Ken Kratz Made Many Mistakes Planting Key

The Planted Key

Following up on the last three posts, from the last week, today I wanted to to go into greater detail about the planted key so that there might be no mistake that it was planted.  If you need to catch on what I’ve written recently in terms of who planted, how it was planted, and so forth, I’ve provided links below to recent content:

 The color, material, and stitching do not match


Tool marks are fresh and Key is shiny(as if recently made)


evidence key found in Steven Avery's bedroom

The tooling marks on the key found in AVery’s bedroom make it clear that this is a new key

The grooves do not line up—the top of they key found in Steve Avery’s trailer is straight

They keys in the photo don’t match

The key found in the trailer is a spare key

What the original keys to a 1999 Toyota RAV4 look like

Other oddities

  • A young woman wouldn’t dorkily go around with with a single spare key attached to a lanyard with Air National Guard letting in big white lettering
  • Teresa Halbach’s other keys were never found including her house key, and the key to the photography studio she worked out of in Green Bay.  If these keys were disposed of by the killer, why weren’t the car keys on the same keychain?  
  • Only one person’s DNA was found on the key
  • The key was found on the 8th, long after the trailer had been thoroughly searched by successive teams of investigators