m. on the evening of November 5th, 2005.  When I made that post, all I had to go on was the fact that Kratz signed out of the Avery property EXACTLY when Teresa Halbach’s 1999 Toyota RAV4 left in a covered trailer pulled by a truck driven by Nick Mirsberger and heading for the Wisconsin State Crime Lab in Madison

Well, as it turns out there is strong evidence that proves I was on the right track.  Just today on Reddit, I read a most interesting thread started by SBRH33 which included the prosecution’s opening statement in Steven Avery’s trial as delivered by none other than Ken Kratz:

You are going to hear that the Crime Lab loaded this vehicle onto an enclosed trailer, trucked the enclosed and intact SUV all the way to Madison, where on a Sunday, for a very brief amount of time, but mostly on Monday, that vehicle was processed by the experts.

The specificity of the remark, “…where on a Sunday, for a very brief amount of time, but mostly on Monday…” means that he had to have been there.  He wouldn’t have recalled such details had someone reported this information to him after the fact, nevermind that it’s difficult to imagine that anyone would have been this specific in the first place in retelling the event a day or two later.  Of what relevance would it have been to a jury in the first place that the RAV4 was processed between the late hours of November 5th and the early hours of the 6th?

I actually called Nick Mirsberger, by the way.  He still works in Hilbert, Wisconsin as the owner of businesses which still sells the kind of trailer that was used to haul off Teresa’s Toyota.  When he answered the phone, I asked him if he remembered whether Ken Kratz wound up at the Crime Lab in Madison, WI, the night he dropped off the vehicle.  He said “I can’t talk about that, sorry.  Click.”

So, to all you Wisconsinites out there who work once worked with Ken Kratz, or have had dealings with him in one way or another, I invite you to ask Ken, the next time you see him, “Hey, where you in Madison, Wisconsin on the evening of November 5th, 2005, into the first couple of hours of November 6th?”



  • Nothing Ken Kratz does surprises me. Nothing. I think he knows exactly what happened to Teresa and it has nothing to do with Avery or Dassey, and he and those around him took steps to steer this investigation. That lab tech photographer had no business swabbing a damn thing. Take the pictures and leave. Ah unless he was directed to do something differently. I think he was.

  • Props for actually picking up the phone and making the call, too bad the guy wouldn’t talk.