Explaining The Blood

Steven Avery’s blood found in the RAV4.  This has been one of the most vexing things for me to think about over the last year.  If it didn’t come from the vial of blood kept around in the Manitowoc evidence locker from the time it had been collected in 1985, where could it possible have come from?

Let me just pause to go over something once again.  If it hadn’t been for the pattern of the blood shown by the ignition, I might well have reached a very different conclusion on this case, but having stared at the broad ‘h’ pattern for what must by now be hours, I simply could never convince myself that it was the cut on Steven Avery’s hand that made the mark.  And the cut itself simply doesn’t look like the kind of wound that would have been sustained during a mortal struggle.  Who has ever cut themselves there?  I never have.  So, to me, the cut looks exactly like the kind of cut a mechanic would sustain while working on a car.  Anyway, here is a picture of the ignition well just to the right of the steering wheel where you can see the blood pattern in question:

And here is a picture showing the cut on Steven Avery’s finger:


It looks like what we’re seeing is Steven Avery’s left hand, but it’s actually his right hand, and the cut is on the outer plane of his middle finger.  And about the blood itself, the color of it is just a little off.  I mean, it looks a little watered down.

Here’s the one thing I will say.  I have NEVER believed that the blood came from the vial we all saw in Making A Murderer.  The reason for this is that I had absolutely no reason 1) to think the FBI would fabricate evidence or lie; 2) just as we will hopefully see from the more extensive test results that will hopefully be forthcoming from Kathleen Zellner, scientists can do amazing things with chemistry, and, finally 3) you cannot accept only the evidence which is favorable to the point you are trying to prove.  It seemed, therefore a bit disingenuous to reject the findings of the FBI lab that showed no EDTA in the blood matching Avery’s DNA profile found in the RAV4.  I also immediately knew, having worked as a registered nurse for many years, and having seen many blood draws, that there was nothing unusual about the tiny pin prick of blood on the outside of the rubber of the vial.

The original theory I had about Steven Avery’s blood was that Ryan Hillegas, in his job as a nurse in a nearby hospital or clinic, had somehow been able to obtain Steven Avery’s blood.  The only problem with this theory is that if there had been a vial of Steven’s blood kept in cold storage at some local medical facility, it would also have had the same preservative in it that was found in the vial dating back to 1985.  There were other possible problems with this theory as well.  How would Ryan have gotten into the RAV4 to plant the blood without having been detected?  One could argue that he planted Steven Avery’s blood there at the time of the murder, but that would imply a great deal of premeditation, despite the fact that this murder, if Ryan Hillegas was the responsible party, has all of the hallmark signs of a crime of passion.

So until it struck me that if evidence had been planted, it was likely Kratz of all people who did it, I was pretty much stuck.  In this sense, I was forced to think of all of it in the way I’d had heard mathematicians think about their proofs.  As I understand it, any mathematical proof can be proven to be false if it can be shown that there is even a single exception to the rule. For me, that single exception was the pattern of the blood which simply does not fit.  So, even if all of the evidence seems to point one way, it’s the single piece of evidence that doesn’t point that that deserves the greatest scrutiny until it can either be made to point in the same direction as the other evidence, or until it somehow forces all the other evidence, in its lone stubbornness, to point in its direction.

In trying to make sense of this, I’ve literally challenged the entire world (people from all over the world visit this site every day) to explain the pattern.  None so far have taken me up.  And that is hardly all.  Adding to this was always the lack of fingerprints on the outside and inside of the vehicle.  That’s never made a drop of sense, and has never been explained away by anyone.  Sure, “hood latch” DNA.  How fucking convenient!  But no DNA on the battery cables?

But if we know that Steven Avery cut himself while working on one of the cars, there is every reason to believe that he left behind a blood-soaked towel or rag.  In fact, if you go through the entire evidence list, there are plenty of entries for bloody towels and rags found at the Avery property.  If this dried blood could have been reconstituted with a little bit of warm water, it could have been planted in the RAV4.

I do agree that it is a bit far fetched but if all competing hypotheses can be eliminated, it wins by default.



  • They could have transferred some of the blood they found on the grand am. Wet swab to rehydrate.

  • Crime of passion? Where do you derive that? You can not see your questions answered via a planned incident? Kocouteks next doir neighbor was the nurse who drew blood from Steven Avery multiple times. Crime of passion tells me you buy a narrative by ktatz and or LE criminals/planters/plotters…….just like theyhad untended

    • Since I believe that Ryan Hillegas killed Teresa Halbach, it seems like a run-of-the-mill crime of passion murder. If you read what I write about Kratz, it’s hard for me to see why you would say you think I buy his narrative.

  • Not my theory but someone on TTM suggested there was another vial stored in the evidence locker, a sample taken from Steven that they did not add EDTA to. They offered some reason for not doing so but I can’t recall. They reasoned the prosecution were so confident the blood would not contain EDTA, because they knew the vial used to plant the blood did not contain EDTA anyway. KZ plans to age test the sample so hopefully we find out soon enough.