Ken Kratz Also Displays Signs of Duper’s Delight

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In my previous post, I do all that I can to make the case that Ken Kratz is basically a sociopath who positioned himself as a DA, a prestigious role with plenty of authority, so he could prey on the vulnerable.  But he took it one twisted step further by installing himself in the role of chief advocate for victim’s rights in Wisconsin.  According to Wikipedia,

[Kratz] served as president of the Wisconsin District Attorneys Association in 1996. Kratz chaired the Wisconsin Victim Rights Council in 1993 as well as its successor, the Wisconsin Crime Victims Rights Board, from 1998 to 2010.

The thrust of my argument was that if we consider what we know for certain Kratz did, we can’t rule him out for just about anything:

But for Kratz, his involvement in the Victim’s Rights Council was always a sham.  In the minds of people who take on the responsibility of guarding the hen house in order to devour the chickens, the appeal derives secondarily from indecent appetites, and primarily from the more cerebral thrill of getting away with fooling people with their superior wyles.  Is a man who has gone to the trouble of chairing the most prominent victim’s advocacy group in the entire state so he can enjoy exactly this kind of thrill, the very same kind of man who would derive a similar sort of pleasure by prosecuting a man who he had planted evidence to frame?  If we cannot deny exactly what he did in the first instance, and we cannot, shouldn’t he arrive at the top of the suspect list in the second?

Interestingly, I received a comment for that post which included a link to a Youtube video of Ken Kratz doing an interview with comedian Jena Friedman.  Just before the seven minute mark, Jena asks Kratz:

What do you say to the conspiracy theorists out there who think, maybe, you did it.

When asked this, Kratz actually loses his composure.  He can’t stop smiling, and at one point Jena Friedman observes, “You’re blushing!”, and he was blushing as it’s plain to see.

What we are witnessing in the clip is something called Duper’s Delight, and I wrote about it a year ago when I noticed that Ryan Hillegas did the same thing on the stand when being asked about how he was able to obtain Teresa Halbach’s phone records.

Here are also several screenshots that freeze his reaction for better inspection: