Ken Kratz Calls Police, and I Get The Best Directions I’ve Ever Gotten

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After Ken Kratz asked me to leave the building where his law firm is located (1507 Tower Ave #414, Superior, WI 54880 and despite what Google shows, he’s still there), I left.  But as I was getting into my car, parked in a nearby lot, it occurred to me that I should probably snap a few pictures of the front of the building.  As I turned the corner, there were three cop cars with their lights flashing.  I knew they had to be there for me, but I took a few pictures anyway, and walked back to my vehicle and drove off.

No sooner had I gotten a few blocks down the road that I thought I should really capture a little more footage of the cop cars, so I flipped around and drove back toward the scene.  As I approached, I saw Ken Kratz being escorted out of the building by a couple of officers!!  What luck!!

As you’ll see in the video, I make another U-turn, hop out of my vehicle, and begin asking Kratz why he’s so happy to talk to big media, but when a harmless guy off the street shows up he clams up.  You’ll see in the video that Kratz gets into the car that I was taking pictures of earlier.  The reason I knew before that it was his car is because his suite is #414, and his parking spot had a sign above it reserved for #414.  But instead of assuming that things are as they appear, it didn’t hurt to see Ken Kratz get into that car to provide me with positive confirmation.



  • I admire your work, and determination. Don’t let the vultures bring you down with their negative comments. Keep turning rocks over, eventually you’re going to find something.
    Please keep trying!

  • Duluth is Awesome!!!

  • The more we see how the police and sheriff’s have treated you in Wisconsin (you are an x con with a few run ins with them as of last five weeks) it creates a little more doubt that they were devious enough to set up Steve Avery. I may be completely wrong because cops are known to ruin good cases by adding to the evidence and tainting crime scenes even when the suspect is guilty. Ryan knew where her car was hidden. That is very hard to get over. He should have let them look for days.

    • True to a point.
      1 – Daniel is being very polite, following instructions, not putting up a fuss. Very calm in the videos. Police had to be cautious re Kratz. He’s had direct threats. He must be shitting himself. So the call to police was understandable from his perspective. There are real nut cases.

      2 – That wasn’t Manitowoc I don’t think. You can be sure that many police in Wisc are going to be on best behaviour as this story grows. Also, the original problems were with a specific bunch in the sheriff’s department of Manitowoc, not the police department or state police. It is my understanding that sheriffs (county) are less trained than actual police departments. Colborn came to the force via corrections (jail). He comes across as not that much brighter than Brendan on the stand.

      3 – I’m not sure I would even paint Calumet County with the same brush as Manitowoc Sheriffs. What Weigart did was considered correct procedure, even though looking back on what they did to Brendan was disgusting. Fassbender was I think state criminal investigation. His comment to Culhane – “put her in his garage or bedroom” was unethical and he should be sanctioned for it, even today.

      4 – when Steve and Brendan get out, the $34Mil is going to look like chicken feed. And this time, those named in the lawsuit will be HUGE.

  • Hilarious, love it.

  • BIG question — did you actually go to Duluth or Canada to have Starbucks? LOL Hilarious.
    And right, Kratz was going to court in his plaid jacket. Sure he was.