Ken Kratz

You never no when someone is going to have a change of heart and admit to the world some wrong the’ve done that others are paying the price for.  That odds are against it, but you never know until you try, right?  Certainly no harm in asking, and I’m quite sure that if Kratz decided to reconsider his iron-clad conviction of Avery’s guilt, he could be influential in setting these wrongfully convicted men free.  So, recently, I wrote the following email to Ken Kratz:


The truth is going to come out.  You’re name is always going to be mud.  As I mentioned from the beginning, the smartest thing you could have done was to admit that you were wrong.  It’s still not too late.
When the truth comes out about what really happened, your name is going to go down in history as one associated with one of the worst kinds of people ever.  That doesn’t bother you?  You REALLY think Brendan Dassey murdered Teresa?  You REALLY REALLY REALLY think that?
You don’t, Ken.  You’re way too smart.  No one one believes this.  NO ONE.  Do the right thing for once in your life.
Kind regards,
Daniel Luke
I honestly didn’t think I’d get a response, especially after I traveled to his law office in Superior Wisconsin to see if I could get an interview with Kratz and he hid from me, and then called the cops.  But I guess Mr. Kratz is not one to taking things lying down, so he fired off this very threatening email that I received the next day:
The police have already told you not to do that.  Continuing to contact me will be considered electronic harassment, and you will be prosecuted.  This is your last warning.
Ken Kratz
I watch the video of my interaction with police, at no time do they tell me never to contact Ken Kratz.  All they say is don’t harass him.  Until this last letter from Kratz, at no time has he even asked me not to contact him, even though he makes it seem like quite the opposite.  Maybe he has me confused with someone named Daniel Leudtke (which isn’t even close to the spelling of my last name at all).  Who knows.
Truth be told, I didn’t really appreciate Kratz’s style, so, despite his threatening warnings, I wasn’t going to let him get the last word.  So back at ya Kratz:
1. You’re a public figure now, and it is you who has seized every opportunity to stand in the public light.  You go on Television shows, you write books, you talk to the media, etc.  Your email and phone number are public.
2. I highly doubt that anyone in the legal business is going to want to have anything to do with you after you railroaded Brendan Dassey and Steven Avery.  If I’m sent to jail by others who ply the same dark trade that you once did, I would welcome the opportunity.  So please, go ahead and try to have me prosecuted motherfucker.
3 Politely asking you to do the right thing to free the innocent men you helped convict does not constitute electronic harassment, or any other kind of harassment, for that matter.
4. I have no idea who Daniel Leudtke is.
5. Expect me to show up in front of your law office in Superior, Minnesota protesting the wicked, wicked things you’ve wrought.  Expect me to find out from your colleagues everything about your character.  Expect me to find other people you’ve fucked over in life who are eager to tell the tale of your depravity and perfidy.
Try to do a man a favor…geez.
What poor Kratz doesn’t understand is that I want him to prosecute me.  If you’re reading this Kratz, please, please, please, have me prosecuted for pleading with you for the life of two innocent men.  What higher badge of honor could a criminal possibly have?


  • If you did a records check in Superior, I’d bet dollars to dimes that the Leudtke name is a former client and most likely came up as the result of autocorrect.

    Piss poor attention to detail on scumbags response.

    Despite the typo on your name, you have now been officially told to not contact in no uncertain terms.

  • superior is in wisconsin

  • Have you heard the interview of Kratz by, I think a local USA Today correspondent? it’s something else,,(after sexting/sexually harassing victims). I bring it up because I think you could break him Daniel, he can’t control his ego and flips out when he can’t control the dialogue. Repeatedly he questioned, brow beat this reporter. I’m going to have another listen, figure out his triggers

    • Yeah, I’d heard it a long time ago before I knew much about Kratz. Listening to it now for the first time in several months, Like Ryan Foley, the reporter who took the interview, I find it difficult not to laugh because you can clearly tell Kratz is on the ropes, and it’s hard not to enjoy that. What you can take away from this is that Kratz, for all his smarts, seems to have a knack for making stupid choices in how he handles the fallout from his own actions. When someone has you that by the balls, the only smart thing to do is come clean. He should have told Foley that he was very sorry for what he’d done, that he regrets it, etc. He doesn’t learn. By now, AT THE VERY LEAST he should have said about Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey, “Hey, I still think Avery did it, but since I’m a reasonable person, I’ve had a few doubts. We should do everything within our power to make sure we got the right guys…even though I did my job to the best of my ability, I also know no one is perfect.” I could respect that. Even if he secretly didn’t mean a word, it would still redound to his credit for at least knowing the right gesture to make. As it is, he’s gone on a world media tour trying to convince the world that he got it right, and that HE was framed (in a manner of speaking). Contrast this with Dean Strang and Jerry Buting or even the filmmakers themselves. They’re not going around saying that Avery is innocent, and they have ZERO doubt. In fact just the opposite. Strang has said he does have doubts about Avery’s innocence. Every time I watch that guy, I see a lesson for how I should be in my affairs with people. He just seems so profoundly decent in the way he behaves which is but one reason, I think, the world has fallen in love with him. Kratz could learn a thing or two from Strang.

  • an honorable cause to free innocent men just finished work have not figured out how to see the show glad you are making a positive difference in the world have the 2 already been convicted? What about petitioning our polititians to end world hunger? take it easy wish we could play some chess or cards