I’m Still Waiting for Ken Kratz to Respond

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For those of you who may be new to site, Ken Kratz and I had an ongoing correspondence. He’s been doing the rounds in the media lately, appearing on such shows as Nancy Grace, talking about all of the evidence that was intentionally “excluded” from Making A Murderer, so I asked him to send me a full list to have a look at.  I looked at all of it very carefully, and determined that, if anything, the filmmakers were doing Ken and the gang a big favor by not including any of the “evidence” because it more than likely would have proven to be an embarrassment as you will see, hopefully, by reading my response to Kratz.

I also mentioned to Kratz that this was going to be a quid pro quo.  That is, I would look at and respond to all of his stuff if he would be willing to return the favor.  Today, in the letter below, I sent Ken Kratz a little reminder in the form of yet another email because so far, Mr. Kratz has not held up his end of the bargain.  If he ever does, I will post his comments.  The two links below are of my public response to Kratz, and the body of the letter below the links is what I sent Kratz today.  I should lastly like to mention that the “List of Voids” was sent to me by Twitterer and blog reader @JLWhitaker



Ken Kratz’s “Excluded Evidence” Post I


Ken Kratz’s “Excluded Evidence” Post II




Hi Ken,

I took a great deal of time and care responding  to all of the evidence in a two part post (part I and part II) that you say was deliberately excluded from Making A Murderer, and I haven’t heard back from you since then.  I’m still waiting on your answer.
And since I took up your challenge, I’m sincerely hoping you will take up mine and offer an explanation for the innumerable and legitimate questions the series did raise perhaps best crystalized by  @JL_Whitaker:
The Voids
– TH Hair void
– TH blood void
– location of main car key (the found key is a back-up)
– location of TH house key

– voicemail (deleted)
– investigation of RyanH ScottT, ScottB, BobbyD — reliable alibis
– chain of custody re evidence (first trial blood vial)
– arrival at scene log for Lenk, Colborn on 5 November
– reporting of TH missing – 3 days!
– documentation of suspect activity between 31 October and 5 November
– a verifiable crime scene
– calling party records (RyanH, MikeH, Lenk, Colborn)
– reliable testing (Culhane compromised often, FBI guy bad science)
– explanation for the magic bullet (shape, location)
– testing of second bullet fragment from garage
– details of the ballistics report matching .22 rilfe to the magic bullet
– fingerprint test of the early case blood vial w/punctured top and the evidence box cellophane tape
– fingerprints in general ANYwhere
– hot enough location for body burning
– dismemberment tools Kratz said were entered into to evidence
– explanation for Colborn calling in the plate on 3 Nov
– ANY evidence that puts Brendan Dassey in prison for life other than coerced confession
– explanation for why ANYone looked in the quarry for evidence.  Why there?  Who sent them there?
Kind regards,
Daniel Luke


  • Daniel you have a voice. It is not meant for those who would discount you for past actions, but instead, for offering your interpretation and opinions with an insight that most others perhaps do not have. Do not discount yourself. You need not be replaced. On a multitude of commentary site sections people argue their viewpoints on the Avery case in every manner from educated to ignorance. This is human nature. You call out Mr. Kratz and this is absolutely deserved. This man should never have held a public office. There is no doubt that he is culpable in the miscarriage of justice in both trials concerning the death of Theresa Halbach. I wish I could speak for the entire team working under KZ, as I am aware that all agree with you, however, it is not my place to do so. What I can tell you is this; Motions will not be filed on behalf of either appellant until the exculpatory evidence can be presented in conjunction with conclusive inculpatory evidence. The goal is not limited to clearing them but rather to conclusively demonstrate who is responsible. This is already clear to us. It is now a matter developing the evidence, not the least of which includes the purchase of an identical vehicle to that of the victim. I can tell you that all the evidence needed has been obtained. For those who feed on speculation I can tell you that those who will be implicated and charged do indeed appear in the Netflix presentation. Speculation concerning a serial killer or disc jockey is not valid with regards to the cause of Theresa’s death. The guilty parties are living their lives large and small but they are (and should be) worried. By now, chain of evidence procedure by nature has revealed itself to those being investigated. I am telling you what I can. There were a great deal of smoke and mirrors during the investigations and prosecutions and unfortunately, much of this was brought on by the original bias of some members of the Manitowac County Sheriff’s Department. Once Steven’s original conviction was overturned there was no way for Manitowac to be effective in any future criminal proceeding and this has fed the fires to the point of misleading public speculation. What the public does not know is that bias was also injected upon both Steven and Theresa by members of the Calumet County Sheriff’s Department and Prosecutor’s Office during the investigation and prosecutions surrounding her death. There are those who believe law enforcement members are responsible for Theresa’s death and this too is not valid. When the time comes to reveal the truth there will be members of the general public who will not want to accept it. There will be families shattered by the revelation of the guilty but we must not lose sight of the fact that no one will be able to make the Avery family and relatives whole again. In addition, the bias against them will go on just as it has for years as a result of the local public’s view of their place in society and the legitimate misdeeds of Steven and other members of the family. It is easy to point the finger at those who are different or who have misstepped societies expectations. It is much harder to remain objective until all the facts can be revealed. The mishandling of Theresa’s disappearance and murder when combined with law enforcement mistrust and bias inflated by publicity allowed intelligent guilty parties to take advantage of the dynamics of the situation and operate all but unnoticed. If public law enforcement suspicion and the effects of previous prosecutorial misconduct were to have been removed during the period when Theresa went missing and was then discovered the guilty parties would have been easily identified. In fact, they may not have been able to carry out the murder at all. The killers played right into the hands of law enforcement bias of the Averys and the public perception of mistrust of law enforcement. In these two Wisconsin counties members of those charged with the caricature of justice have indeed tainted it. Sadly, the two counties and the State of Wisconsin are not alone. Although the justice system in the United States is among the best this world has to offer it is an unfortunate fact of life that human error and malice can never be completely removed. Those who do taint our system from a position of malice should face severe punishment as a deterrent for all who hold positions of power. In the case of Mr. Kratz it is a human defect that rendered him incapable of performing his job. He, most likely, was ill enough to not see what he had become. He should still be held accountable, as should the others who not only failed the Averys but the collective public they were supposed to have served.

    • I wish I could speak for the entire team working under KZ, as I am aware that all agree with you, however, it is not my place to do so. What I can tell you is this; Motions will not be filed on behalf of either appellant until the exculpatory evidence can be presented in conjunction with conclusive inculpatory evidence.

      So you have inside information? And you’re AWARE that the entire KZ team agrees with me? Very interesting.

      • Wow–just wow–believe every word of Tars’ comment! Now I have to learn about exculpatory and inculpatory evidence:)
        Nice work Daniel!

      • Explaining who I am or what I do can only serve to detract from the issue at hand. I chose to comment based on your passion Daniel and commitment to this cause. You have done well and I sincerely hope you continue. On a personal level I was or am very much like you in some regards. My passions drove me to excel at the risk of being viewed as crossing the line by some, repeatedly. I believe you have a righteousness about how you handle yourself. The trick is to keep yourself in check. I know this is not always an easy thing to do. I have lived like this for a great deal of time. The more intelligent and/or talented, the more screws tend to come loose at times. Sound familiar? I wish you well and I know you are on the right track. BTW moving across the country to follow the Avery pursuit and having contact with principal players wins you a federal file, so be aware of that. As far as inside info is concerned I can neither confirm nor deny, but you know how that goes. Believe in yourself and you can make a difference.

        • I hope I have a Federal file cause I know I got a file on some Feds.

        • Not to call you a fraud, or call you out in anyway that would make you think we should doubt you but I am curious.

          If involved within the inner mechanisms of the case as you claim, can you give us a date of when to expect to hear news with meat on the bone?

          Date when Zellner will present exculpatory evidence or share information on who the actual killer is? Many are confused by the April 20th date, and I don’t believe any evidence is presented at that time, but if you have anything Redditors could use to timeline this, it would be great.

        • I would caution readers of this site not to read too much into my comment. I do not speak for Kathleen Zellner or her team, as I originally stated. When I refer to “us” I am not referring to KZ or any of the team working under her, but instead, I am referring to the nonpublic group I am involved with. This is not a “bombshell” comment. If one were to read Miss Zellner’s Twitter comments there is information that, in my opinion, does fall under the characterization of “bombshell”. The source group of individuals that I associate with, the positions we hold or the origin of information used to form our conclusions are not something we would discuss. My comment is a combination of my personal opinion, as well as, information and conclusions we are aware of or have reached based on the insight we are fortunate to have. Yes, we do have information that is not for public consumption, which is why I refer to what is contained in my comment as “what I can tell you”. This is simply an indication of the existence of limits as it pertains to what I and/or we are willing to say. “Involved within the inner mechanisms of the case” would be inaccurate.

  • I just wondered if you would share what you did that made you a crazy felon. You want someone HONORABLE to come and take your place. That word bothers me because that is what the government said about Edwards Wayne Edwards years ago. If you didn’t kill hundreds of people like he did, believe me you are WORTHY!

    • I did share it. You just have to look a little bit harder. It’s all on the website.

    • What I think..

      His “Honorable” comment, I believe, is just him beiliveing he is right in his conviction, but acknowledgeing people may have issue with his background. He knows what he has to say is important, and if it takes a more “honorable” person to say it so people will listen, he is happy to step aside as long as it is said.

      A simpler way to think about it, is you don’t have to graduate from an Ivy league school to be correct, but you might just be believed more if you happen to have a degree from one.

  • Steven Avery: Proof he was Framed! https://youtu.be/MvRuC49dJvI
    Steven Avery
    Manitowoc police department

    • Correction: NOT the police department. It was the SHERIFF’s Department. Think Mayberry and Barney Fife. That bad.

  • Crime Time Live: Steven Avery and Teresa Halbach
    Diane Dimond and Beth Karas talk with video callers from around the globe about the conviction of Steven Avery for the murder of Teresa Halbach.

  • https://youtu.be/qxgbdYaR_KQ He served 18 years for a crime he didn’t commit. Now he’s on the line again, and someone wanted to see him put away for good.
    how they convicted this guy is beyond me.
    1) no evidence that he killed her AT ALL, much less in the garage where no blood was found or bleach for clean up.
    2) the dumb cop called to get the plate number & name, but let it slip that he knew the make of the vehicle… ooops!
    3) the burn pit itself only had incremental bones. never possessed the entire body of Teresa. it only begs the question – where is the rest of the body? it was clearly moved.
    4) teresas’ burn pit excavation…. it was hardly a crime scene. nothing indicating it was a crime scene. they were digging her up w/ shovels like you would bury a pet cat. you would almost treat this scene like a dinosaur excavation – carefully & precise.
    5) the (clearly) tampered blood specimen from steve avery. the red tape indicating security was clearly cut. and the vile itself was tampered, & the only people who would have access to the vile, at the time, would be the police.
    6) the key: the key was obviously compromised. if the car/keys belonged to her…. then her DNA would be on the key as well…. not just Avery’s.
    7) everyone’s timeline contradicts the other.
    8) police protocol, or lack thereof. this has to be the worst demonstration of police protocol ive ever heard of: no police logs, shady interrogations, sloppy investigations, evidence found after the fact, etc…
    9) bold face lies caught on the stand. police, agents, PI’s, all were caught w/ their pants down at some point… yet im suppose to believe its simple ‘misremembering’.
    10) no one else was even looked as a suspect besides avery. NO ONE. no the ex bf, not the roommate, not even the brothers, not the other avery ‘bow hunting’ nephew, not the corrupt cops, NOTHING! it was avery or bust in this case.
    11) last but not least… the prosecutors two investigators: how did they get away w/ interviewing a juvenile w/out the consent of his mother or his lawyer present. that is against the law & should be inadmissible. never mind the way they lead Brenden into his “confession”, but the way they asserted everything. he said almost next to nothing in those interviews. they were leading the evidence, not following the evidence.
    12) the two prosecutor investigators handling the witnesses. they way they tried to coerce the lab techs into, again, leading the evidence as opposed to following the evidence.

    • re 11 – Brendan’s coerced confession.
      I watched prosecutor on youtube yesterday who said the main issue from the beginning was that he was not capable of knowingly waiving his right to an attorney. It’s not just that you say, yeah, whatever, but that you have to have a clear understanding of what you’re waiving. He did not.

      My guess, this will throw out his confession and therefore the conviction because they don’t have any physical evidence to link him to anything.

      Brendan’s situation is the worst miscarriage of justice in public view right now. He’s had new lawyers who ‘get it’ and have taken it to Federal court to bypass the mickey-mouse incompetent state court altogether on civil rights grounds. Let’s hope he gets to sue Manitowoc Country Sheriff and finally put them out of business, install the state police and/or extend the jurisdiction of Manitowoc POLICE department who had nothing to do with this thing.


    STEVEN AVERY DOC#00122987
    PO BOX 351
    PHONE# 920-324-5571

    PO BOX 19033
    GREEN BAY, WI 53407-9033
    PHONE# 920-432-4877

    Email Info@StevenAvery.org – To Call Our Organization Use (920) 482-7776
    Obviously Steven Avery is in jail and does not operate this website. However, if you want to contact him feel free to write here and we will print and mail to him or Brendan Dassey in jail. Email Info@StevenAvery.org OR Facebook Justice for Steven Avery & Brendan Dassey OR Twitter@theaveryproject.

    Please read the letter sent from Ken Kratz wanting Steven Avery to sign over ALL his legal rights to allow Ken Kratz to write a book, on Steven Avery. “Can you imagine” Narcissism GONE WILD!!! They will stop at nothing, now Kratz wants to financially gain over these repeated false imprisonments with a book, and the assistant DA has already written several books without Stevens permission “I would assume.” I looked on Youtube all the police corruption that goes on in Wisconsin that is unbelievable…

    • as mentioned, I posted the first day you sent that stuff in. Hit the contact tab, and you’ll see all of it. Let me know if you think I should add something. DL


  • Dr Phil took Brendan’s side. Even Donnie Walberg. Most do. Just not S.A.

  • Kratz was a real doozy in hyperbole at the time, saying things he couldn’t substantiate, and neither could the police/Sheriff, before evidence was analysed. No wonder the public sentiment changed. Have a read of some of the threads on this site.

    Articles at the time:

  • Regarding the bullet and identification as coming from “Steve’s” rifle. The Rolling Stone interview with Jerry Buting goes into some detail about this (link below). As I suspected:

    It Is BOGUS

    The shell casings, NOT the found bullet fragment (the bit in the tip that is released from the casing, flattened and found w/ TH’s DNA), are what they are basing this on re tool marks on the bottom of the casing — where the firing pin hits (I think I have that right). That the bullet came from any of those shell casings canNOT be proven. There is no one-to-one correspondence. So

    IT does NOT matter that the rifle had been taken. That 22 could have come from ANY 22 in the world.

    You might be able to analyse that the composition of the bullet is the same as ammunition found somewhere in Steve’s place, if there was any, but even then, it could have come from the same batch bought by someone else.

    Buting also addresses the bones, lack of heat (they did have an expert who wasn’t shown in the documentary) necessary to burn them, the mix of bones in various places (not all same body part in the burn barrel for example) and that the pelvis bones found in the quarry were in a burn area there, but couldn’t be absolutely identified as TH’s because of lack of tissue to get DNA from them. BUT the burn patterns/burning results were similar to those found on the bones on the Avery property.

    If a decent analysis had been conducted with the OTHER materials found in that burn pit — minerals, ash, possibly other physical materials — to match to the quarry, more could have been known. But of course the INCOMPETENT Wisconsin crime scene investigators didn’t do that. Or if they did, Kratz buried it. And remember, the usual crime scene guys were restricted from doing it properly. That was unconscionable and highly irregular.

    It’s a good article. Highly recommend.

  • I wonder if Mr. Karate was asked to answer as a defense attorney and analyze all the evidence, what his thoughts would be?

  • Somewhere_in_the_desert

    Just wanted to say I enjoy reading your blog. It has kind of a Hunter S. Thompson “strange trip” vibe (that’s a compliment). Keep up the good work :)

  • God’s speed Daniel. Continue the inspiration.





    • Yes. I do, and I’ll tell you why. The media that this country currently has is fundamentally dishonest. People like Nancy Grace are giving this a lot of coverage, and she’s clearly a fraud trying to drum up as much sturm and drang as possible. She’s taken a side and put herself at the center of this because she knows that it’ll draw huge ratings But who has come to the side of Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey? All of the rest of the talking heads have avoided taking a position except express their opinion, or at least imply it that the documentary was slanted to favor the defense. In other words, they are repeating the talking points of none other than Ken Kratz! I went out of my way to get this so-called “excluded” evidence from the source himself, and I went through each point and thoroughly debunked, even going so far as to invite Ken Kratz over to debunk my debunking. I’ve heard only silence from Kratz so far. The site is called Overthrow.us for a reason. We do not have to continue to be spoken to like idiots by these oily and obvious frauds. When people are falsely imprisoned, or when there is this much doubt, and the collective human will cries out for justice, we should not have to wait years for a retrial, or wait for a pardon from the President. All of these people have failed us. They do not respect democratic principles. We must remind them of their place. We must remind them and ourselves that it is We who have the power, not them. They must be made to pay very severe penalties if they serve themselves more than those who they are elected to represent. And yes, I am a felon who many feel did something “crazy”. I should apologize, and say that I was expecting someone more honorable to come take my place, but so far no one has offered.