Ken Kratz’s Excluded Evidence Is Total Garbage Part I

Visual Aide To Help Readers Understand The Worth of Ken Kratz's Evidence

Here are the first five items, quoting Ken Kratz himself verbatim in an email he sent to me on January 4th, 2016, that I’m going to address.  I’ll be sending this response to Mr. Kratz inbox, and will post his response if it is ever forthcoming:

  • Avery’s past incident with a cat was not “goofing around”.  He soaked his cat in gasoline or oil, and put it on a fire to watch it suffer.
    • The first question is whether this evidence was even allowed in court.  If it wasn’t, then it could hardly be labeled “excluded” evidence.
    • Clearly something between Avery and a cat took place perhaps thirty years before his conviction for murder, but do we really know for sure what happened?  Knowing of Mr. Kratz’s well documented tendency to distort and exaggerate, she his word on this be the final word?
    • Lastly, it was included in the documentary.  Is Kratz intentionally misleading the public, or he is just wrong Even if Steven Avery did drench the cat in gasoline and throw it over/into a fire (and we’re not lear which at this point) what we want to look for is a pattern of behavior.  What other incidence of animal cruelty is Steven Avery known for?
  • Avery targeted Teresa.  On October 31st at 8:12 am he called AutoTrader magazine and asked them to send “that same girl who was here last time.”  On October 10th, Teresa had been to the Avery property when Steve answered the door just wearing a towel.  She said she would not go back because she was scared of him (obviously).  Avery used a fake name and fake # (his sister’s) giving those to the AutoTrader receptionist, to trick Teresa into coming.
    • Mr. Kratz lets hearsay stand in as evidence.  What he is saying is that Teresa Halbach told someone that Steven Avery opened the door wearing just a towel, as if this means ANYTHING at all, even if it were true.
    • Let’s think about this for a moment and break it down a little.  Do we know whether Steven Avery’s hair was wet?  That would indicate that he’d just gotten out of the shower to answer the door.  Did he invite Teresa in at that point, or did he tell her to wait a second because he’d just gotten out of the shower?  Had he ever made sexual advances toward Teresa, and if he had, wouldn’t Teresa have reported that?  Did he ever make untoward comments to Teresa, and if he had, wouldn’t Teresa have reported that?
    • Is it possible that Steven Avery was doing laundry at the time and didn’t have anything else to where before his clothes were done?
    • Was Teresa early for her appointment that day, catching Avery off guard maybe?
    • She would not back?  But she did go back.  Not only did she go back, according to the court testimony of Bobby Dassey she followed Avery toward the trailer.  How many women reading this blog would follow a man who creeped them out to the degree Ken Kratz would love you to believe into a trailer, let alone enter it?
    • According to Kratz, Teresa Halbach was sent to the Avery property at least five times by Auto Trader.  How many other photographers from auto trader had been out there during this period?  Was it common for Auto Trader to get requests from other customers to have the same person, whether it was Teresa Halbach or another photographer, to send the same person as before?
    • Is it possible that Steven Avery had been disappointed by the work of another photographer, and Teresa, and aspiring photographer, did better work?
    • Is it possible that Steven Avery is just like almost every other red-blooded American heterosexual man, and preferred an attractive woman over someone else?  Isn’t this way pharmaceutical reps, bank tellers, bar tenders, and on and on are predominantly attractive young women?  Shouldn’t that mean that all men who preferentially patronize such establishments because men are visual and nature has made it so that we like to look at pulchritudinous women deserve to have a cloud of suspicion hanging over their heads too?  And given what we know of Mr. Kratz’s own rather lascivious past, is he really in a position to be pointing fingers here?  And given what we know about Mr. Kratz’s own history as what could only be described as a modern day Svengali, is it too much to suggest he might have been projecting here? 
    • Avery used a fake name, and a fake number?  Kratz, what audacity you have to accuse Steven Avery of “targeting” someone, when it is you who has a verifiable history of such targeting.  I think Kratz reveals the inner workings of his own mind in the very accusations he makes toward others.  The name wasn’t “fake”, it was the name of his sister.  The number wasn’t fake either given that it was his sister’s number.  He could have a lot of reasons for doing this–he was in the shower, he was busy, he was out of range, he was running loud equipment, he was taking a nap, he hadn’t paid his phone bill.  For Kratz’s theory to make any sense whatsoever, it is not enough to believe that Teresa was wary of Steven Avery, it is also necessary to believe that Steven Avery knew she was wary of him.  But how would he have known that unless Teresa or someone at Auto Trader informed him of this?
    • We obviously do know that whatever Teresa’s apprehensions might have been they were not convincing enough for the people at Auto Trader to withhold her from the assignment, and they were not strong enough for her to insist, in the absence of such withholding, on not going.
  • Teresa’s phone, camera and PDA were found 20 ft from Avery’s door, burned in his barrel.  Why did the documentary not tell the viewers the contents of her purse were in his burn barrel, just north of the front door of his trailer?
    • Why would someone trying to conceal a murder make such an obvious error?
    • Is this so-called excluded evidence somehow more incriminating that cremains of Teresa Halbach being found in the backyard?  That was included, wasn’t it?  Or, what about Teresa’s phone number and Auto Trader magazine that you wanted people to think suggested she had, in fact, been in the trailer even though it was well established that Teresa hadn’t been in the trailer.  The documentary didn’t exclude that did it?  It didn’t exclude the car with Avery’s blood inside did it?
    • Every criminal investigator knows that finding something somewhere doesn’t mean that it wasn’t moved from somewhere else.  People are murdered at one place all the time, and then moved off scene.  Often their possessions are moved from the scene as well and placed elsewhere. 
  • While in prison, Avery told another inmate of his intent to build a “torture chamber” so he could rape, torture and kill young women when he was released.  He even drew a diagram.  Another  inmate was told by Avery that the way to get rid of a body is to “burn it”…heat destroys DNA.
    • Given what we know about some of your predatory behavior, Mr. Kratz, I think it might be fair, at this point, to ask whether this might have been your imagination running wild again.
    • Where are the sketches?  If there are extant sketches, why did you exclude your own evidence?  Shame on you!  So unbalanced!
    • You seem to be very careful not to mention when you heard this information.  That is telling in so many ways.  If you interviewed these inmates before you developed your own theory, one may wonder if your theory was concocted to fit these lurid tales.  Or did the inmates offer their stories after you made your sensational announcement on local news describing the grisly details, as you interpreted them, of the murder of Teresa Halbach?
    • When did the inmates who were interviewed claim that Steven Avery talked about this torture chamber?  Was the week before he was released, or was it the third year into his eighteen year sentence of wrongful and unjust imprisonment?
    • Were there any inmates who denied every hearing such talk?
    • Were the inmates who offered their stories offered any special consideration?
    • How was it ascertained that the testimony of the inmates could be trusted?  Were any in prison for crimes of moral turpitude?  
    • IF there were inmates who spoke up in Steven’s behalf, did you exclude their stories?
  • The victim’s bones in the firepit were “intertwined” with the steel belts, left over from the car tires Avery threw on the fire to burn, as described by Dassey.  That WAS where her bones were burned!  Suggesting that some human bones found elsewhere (never identified as Teresa’s) were from this murder was NEVER established.
    • I went over the “intertwining” of Teresa Halbach’s bones with the steel belts left over from the burning of tires yesterday.  The picture I posted features the firepit, and the steel belts, but we can see no intertwining of bones within them.  Do you have other pictures which support this claim?  Or do you want us to simply take your word for it?
    • Suggesting that some human bones were found elsewhere?  Well, wasn’t it a fact, and not merely a suggestion?  You state as much in your very own point if it’s true that the “suggested” bones were found elsewhere!  Patterns, Mr. Kratz.  It’s all about patterns.  Your patterns of distortion and exaggeration.  You conveniently omit where these mystery bones were found, and that’s actually an important detail.  Where were they found?  Was it from more than one location?  Could it be determined how long ago the person died?  Were there other people who had gone missing out at the Avery property?  Are you trying to suggest that Avery might have killed more than just one person?  So you are saying it is of no significance at all that bones were found elsewhere on the Avery property, but we shouldn’t worry about that too much because the bones could not be identified as Teresa’s.  It is far more relevant, I would submit, that burned bones were found on the property at a location other than the firepit immediately behind the trailer than it is that it could not be established that the bones belonged to Teresa.
    • Your own expert never said anything to indicate that the intertwining of the bones meant that the body must have been burned in the firepit behind Steven Avery’s trailer.  Are you suggesting that she had said this, but it was excluded from Making A Murderer?  If that’s the case, why aren’t you quoting her?  On the other hand, if she never said any such thing, are you playing the role of a forensic specialist without the proper qualifications?  Would this make you guilty of fraud?  Please, Mr. Kratz, tell us who told you the significance of the bones being “intertwined” with the steel wires that we can see from at least one picture weren’t intertwined at all.
    •  Let’s conduct a simple thought experiment.  What would happen if you dumped a bunch of tiny bone fragments over some wire jumbled up like tumbleweed.  It’s very difficult for me to imagine how they wouldn’t end up becoming intertwined with the wire they were dumped on.  Of course I’ll defer to you on this one, Mr. Kratz, because I’ve never been a “special” prosecutor.

Firepit with wire in it

Remnants of a burned tire



  • Wow…great reporting! I like this guy. Every story in the news with Ken Kratz interviews, clearly show a one sidedness in Kratz favor. Why aren’t they asking the obvious questions? Geez, we see only what the media wants us to see. Truth? Truth is, they can’t handle the truth.

    • Bridget Moriarty

      Loved the answers to Ktatz. Also Teresa was the only photographer for the Auto Trader, and concerning the towel incident, Avery had just got out of the pool and he had a bathing suit on and a towel wrapped around and when he answered the door. NO BIG DEAL.
      Teresa was not scare of Steven

    Making A Murderer London Podcast #makingamurderer

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    Gigi Hadid Has Tweeted Some Serious Opinions About ‘Making A Murderer’

    Hadid took to Twitter on Sunday night to vent her disbelief and confusion over the trials while pointing out what she describes as the “obvious” corruption in the Manitowoc police department.

    Hadid wrote, “I don’t understand how the jury had no doubt beyond reason that all this evidence added up and/or didn’t contradict each other.”

    Before continuing, “What’s hardest for me is seeing a 16 year old kid, now in his mid 20’s who clearly doesn’t have the tools to deal with this situation.”


    When you throw in probably one of the most questionable prosecutors of the century with a captivating murder mystery, suddenly you have the viral sensation that is Making a Murderer.

    Authorities in the system are threatened by a story such as Making a Murderer; they are personally threatened, perhaps even offended, but are also endangered and must fight to restore our faith in their system, which has been undermined of late. There is also a deep, more primitive, fear of a Lord of the Flies-like spiral into chaos and anarchism if the criminal justice system pillar were to weaken

    • Yes. Injustice and corruption ..on this level is destabilizing. You can only be nauseated so long before you throw up, or overthrow, as the case may be.


        Citizens for Responsible Government Advocates, Inc., Its offices are located in Milwaukee County.

        Only this Court’s resolution of that question will pro-vide the clarity necessary for policy-advocacy organizations and candi-dates to exercise their First Amendment rights free from the chill im-posed by legal uncertainty and the risk of criminal investigation and prosecution.CRG is a social-welfare organization recognized as a non-profit entity under 26 U.S.C. § 501(c)(4). CRG was founded in 2006 to advo-cate for fiscally responsible policy and legislation on a local and
        5Statement of Facts

        CRG has a long history of engaging in issue advocacy to em-power Wisconsin citizens and hold state and local government ac-countable to the public. CRG’s communications to its supporters and the general public focus on issues of current public importance and do
        statewide basis and to empower citizens to become engaged in manag-ing government.

    How ‘Law & Order’ Tainted American Justice

    American culture has become saturated with examples of injustice by the law. One long-running show may be part of the reason.

    The cameras capturing today’s stories aren’t on soundstage sets, but on the streets, in courtrooms, on dashboards and witnesses’ phones. And L&O’s tick-tock, clue-by-clue crime-solving in 45 tidy minutes has been supplanted by a huge messiness: unprosecuted killings BY police officers, criminals who get away with it due to bad police work—and innocents spending years in jail for crimes they didn’t commit.

    Chris Hedges: If You’re Poor, Justice in America Doesn’t Look the Same
    Being poor has become a crime. And this makes mass incarceration the most pressing civil rights issue of our era of Civil Liberties
    Chris Hedges: If You’re Poor, Justice in America Doesn’t Look the Same
    Being poor has become a crime. And this makes mass incarceration the most pressing civil rights issue of our era.

    By Chris Hedges / Truthdig

    January 23, 2016

    A jail cell, dark with sunlight on the floor. Secure prison.
    Photo Credit: TerryM

    If you are poor, you will almost never go to trial—instead you will be forced to accept a plea deal offered by government prosecutors. If you are poor, the word of the police, who are not averse to fabricating or tampering with evidence, manipulating witnesses and planting guns or drugs, will be accepted in a courtroom as if it was the word of God. If you are poor, and especially if you are of color, almost anyone who can verify your innocence will have a police record of some kind and thereby will be invalidated as a witness. If you are poor, you will be railroaded in an assembly-line production, from a town or city where there are no jobs, through the police stations, county jails and courts directly into prison.


    Peter Jackson binge-watched Netflix’s Making a Murderer – here’s what he thought
    “It’s only by watching the 10 hours of riveting documentary that you will really understand how faulty the US justice system currently is, and how badly it needs fixing,” wrote the filmmaker.

    “Before our West Memphis 3 experience, I found the concept of ‘false confessions’ a little hard to believe. Most confessions are obviously not false – and why on earth would anybody implicate themselves in a murder they had nothing to do with?”

    A travesty of justice revealed on camera

    January 25, 2016

    Steven Avery, subject of the Netflix show Making a Murderer
    Steven Avery, subject of the Netflix show Making a Murderer

    THE NETFLIX documentary series Making a Murderer, directed by Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos, tears the mask off the criminal justice system and reveals, in clear-cut, heart-wrenching detail, the depths of its inhumanity.

    The show is about the case of Steven Avery, a Wisconsin man serving life in prison for a murder he maintains he never committed. In a matter of weeks, it has become one of the most widely watched series on Netflix–and ignited a firestorm of political debate about the criminal justice system. A petition calling on Gov. Scott Walker and President Obama to pardon Avery had received nearly 500,000 signatures by the start of this week, and that number continues to climb daily.

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    Breakthrough: the phone is a work phone and TH used CFNA to forward her calls to her personal phone. self.MakingaMurderer

    submitted 9 hours ago by Amberlea1879
    Per testimony of Angela Schuster (autotrader) TH was provided a phone. Additionally she stated the call center was Florida. Her cell bill has “west palm beach” on it. She only worked for auto trader on “Mondays”, [she likely didn’t feel comfortable using her auto trader phone 6 days of the week]. She had only worked Their 12 months. She used CFNA to [forward her calls to her personal calls] after she finished her auto trader duties
    [–]SkippTopp 21 points 8 hours ago*

    Starting on page 37:

    It seems she was saying there was a telemarketing group or company based on Florida, and they would make cold calls to people who had already placed ads in other newspapers and magazines; they would try to get them to also place an ad with Auto Trader. So the telemarketers were generating new leads, and they would pass them along to Auto Trader, who would then arrange for their photographers to go out and take the pictures.

    I don’t see anything in here suggesting that Halbach was given a second phone. The idea that (you can tell it’s a second phone because her phone bill says West Palm Beach) seems a bit of a stretch. The telemarketing group was based in Florida, but Teresa didn’t work for the telemarketing group; so even assuming she was given a work phone, why would it come from Florida anyway?

    Again, I may be wrong, but I’m just not seeing it.

    [–]-SPIRITUAL-GANGSTER- 13 points 8 hours ago

    Furthermore, there is no way the defense would be [unaware of a second cell phone]. I can’t see any possible way that such a crucial piece of information [would not surface] in the documentary, given the amount of time spent on her phone records and the deleted voice mail.

    Yeah, if she had two phones and Strang and Buting didn’t know, then they would hardly be the super lawyers everyone believes them to be

  • public comment from WI newspaper:

    Somebody call Sheriff Hermann a WAAAAAmbulance! My God! The horrors you and your cronies have caused upon this family, and others. How DARE YOU to blame a DOCUMENTARY for ALL YOUR CORRUPTION?
    YOU and YOUR FRIENDS were ALL seen in ‪#‎MakingAMurderer‬ using your OWN voices, what DID WE MISS????
    Anyone that knows how small communities like ‪#‎ManitowocCounty‬ work would say the portrayal is accurate. Only thing missing is the drinking, golfing, snowmobiling, atv’ing and other activities the good ol boys up there eh get around to.
    Those that don’t know can watch re-runs of the Dukes of Hazzard and compare you and Colborn to Boss Hogg and Roscoe P. Coltrane persectively. ‪#‎SPOT‬ ‪#‎ON‬
    The judge ordered you to not talk about the case during the trial. Do yourselves a favor and do the same now. You’re not helpling your point of view to the rest of the world that isn’t [living in the bubble of your county], where everyone is related and/ sleeping together.

  • “That means that even if you sell one cookie at a farmeIn Wisconsin, you can go to jail for selling homemade muffins

    MADISON, Wis. – Sell a cookie, go to jail. As preposterous as it may sound, in Wisconcan jail and facers market, to your neighbor, somewhere in your community, you can go to jail for up to six months or even be fined up to $1,000. That’s not only unfair, it’s unconstitutional.”

  • Wisconsin Government Corruption
    is on Facebook.


    LessGovernment76 • 3 hours ago

    They always demonize AVERY using his teenage years OF STEALIN A SIX PACK OF BEER and say nothing about his conduct in prison. Since he has spent 28 years in prison it would be more telling to discuss his conduct while in prison. I would wager he hasn’t been an issue in prison and that is why it is never mentioned. The guy spent 18 years already proven to be false imprisonment. The investigators that stacked evidence on him that time did it to him again to save their careers and let the real murderer or murderers go free.


    T_Cantu • 5 hours ago
    This cat story is out of hand IT WAS 31 YEARS AGO. Another person actually doused the cat and apparently Steven threw it over the fire…he never actually said that was intentional.

    Point is, he was 18 and plead guilty, apologized and did his time. A good friend of mine that I grew up with was from a good family, had good grades and ended up a very good medical doctor. When he was 17, he buried a cat in the ground with just its head sticking out and ran over it with a lawn mower. Maybe we should take away his long term practice that has helped many people and put him away for life

    New information in Steven Avery case gains attention
    Exclusive interview with Steven Avery attorney Kathleen Zellner

    PUBLIC COMMENTS: Join the discussion…jane doe • 13 hours ago

    Ken Kratz should be on the national sex offender registry, not on the cover of Time magazine, I hope those poor female victims of ken take him to court for stalking, harassing and attacking them, using his power to put fear in those who went to him to get away from abusive men. the state needs to put a stop to kens rein of power, its making the whole state and law enforcement look bad to the rest of us. Ken is a raping sadist and no one in the judicial system is doing one single thing about it. It does not end here, it does not end with Ken on a pedestal, the $%t will hit the fan for ken, i can feel it, he is not the face of what is good and just and he will not get away with this act of his. what goes around comes around, and if you are in the media with giant claims of righteousness but are anything but that, your fall from grace will be seen by us all, you can take that to the bank ken, you narcissistic sex crazed rapist.

    Walter Croncat • a day ago
    If Avery is not guilty, looks like one of his family members is, so the state got it mostly right.

    jane doe > Walter Croncat • 13 hours ago
    silly wally,
    its not someone from his family, its the sheriff that planted the evidence, and even if what you say were true, does that mean the wrong person AGAIN should be in jail just because he is related to a murderer? that makes no sense. we would all be in jail if that was the case. you should be in jail for being a man with a cat for his profile picture, you weirdo, meow!

    NoShrinkingViolet > Walter Croncat • 14 hours ago
    How do you know that? Making the leap of deductive reasoning (and I’m using sarcasm here) is astounding. Please, share with us how to came to this conclusion and what factual information you based it on,

  • •VIDEO: Sept. 11, 2004 – Steven Avery 1 year after his freedom
    •VIDEO: Nov. 3, 2005 – Teresa Halbach is missing
    •VIDEO: Nov. 4, 2005 – Avery appointment was Halbach’s last stop
    •VIDEO: Nov. 4, 2005 – Interviews with the Halbach family, Steven Avery
    •VIDEO: Nov. 5, 2005 – Teresa Halbach’s car found on Avery property
    Hermann has been with the department since the 80s and witnessed the Avery and Dassey convictions. The Deputy-turned-Sheriff says viewers need to see the full case, [complete with the evidence] that convicted Avery of murder in 2007.

    Wrongly-convicted man freed after 23 years
    Ricky Jackson freed from prison after 39 years for wrongful murder conviction
    Michael Hanline Released After 36 Years Wrongful Imprisonment
    Top 10 Longest Prison Sentences Served By Innocent
    They were all sad. To know that this happened, and is still happening is horrible. However, #1 was just disgusting. 42 yrs ?!?!.28 Life sentences ?!?!wait wait wait… 28 LIFE sentences? you can live 28 times?

    Fans of “Making a Murderer” call for convicted killer’s pardon
    Over a quarter of a million people have signed a petition [in one month] to review the case of Steven Avery, the subject of the Netflix documentary “Making a Murderer,” which highlights potential flaws in his murder conviction. CBSN’s Vladimir Duthiers reports.

  •, However I have no idea if they are investigating Monitowoc County, or talking to Gov. Walker that could care less about anyone, broke the Unions, he is backed by the Koch brothers. I couldn’t make heads or tails out of this webpage. If you find anything definite please let us know.

    Thank you..

  • Steven Avery talks about the investigation, | NBC26: The Avery Archives |
    Steven Avery cries when he thinks about how the investigation into Teresa Halbach’s disappearance has hurt his family.Delores Avery cries in the interview .

  • “How The Police Killed Teresa Halbach” We all know [now] it has been proven by a forensic scientist from Canada that TH body that was charred down to the bones, and we know [now] as he stated the body had to been placed inside a Crematory, that takes only 4 hours to burn for bone fragments of [ONLY] a partial cremation; before the ashes . Manitowoc County OFFICIALS have access to all Crematory’s. Plus additional evidence that has been discovered by internet sleuths.

    “But this basically paints the real picture of “evidence left out” Ken Kratz is always whining the filmmakers left out 90% of the evidence “I would be asking questions to crematory officials” and it may not been done in that local area since it took 5 days to bury the bone fragments after. Ken Kratz there was no evidnce to convict anyone.

    And if not for these filmmakers TODAY Steven Avery & Brendan Dassey would still have no voice and FORGOTTEN. All criminal cases need to be filmed by outside filmmakers and see what the world thinks then. There was a case just like this in Indiana, where David Camm found the prosecutors, THEY KNEW EXACLY WHO COMMITED THESE MURDER & RAPE BUT WITHELD EVIDENCE and two different elected prosecutors were involved in his BOTH his criminal convictions, “he was exonerated on his third trial.” He now works for the innocence project.

  • Life as Steven Avery’s son
    So sad…

  • Convicted murderer’s mom takes the stand Brendan Dassey’s mother testified about a number of issues during the final day of her son’s hearing requesting a new trial Mark Weiger refused to allow Brendan’s mother in his interrogations stating she didn’t want to hear “GRUESOME DETAILS OF TH MURDER”? Now how would Mark KNOWN IN ADVANCE Brendan Dassey was going to give Gruesome details of ANY murder???? Because they were going to make sure they framed Dassey USING his limited learning disability in their defense. THIS WAS THIER WEAKEST LINK ALSO LYING TO DASSEY STATING AVERY HAD ALREADY ADMITTED TO THE MURDER NOW THEY WANTED BRENDANS SIDE OF HIS STORY. And why is the world in an outrage. I can see how terrified people are living in that Manitowoc County area just to speak about the case “its pitiful when you must live in constant fear” of the very same people, that are suppose to protect citizens, the taxpayers pay them to do.

  • Dassey in court, arguing for new trial Here is a video on some of Ken Kratz evidence that was left out he needs to speak about to the Media. What a pile of criminals in our OWN judicial system. OUR ONLY HOPE IS THAT WE [CONTINUE] TO STAND UNITED AND STOP THIS UNINTERRUPTED CORRPUTION…

  • Sherriff Ken Peterson Saying He Could Have Murdered Steven Avery
    What normal person would make this statement???
    We need to be looking at Ken Peterson. HE STATES HE KNOWS & ADMITS [HOW EASY IT IS TO KILL SOMEONE]…

    Judge Len Kachinsky about his candidacy for Winnebago County Circuit Court Judge in Branch This from a previous public defender who ignored his client’s constitutional right to a defense and actively worked [AGAINST & FRAMED] Brendan Dassey [HIS OWN CLIENT ] “to build a case for the prosecution [INSTEAD] against him”. They must promised Len Kachinsky a seat on the bench if he helped frame Brendan Dassey . Len Kachinsky should been disbarred immediately. THEN THE MEDIA ASKS WHY THE WORLD IS SO UPSET OVER “MAKING A MURDER” BECAUSE IT SHOWS PEOPLE LIKE Len Kachinsky RISE TO A HIGHER POSITION INSTEAD OF BEING DISBARRED IS WHAT HAPPENS THROUGH OUT AMERICA EVERY SINGLE DAY. We the HONEST taxpayers have to sit back with a bottle of Pepto Bismo daily to watch this. CORRUPTION LIKE THIS GOES ON DAILY IN EVERY STATE NOT JUST WISCONSIN “THAT IS WHY WERE [ENTIRE WORLD IS OUTRAGED]”.
    Len Kachinsky states that any person that pays off, but his eloquent words used are [SUPPORT] that Governor Doyle [FIRST] they should be placed into Judicial positions [BEFORE ANYONE ELSE THAT DOES NOT BRIBE HIM]. What about US the TAXPYERS paying THESE OFFICIALS SALARIES to represent the US citizens WE pay more UNITED in ONE LIFETIME than [ANY ONE CAMPAIGN DONOR DOES ANNUALLY]. Then they refuse to protect American Citizens or take a fraking phone call. This is not just about Steven Avery, Brendan Dassey, Teresa Hallbach (real murdered). THIS IS ALSO ABOUT OUR ENTIRE CORRUPT [TO THE CORE] POLITICAL SYSTEM. This churns my stomach….

    The Missing Lenk !!
    I’ll be sure to use your services :)

    Views of the News: ‘Making a Murderer’ proves to be a hit for Netflix Netflix’s “Making a Murderer” proves once again audiences crave true crime stories. Steven Avery spent 18 years in prison for a sexual assault he didn’t commit. Then, four years later, a jury convicted him and his teenage nephew of the murder of Teresa Halbach. The Netflix documentary, “Making a Murderer” is a 10-hour look at their case, their appeals, and questions the propriety of the convictions.

    There were jurors that had family members on the Manitowoc sheriff’s payroll. Isn’t that a conflict of interest?
    Providing client-centered, aggressive legal representation while maintaining the highest standards of professional integrity.

    Providing client-centered, aggressive legal representation while maintaining the highest standards of professional integrity in justice system
    Fox: Yodit Tewolde on Real Life Conviction from Netflix “Making a Murderer”

  • It is physically impossible for the scene in the garage to have actually taken place. You can’t pump 11 rounds, at close range, into an already eviscerated corpse without creating blood spatter and a gigantic pool of blood. Furthermore, you can’t then clean up only the corpse’s DNA with bleach without also cleaning up other dirt and grime and the DNA of the deer you had also butchered on the same spot.
    The fact that evidence was found to corroborate these claims is proof of evidence tampering

    They did use Luminol and although several stains in the garage were revealed with the Luminol, none of it tested positive for blood. This was addressed in Brendan Dassey’s trial on day 2 where Ken Kratz interviews a Luminol specialist starting on pg. 160. (Trial transcripts are available on Reddit.)

    Dean Strang Discredits Claims Of Missing Evidence In ‘Making A Murderer’
    Steve Avery’s trial lawyer Dean Strang discusses the reactions to “Making A Murderer” and his take on evidence not presented in the docuseries.

  • Retired Manitowoc County Sheriff Avery Is ‘Exactly Where He Belongs’

    Dr. Phil spoke with retired Manitowoc County Sheriff Kenneth Petersen about Steven Avery.
    Man MANITOWOC is expose to the world !!! Corruption and its the damn truth !!! Put a person behind bars 18yrs and still got no remorse and still say he doing his job !!

    Don’t make the tax payers pay your 36 million lawsuit it should come from all the cops prosecutors who was involve !! Don’t visit Manitowoc or this could happen to you !!

  • Steven Avery Where’s The Blood EVIDENCE…The evidence is in the blood vial.

    Drone Flight Over Steven Avery’s Property This is recent UAV aerial footage of the Avery Salvage Yard where Teresa Halbach was allegedly murdered. This video features key landmarks (including Steven Avery’s trailer / garage, Brendan Dassey’s house, and the quarry) and full coverage of the forty acre property.

    • Thanks for that.

      Note the distances — they are much farther than most people think. The car crusher is missing, but you can see the blank space where it used to be. The distance from it to where the RAV was parked is much too far for Sturm and the perjoring deputies who said they could be certain no one tampered w/ the RAV. Liars all.

      I don’t believe anyone did go in to the car then. The blood was already planted from when the cops moved the car to the yard. No need to go in after it was found. But Kratz had to make a big deal of it in trial with his continual pounding that the defence was saying the sheriff detectives killed her. No, they just framed Steve for it. But Kratz had to play that card hard over and over to distract the jury from what the detective and Colborn really did.

    Charlie Rose interviews Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos Making a Murderer creators

    Published on Jan 24, 2016

    Making a Murderer is an American web television series that first streamed on Netflix on December 18, 2015.[1] The ten-part documentary, written and directed by Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos, explores the story of Steven Avery, a Manitowoc County, Wisconsin man who served 18 years in prison for the sexual assault and attempted murder of Penny Beerntsen, and who was exonerated in 2003. In 2005 he was arrested and in 2007 convicted of the murder of Teresa Halbach, a local photographer.[2] The series also covers the arrest, prosecution, and conviction of his nephew Brendan Dassey, who was also charged in the murder.

    The series was filmed over the course of ten years, with the creators moving back and forth from New York City to Wisconsin during filming.[2] To promote the series, Netflix released the first episode concurrently on YouTube and on Netflix streaming, which it had not done for any other original programming

  • Ken Kratz (actor) Official Statement of Excluded Evidence…

  • DA Kratz Sexting Scandal The “Genie is Out of the Bottle” for now former DA Ken Kratz–He is stating he is worried about his reputation, career, 3rd marriage. Ken Kratz withheld this evidence, and refused to answer questions. He wanted his sexting his abused clients excluded as evidence. Not a happy camper in this video…Narcissists have only one fear “EXPOSURE TO THE FACTS OF THEIR CLOAKED EVIDENCE.”


    Prison State America: Inmates becoming corporate slaves in for-profit facilities

    For-profit prisons have created a “neo-slavery” in the US, according to award-winning journalist Chris Hedges. Inmates work eight hours per day for major corporations such as Chevron, Motorola, Nordstrom’s and Target, yet only have the possibility of making up to $1.25 an hour. In addition, companies that provide services like phone calls overcharge prisoners on even the most basic services, making hundreds of millions in profits annually. RT’s Ben Swann speaks to Hedges, who explains how this shadowy system came into existence.

    Detective Dave Remiker phone call

    Published on Jan 23, 2016

    “The boss has something he wants us to do…” portion of this call was played in the Making A Murderer documentary. This is the full call recording. The caller does not identify himself, but is calling Det. Dave Remiker. See for more.

  • Published on Jan 29, 2016

    ‘Dateline NBC’ to air Steven Avery special
    Dateline’s Andrea Canning joins TMJ4 in studio to talk about Friday night’s special.

  • Please Share…
    Criminal Justice- Full Session

    Just learned in this video the seats are sold out in Milwaukee to see Dean Strang & Jeremy Buting (sorry)

  • Please Share…

    Avery attorneys to appear at Milwaukee panel discussion

  • COPS Manitowoc Sheriff Episode | Making A Murderer Parody

  • What Kratz Left Out: Teresa’s Car Was Towed #makingamurderer Shaun Attwood

    What Kratz Left Out: No Other Suspects #makingamurderer Shaun Attwood

    Shaun Attwood ‏ Jan 23
    if enough of us keep chipping away at the #MakingAMurderer injustice of the whole foul structure will fall and Steven and Brendan will be free TRANSCRIPTS

  • 4: What Kratz Left Out: Zero Credible DNA #makingamurderer
    Shaun Attwood


    Making A Murderer: Super-villain Ken Kratz- Shaun Attwood


    Shaun Attwood “Prison Rights Activist” Video questions who has access to a crematory for high level of heat. Shaun states he doesn’t think anyone believes Ken Kratz “Alice In Wonderland Theory”.

  • Steven Avery at his release

    Even though Steven Avery had been exonerated of his false conviction for rape and attempted murder, he had a long history of run-ins with the law. When he was 18 years old, he had broken into the Northern Frontier Bar in Gibson, Wisconsin, and stolen “two cases of beer, two sandwiches, a toolbox, and $14 in quarters.” On March 23, 1981 he was convicted on two counts of burglary and sentenced to two years in prison. The sentence was stayed, and instead he was ordered to spend 10 months in the Manitowoc County jail, pay $1,399.85 in restitution, and placed on five-year’s probation.

  • Hacker group Anonymous is helping the ‘Making a Murderer’ convict and says it’ll release critical new documents

    SHARE THIS: Hacker group Anonymous ARE GOING TO RELEASE PHONE RECORDS Between James Lenk & Andrew Colborn On Nov 3rd 2005

    Anonymous’ alleged evidence list and phone records could shed some light on the officers’ conduct during the Halbach investigation and trial that sent Avery back to prison with a life sentence


    “After the trial, It was found out…[one juror] was the father of a Manitowoc County Sheriff’s deputy,” the dismissed juror, Richard Mahler, says. “Another juror, his wife works for the Manitowoc County Clerk’s Office.”

    Unfreakenbelivable!!!!!! Then Manitowoc County say they already lived this 10 years ago, and mad because the world is interrupting their Tourism. I don’t know who would go their to visit there with all this SEVERE corruption. Do something positive and we will visit Manitowoc County to visit BUT ITS DOUBTFUL…

    A woman from Australia wants Avery’s [complete file] that will cost her $6000.00, CNN, Nightline, Supporters, etc. So the Manitowoc WI clerk is up to their eyeballs making copies and “cant get their work done”.

  • ZellnerLaw has 14 people working on Steven Averys case non-stop. Accomplished more in 2 wks than any 1 in 8yrs. Soon every 1 will see ….WOW!!!


    WATCH!! Yelp Goes After The Prosecutor From ‘Making A Murderer’

  • All jurors have to go through a screening, and by having a relative in anything that has to do with authority, or jail, should of been disqualify automatically.

    The blood next to the ignition is sketchy at best. The blood pattern flows up and out away from 2 converging points. Last time I checked, gravity pulls things downwards. It’s not like it was smudged together, something the size of a q-tip was used to drag it. Not to mention, there is no such thing as sweat DNA, or fingerprints on the hood release “inside the car” and he would have to “drag his fingers along the inside of the hood before finding the latch”. What about the battery cables and battery. Whose fingerprints are on the battery and cables that were taken off, and where is the battery and the cables, TH couldn’t leave she was murdered in 5 different ways. Actually one way inside a creamatory. Did Kratz believe TH was going to drive away. The argument and evidence is just garbage Kratz states continually .

  • Ken Kratz refused to be interviewed for the documentary many times
    He also tried to prevent “Making a Murderer” from coming out and took it to court. The filmmakers had to “hire lawyers against Ken Kratz” and corrupt pathological liar, with a “Malignant Narcissistic Personality Disorder”.


    Ken Kratz also could exposed in the documentary that he has been “clinically diagnosed” as Narcissist, Prescription Drug Addict, Sexual Predator” that asks dates to the morgue to watch autopsies, “this is the only evidence I seen left out” on him. And he has had three failed marriages. Plus planting the evidence ”
    do you think Kratz is willing to tell that part? Kratz shouldn’t be ALLOWED to practice law with his “mental personality disorder” and all his previous cases should “legally be “thrown out and reheard”. Does he tell all his clients he has this disorder, if not he should, and is the last person I want representing me is a Narcissist. I find ALL this very suspicious / sick him asking dates to watch dead bodies cut open for autopsies. And a lawyer, at that VERY time THAT SHOULD BE IN JAIL FOR ALL OF THIS NOT INCLUDING IN THE AVERY CASE.
    Things like this happen “at the top of the food chain” Kratz will always remain under the bottom of the barrel.

    Persons with a “Narcissistic Personality Disorder” want to stay in the limelight UNDER ALL CIRCUMSTANCES no matter how many endless lies they tell, or how hated they are by the WORLD. Its the negative attention that is feeding his NPD he is getting even if its negative. Kratz he loves it this, and how twisted Narcissists minds are …. If Kratz now wants to prove he didn’t falsely imprison Mr. Avery a (2nd time) in addition with a “falsely made coconspirator” Mr. Dassey, now both falsey convicted for (10 years now). Mr. Dassey they all knew he was the weakest link in the chain of the Avery family with a proven limited learning disability. The world is waiting for this to happen in Averys next hearing.
    When Kratz and the whole (same identical) gang that falsely imprisoned Avery the first time, and these very same actors AGAIN did this TWICE, they would ALL go to prison “for what they convicted Avery & Dassey of doing” . If we stand united internationally for justice, not injustice…


  • Prosecutor Ken Kratz in Steven Avery case not happy with his portrayal. Narcissism at its BEST!!

    Facebook Salvage – A new Steven Avery Brendan Dassey Investigation.
    Supporters (ONLY) of Steven Avery Brendan Dassey. Supporters have set up numerous Facebook websites to support them both. This is GREAT!

    However, the Avery, and Dassey Family stated to “make certain” they are on “legitimate Facebook website before making ANY donations”. Or email Or contact their organization 920-482-7776 for information of their LEGITIMATE Facebook page. I was told it on Facebook called ” Justice for Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey” and you MUST click on “become of member” before being allowed to “go onto their website”.
    The Avery family states their are numerous Steven Avery & Brendan Dassey fraudulent Facebook websites. With PREDATORS COLLECTING MONEY FRAUDULENTLY & PREYING ON INNOCENT VICTIMS. Afterwards innocent victims found were defrauded. By the greed of others setting up Facebook pages for donations fraudulently and using Steven & Brendan’s names “for their victims to donate”. The Avery’s did not get this money, “it went to a predator.”

    Thank you


    “A lot of us think these guys need to be heard, and maybe there can be a change in the justice system, and maybe these guys deserve another new, fair chance,” said McGuiness that formed a protest also.

    “Manitowoc County Police officer states. There are a lot of people in Manitowoc County that think Steven Avery is right where he needs to be. We’ve planned for that, so if we do get anti-activists showing up we are prepared to deal with that,” said Zimney.

    • I will do what I can to be there too!!

      • Daniel since you moderate comments, and sometimes the approved comments come in larger batches, can you make the recent comments section larger?

        • I second this. Not sure if there is a way to feed a second page that is collected comments. I enjoy reading what others think. It’s turned into a mini-forum a la reddit.

      • Thank You Daniel for your Support I am in Midwest or “I would go too”…

        Can you please “listen to this video.” This guy was at the rape scene when the Penny Bernstein’s Rape occurred and he SAW and was chasing Gregory Allen at that moment. The police told him to leave the “area immediately” that “he was contaminating a crime scene”. AFTERWARDS the police harassed him at his bar, his bartender was harassed by Manitowoc County police, and then murdered and it was documented “she died with a heart attack”, then a business man in Manitowoc County afterwards asked him to join a gay “Satanic Sex Club”. I heard of this happening before “once your framed by the system you have no defense” you have the ENTIRE system against you, and you cant go against them. Dave contacted the FBI for an investigation, and he wrote to the Manitowoc County police with no reply. I wanted to see what you think.

        If anything can you forward this to Steven Avery’s former and new attorneys…Dave stated he has already forwarded it to several agencies. But something is wrong with this picture in Manitowoc County WI. its CLEAR THERE IS A HIGH LEVEL OF SEVERE CORRUPTION IN WI. AND ALL STATES. But its ongoing Nationwide, and Worldwide, and starts at the top that are in control and have the power…

        My point is I think they wanted this man “Dave to become framed” within the system. Then what is was he going to do?

        Making A Murderer – New Evidence? – Interview with Dave Begotka form Manitowac WI

        Thank you…

      • Daniel,

        I loved your letter to Mr. Ken Kratz. Did you share it with all social media sites? “If not you need to share it and its perfect!” I did laugh at your eloquent letter with your soooo truthful filled with cynicism lol… I think… from what “I been reading on the internet” that now attorneys, and the judicial system that NEVER EXPECTED ANY JUDICIAL CORRRUPTION TO BE EXPOSED are wanting to attack “Making A Murderer” and also distort the publics minds, to make them believe “this wouldn’t happen to them” in their law firm or courtrooms, police stations, or the entire judicial system, knowing it already has and they will be investigated THIS IS BIG OPPORTUNITY OF JUSTICE FOR ALL. We cant allow the judicial system to stop us from our only opportunity of possibly getting rid of the corruption in out legal system. Steven Avery is helping lots of people worldwide, as we are helping him and Brenden Dassey…This is our only chance to be heard hopefully…I would say our Justice system her in America is concerned over our outrage as they should be…

        I think a lot of people will, or have already come out, and are coming out of the closet, and are no longer in fear of posting their injustices on the social media, and to spread the word across the world, that they were falsely imprisoned, or attempted to be falsely institutionalized in either a prison or mental institution “when it comes to money” attorneys DA’s are paid off “anything goes and the law has no boundaries” they make their own laws . I am not falsely imprisoned “but attempted to be.” I THINK I have it covered and reported.

        My situation is Federal, and 7 attorneys (on both sides) framed me for their “committed Federal financial violations” that has “been reversed on me through “fraud induced legal documents.” Its high profile Federal financial crime…I been contacted by Dr. Phil but nothing has developed as of yet until it is resolved. I thought my situation was bad. Brother… Steven Avery & Brendan Dassey is the “worst of the worst”.

        If you would can you please contact Shaun Attwood on Facebook? He being a prison activist will spread Ken Kratz garbage on the other side of the world. And they can help keep things moving, to help everyone in the world, that is sick of our unjust justice system. Shaun Attwood shut an Arizona prison down. Shaun has a documentary on National Geographic on YouTube of what he went through the justice system, never wants the Media to expose. Shaun is all over this with Steven Avery and seems to be a really a cool guy…But if we can feed him information here in America, to keep the fire burning it would be GREAT!

        Thank you so much!

      • Daniel here is Shaun Attwoods Facebook link. And is own webpage link. He asks somewhere on his page “to share our webpage”. Thank you

      • Daniel the last link I sent to you “Making A Murderer” Defense Attorney Dean Stang On Criminal Justice- Full Session A INTERESTING VIDEO! Can you share it with everyone that you can. Thank You :)

        Dean Strang spoke to legislators of changing the laws that have not been reviewed of changed since “1976.” And public defenders are underfunded but they carry 90% of the criminal justice caseload.

        Several legislators invited the defense attorney in the case to come speak in Minnesota. Strang discusses the case, talks about the underfunding of public defenders, suggests legislators reduce penalties and that governors consider clemency more often. Ken Kratz wasn’t invited????? Laughing aloud…

  • Supporters of Steven Avery to protest

    The Manitowoc Police Department was not at all involved in the investigation of the murder cases involving Avery and Dassey, which fell under the jurisdiction of the Manitowoc County Sheriff’s Office. The incidents in the case occurred outside of the city of Manitowoc, therefore, the Manitowoc Police Department didn’t have jurisdiction, according to the department’s Facebook page.

    But since Friday’s protests are planned within the city limits, the department will be involved in the protest preparations.

    Avery and his nephew, Brendan Dassey, both from Manitowoc County, were convicted of the 2005 murder of Teresa Halbach.

    The recently released Netflix series featuring the murder case against Steven Avery has raised a number of questions in Northeastern Wisconsin.

    Action 2 News spoke to organizers of [three separate protest groups] on Tuesday, all planning to gather in Manitowoc on Friday at 10 a.m.

    Katie Stamoularas tells Action 2 News that she helped organize one of the protests.

    “We are here to send a message. We want the criminal justice system to be cleared up,” she said.

    Stamoularas co-organized a protest for the Facebook group Justice for Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey.

    Stamoularas, who lives in the Milwaukee area says hotel rooms are already sold out in Manitowoc County and people are flying in from Oregon to Florida for the event.

    Action 2 News reached out to several area hotels and was informed that rooms were in fact available.

    She also said county officials have been extremely cooperative and said a permit wasn’t necessary.

    Stamoularas estimates that between 30 to 100 people from her group will attend the protest, in addition to the other groups.

    Megan McGuiness who is organizing another protest at the exact same time and location, is part of the Facebook group The Steven Avery project.

    McGuiness tells Action 2 News that her group essentially wants the same thing as Stamoularas’ group.

    “Making a Murderer opened up our eyes. Whatever your opinion is of Steven Avery, he deserves a fair trial,” McGuiness said.

    McGuiness, who is based in Minnesota also said people from her group will be gathering from across the country. She estimates between 100-400 people will be in attendance Friday, in addition to Stamoularas’ group.

    A third group in support of the community is expected to also attend that protest.

    Pro-Manitowoc organizer Kim Geiser tells Action 2 News she started the Facebook page, We Love Manitowoc, to clear up misconceptions about Northeast Wisconsin.

    “I’ve noticed on social media a lot of negative things said about the county since the airing of the documentary. I think it gave people a strange idea of what Manitowoc County really is. Once people come here, they will see we’re just normal people who happened to live in the county where this (murder) happened,” Geiser said.

    Last month, the man who prosecuted the case against Avery and Dassey sat down for an exclusive interview with Action 2 News. [Ken Kratz] says he’s disappointed in the series, saying it’s [one-sided and not a documentary] at all.

    Kratz said the Facebook groups claiming that Avery didn’t get a fair trial [is the furthest thing from the truth].

    While Kratz refuses to re-try the case in the court of public opinion, he stands by the physical and circumstantial evidence presented at trial that secured the conviction of both Avery and Dassey. Evidence like the bullet found in Avery’s garage with Halbach’s DNA on it. The bullet was proven to have been fired from a gun Avery owned. Or, the testimony from an AutoTrader official who said Steven Avery requested the magazine send Halbach to photograph the van.

    Former Manitowoc County Sheriff Kenneth Petersen answered questions publicly for the first time since the Netflix documentary series “Making a Murderer” debuted last month. Petersen told Dr. Phil he believes Avery is where he belongs: in prison for the rest of his life.

    • It’s unfortunate in the extreme that Kratz keeps misrepresenting facts. The bullet fragment, i.e. the lead in the tip of the bullet, was NOT found to be from the rifle as far as I can tell. The casings on the floor can be proven to be from the .22 in Steve’s room. It can not be proven that:

      a. He fired the gun.
      b. The lead was from that gun because the lead is separate from the casings.
      c. That the lead was in that place for a specific period of time
      d. How a flattened piece of lead came from Teresa’s body in any way without having blood on it (I’m not clear on if blood presence was tested) and not penetrating her body. If it did penetrate, how did it get out and fly far away from the space in which the state claims she was shot?

      Kratz is NOT a scientist of any sort and makes shit up to suit his narrative. He’s not the brightest spark in the box.


    Dr. Drew breaks down the problematic evidence in Avery’s case

    Interesting theory about the hole in the vile and cut evidence tape. Is it possible then that the police who knew this used that to their advantage?

    1) “Just extract blood from the hole that’s already there. ” they might say.

    2) If the [police used scotch tape to re-seal the box,] that points to re-sealing the box without access to the [official tape] and was never initialed by anyone. Or suggests they didn’t have time to get the tape (I don’t know where the tape is stored in relation to the sealed items themselves).

    • I’ll go watch that one. I saw it on the Youtube list just now.

      Did anyone test the tape/box for fingerprints?
      It’s been said by the lab that if they need blood from a vial, they remove the top and take it out with a pipette.
      Has anyone checked if only one vial of blood was to have been in that box?

  • ‘Making A Murderer’ — Brendan Dassey’s 1st Public Defense Lawyer, Len Katzinky Getting reamed by TMZ …
    I Screwed Up Brendan Dassey’s Police Interview and his life.

    They say Len K. is now a judge…..WOW!! Next he’ll probably run for some political office. Len had just got 3rd in an election to become a circuit judge. He isn’t even an [ethical] public defense attorney and should be disbarred. But AFTERWARDS elected a Circuit judge in Manitowoc. R U KIDDING ME…

  • Second juror speaks out in Steven Avery case | NBC26: Avery Now | Steven Avery on Netflix and speaks of voters trading votes was involved PLUS one of the jurors was the son of a Manitowoc Sheriff…This juror went straight to filmmakers with this story of more judicial corruption ..

    Threatened Juror Recants Steven Avery’s Guilty Verdict #making a murderer


    Scott Walker REFUSES Pardon Steven Avery and has no interest in looking into his case…

    • I’m pretty sure this link has been proven as a bogus organization and that the state of Florida has opened a fraud investigation.

    How can I HELP ‘Steven Avery’ –

    MAKING A MURDERER An excellent brief but detailed explanation of Steven Avery’s case from day one from a supporter, with pictures of everyone, and evidence involved…For those that do not have Netflix or seen the documentary.

    Please Share This Video…

    Thank You…

  • When Avery’s blood sample from the RAV4 was tested by the FBI

  • Steven Avery’s prosecutor promised Steven Avery fame if the ‘Making a Murderer’ subject confessed for his tell-all book.

    Ken Kratz has already made Steven Avery & Brendan Dassey famous with “Making a Murderer” he doesn’t know this? Steven Avery doesn’t need this JA to make him famous he is in the spotlight as “I type this”. This book was for Kratz “own financial gain” and how “thoughtful and considerate of Ken” he’s such a doll, “sexting all Barbie’s” for dates to take to the morgue to watch autopsies. HE IS SEARCHING FOR HIS NEXT VICTIM REPEATEDLY . Narcissists ALWAYS have to have a VICTIM at all times “1000% seriously.” And how many times does it take to kill any one person, cut their throat, stabbed, shot, charbroiled, “this seems like an awful lot of work to me” with no DNA or BLOOD anywhere they cleaned it up? You can tell Kratz isn’t the sharpest tool in the box. he doesn’t realize the (first time) was enough to harm anyone. Kratz could never work for the Mafia… “Do we the viewing audience of the WORLD look like complete idiots to Kratz. This is how Narcissists think, they literally want your soul, “because they don’t have one or a conscience” ….


    ‘Making a Murderer’ juror on Steven Avery’s trial was a volunteer for Manitowoc County Sheriffs, “his son was a sergeant.” Carl Wardman ended up being a juror on Steven Avery’s trial.

    Manitowoc County Sheriffs corruption is endless. THEY HAVE NO SHAME WITH THIER CORRUPTION. Narcissism seems to be at its highest levels, so be on alert… No one in the entire world has seen this much Corruption with the Avery, Dassy case ALONE in one City. Remind me not to fly over Wisconsin, imagine the others FASLEY imprisoned in WI. Soon there will be a Class Action against WI.

    Gannett Wisconsin Media


    ‘Making a Murderer’ fans found a new piece of evidence that could change the whole case. Mr. Buting states internet fans of Steven Avery is assisting the attorneys in finding new additional evidence.

    In this video it is found that if a lawyer practicing law has a “mental personality illness” such as “Narcissism” that Mr. Kratz has been clinically diagnosed with, including his drug abuse addictions (all his cases should be thrown out and reheard). He is incapable of being a mentally competent DA attorney. Kratz uses in his defense this happened in “2010” when in fact “he was never caught until “2010” and was then disciplined” by the Supreme Court . Then removed as Coumet District Attorney by Governor Doyle “2010.” Narcissism is a TOXIC mental personality disorder your born with, and is Genetic. Mr. Kratz he has always had Narccissim and always will have, there is no medications for Narcissism and it only gets worse with age… They always have an excuse for everything (as we seen) in their minds they could never possibly be wrong at anytime in their life’s, its always the other person that is wrong. We hear Mr. Kratz justifies falsely time and time again “he is the ONLY victim” in the Steven Avery Case, in someway or another.

  • StopWhiningAlready – Feb 18, 2011 2:47 PM – Report Abuse



    Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Wisconsin one of the few states that allow attorneys to practice without actually taking the Bar Exam? All they need to do is attend law school in Wisconsin and they are automatically allowed to practice law so long as they pass an initial character and fitness review. Of course, this may have change over the years, but at some point there were a lot of attorneys practicing without having gone through the same rigors as their peers in other parts of the US. odd….

  • More than 135 practicing lawyers in Wisconsin have had criminal records. Not surprising after watching “Making A Murder”

  • “I looked at it very early on in the case – I won’t sit 10 hours for a Netflix film, but I will sit for four and a half hours for a police videotape recording – and I was convinced his overall demeanor and everything else in that recording was going to convince a jury he was guilty,” Kachinsky said on Monday.

  • ‘Making a Murderer’: Ken Kratz writing a book

    How are ALL the people that put 2 innocent men away through fraud allowed to write all these books, and places names and pictures, WITHOUT Steven Avery or Brendan Dassey permission “par for the course” for more criminal activity by corrupt officials. This is BS….

  • New Questions Asked by Fox News by Megan to Ken Kratz & Dean Strang

    My last post stated it timed out. I am uncertain if I only have a few minutes to post, “it there a certain time allowed to post?” I get this often.

  • Brendan Dassey’s (2nd Public Defender) Lawyer Interview #1 ( Steven Avery – Making a Murderer ) I am not from WI so I don’t hear all the detail on the local news. I have to look it up myself. Is this webpage based out of WI?

    Thank you

    ‘Making A Murderer’ — Defense Lawyer … I Screwed Up Brendan Dassey’s Police Interview A MUST WATCH!!

  • Yes!

    He did spend time Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Prison he has made a video on this horrible experience, inside our prison system that I watched tonight. Shaun would love to hear from you, or other supporters, and stay connect to our website. He is very articulate and he is willing to help us stay informed…

    Thank You!


    I found DETAILED SEX TEXTS of Ken Kratz that are ALL very disturbing, but Ken Kratz his secretary (I assume) Maria Ruskiewicz (pg.21) “Kratz gives her a drug felony conviction pardon…

    Ken Kratz also with “Jane Doe” (pg. 21) “last paragraph” invites Jane Doe on a date with him to the MORGUE. He states in his text to her PROVIDED THAT “she become his girlfriend if would wears a skirt & high heels.”

    How Morbid!!! Ken Kratz presents himself like autopsies of dead bodies, “are for dates”. Possibly where a crematory is possibly located.

    Michael Griesbach DA of Wotomic WI (ADMITS) the wrongful conviction in June “1985” of Steven Avery, and ADMITS ALL THE WHILE and the precise guilty persons Gregory’s Allan’s file that actually did rape Penny Bernson, Gregory’s file WAS ALWAYS PLACED/ INSERTED (into Steven Avery’s file) where Steven was falsely convicted of a his “first false imprisonment” and convicted for a 60 year sentence. Right after Steve Avery’s conviction several times Penny Bernson kept returning to the Watomic Sheriff’s office “stating repeatedly she thinks” you have the “wrong person” to the police, then a detective of the City took Penny Bernson to the sheriff stating the same thing “they ALL ignored her”. “Michael Griesbach admits all this in this video.”

    WATCH!!! Prison Activist Calls Out Ken Kratz and His Fake Evidence #makingamurderer

    • Ha! I read that guys book while I was in prison. I thought he was a terrific writer. Yeah, he spent time in Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s infamous tent city. I think I’ve written to him before, in fact. I’ll have to check my emails.

  • Your welcome Daniel Luke! If you could connect with Shaun Attwood Facebook, he would like you to share this webpage. Shaun is a Prison Activist in England, he is also on Youtube. He had a Prison shut down here in Arizona he was put in the video is on YouTube, or click underneath the video and it opens up information he has posted on himself, and on Steven Avery & Brendan Dassey…

    Thank you & All on this webpage & the Entire World and that we remain United…

    Thank you!

  • Arhianna R
    You can ask Daniel Luke the owner of this website to be certain about where a safe place is to send their Money, the Averys stated that their are SEVERAL FRAUD FACEBOOK ACCOUNTS SET UP, they said the name of their FB is Justice for Steven Avery & Brendan Dassey, YOU HAVE TO CLICK ON “BECOME A MEMBER”.

    If someone could get hold of Delores Avery she needs a PO Box the someone in the system could steal the money from the mailman, or put evidence tape around the Averys mailbox until they take the checks out of their mailbox.

    If Daniel Luke could contact Shaun Attwood has had a horrible experience as a prisoner in America here is a video of him.. He is Prison Activist Shaun Attwood Calls Out Ken Kratz and His Fake Evidence #makingamurderer WATCH!! You can contact him he is in contact with the Avery Family…Shaun Attwood Facebook, he is in England but is a Prison Activist… How to Send Money to Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey – #makingamurderer Prison Activist (Shaun Attwod) in England UK has a webpage set up with video & crucial information to help Steven Avery, Mum Avery, Branden Dassey. Shaun has gone to great lengths in his service, if you can “please thank him for his consideration” Shaun Attwood UK | Promote your Page too!

    Please double check everything before sending money & discuss it with Daniel Luke the owner of this webpage. Thank You
    Please note the instructions in the above video before using the methods below

    Method 1 – Send money to the Avery family.
    Here is the official donation page with PayPal at the bottom.
    Checks or money orders to the address below can be made payable to Dolores Avery (Steven’s mum):
    Checks or money orders to the address below can be made payable to Dolores Avery (Steven’s mum):
    Avery’s Auto Salvage
    12930 Avery Rd.
    Two Rivers Wi. 54241

    Method 2 – Send money via prison:

    To Steven Avery at:
    Steven Avery DOC #00122987
    WCI Business Office
    P.O. Box 247
    Waupun, WI 53963-0247

    The prison will only accept cashiers checks or money orders, which must be payable in US dollars to Steven Avery DOC #00122987 Personal checks and cash are not allowed.

    For Western Union to Steven Avery use:
    Company name = Wisconsin Dept Corrections
    Account number = 00122987Avery Waupan WI
    Avery’s Auto Salvage
    12930 Avery Rd.
    Two Rivers Wi. 54241

    Method 2 – Send money via prison:
    To Steven Avery at:
    Steven Avery DOC #00122987
    WCI Business Office
    P.O. Box 247
    Waupun, WI 53963-0247

    You can contact the Prison by phone. The prison will only accept cashiers checks or money orders, which must be payable in US dollars to Steven Avery DOC #00122987 Personal checks and cash are not allowed.

    To Brendan Dassey at:
    Columbia Correctional Institution
    Brendan Dassey DOC #00516985
    P.O. Box 999
    Portage, WI 53901
    Phone: 608-742-9100
    **(I read where Brendan was moved to Green Bay Prison)** so it would cost the Dasseys more gas money, and a longer drive time, more inconvenient.
    The system wants this story of misconduct shut down ( Kratz never wanted the film out in first place) Ken Kratz filed a lawsuit to stop “Making A Murder” the filmmakers (had to hire a lawyer” one filmmaker is a lawyer herself…

    The prison will only accept cashiers checks or money orders, which must be payable in US dollars to Brendan Dassey DOC #00516985 Personal checks and cash are not allowed.

    Wisconsin inmates have access to funds that are placed in their inmate trust account. They can use these funds to purchase a variety of items from the commissary including food, snacks, hygiene items, stationary, stamps, electronics and more.

    Method 3 – Send money via Western Union to the prison:
    This method gets the money to the inmate faster than through the mail. Additionally, you can walk in to any Western Union location and use cash or a debit card. Funds sent through Western Union walk in will take one to three business days to be received by the inmate.

    For Western Union to Steven Avery use:
    Company name = Wisconsin Dept Corrections
    Account number = 00122987 Avery Waupan WI

    For Western Union to Brendan Dassey use: **Brendan is in GreenBay area Now I hear**
    Company name = Wisconsin Dept Corrections
    Account number = 00516985DasseyColumbiaWI

  • Steven Avery DOC #00122987
    Waupun Correctional Institution
    P.O. Box 351
    Waupun, WI 53963-0351
    Phone: 920-324-5571

    Brendan Dassey’s prison address: (Think they moved Brendan to Green Bay area)
    Brendan Dassey DOC #00516985
    Columbia Correctional Institution
    P.O. Box 950
    Portage, WI 53901
    Phone: 608-742-9100

  • Prison Activist you should hear his story of being imprisoned in Arizona, he has the prison in Arizona shut down CONTACT HIM IF NEEDED…

  • New book explores 1985 Steven Avery case

  • For the first time in “History” THE ENTIRE WORLD IS STANDING UNITED AGAINST CRIMIMAL INJUSTICE”. We been wanting to see 4-ever “High Profile White Collar Crime” EXPOSED!!! Its like a breath of fresh air. Internationally we are standing against Criminal Injustice & the False Imprisonment of (both shockingly without a shred of evidence ) of a of Allan & Delores Avery, that lost their son, and a grandson (together) plus their business, a home, and 40 acres of land, and are now “sitting destitute”. And everyone wants justice for (all involved) this is not just (one sided). I think there should be more EXPOSURE with the city, county, state and Federal corruption. You can review financial crimes cases on DOJ, and on the IRS website. But this Criminal on State, County, City level, that Federal is in control over. Thank You Daniel R Luke for creating this website for “ALL INTERNATIONAL UNITED SUPPORTERS”….

    • Yes. Thank you. I believe that this documentary was a watershed moment for advocates of reform because it shows what a typical travel through the system looks like from beginning to end which is essentially a carnival of insanity. I also happen to believe that the reaction that many Americans are having toward it is one of pure denial. The filmmakers must have been lying. All of this can be dismissed as a nothing more than a brief for the defense. But it’s not so. I am going to make it my mission to keep this torch burning brightly. Brighter in fact.

      • I’m sorry Daniel, I (assumed) “Rebutting a Murderer” was also on Netflix , its on I heart radio. I haven’t listened to it yet…

        • No worries. I’ll be listening the first chance I get. I wonder if has bothered to get an alibi for Ryan Hillegas yet?

        • Here’s the link:

          I’m going to read all the transcripts to develop my questions first.

        • That’s show had to be written by Kratz and/or Nancy Grace. Terrible.

        • Rebutting A Murderer” iHeart Radio is drawing the public’s attention, to their twists on the story that Steven Avery is guilty to the entire WORLD. “Please forward to his new attorneys” if you haven’t already…

          Is this legal for everyone (to suddenly financially gain) without Steven Avery’s permission? Mr. Dan O’Donnell of Milwaukee WI states Steven is guilty throughout this radio show trying to poison the publics minds (politics as usual). Milwaukee WI radio reporter Dan O’Donnell admits LIVE on (iHeart radio) he is VERY GOOD FRIENDS with the Matiwoc County WI Sheriff’s Department and none of this is true that Steven was framed PLEASE!!! Then they named this radio show “Rebutting A Murderer” and they seemed to used Steven Avery’s (same picture) that was used on the Netflix series “Making a Murderer” that I loved…I watched it 3 times, and so has many others that admitted this on social media …

          Could this possibly be “patent infringement” plus additional “fraud? The title “Rebutting A Murderer” using the very same Steven Avery picture used on Netflix. This “drew my attention and many others attention immediately.” The title alone mislead the public to believe another case on Steven Avery was heard by “his new attorneys” and he is guilty. I was wrong “it’s a fabricated radio show with several series just like Netflix” stating Steven Avery IS Guilty. I assume for the county, state and governments misrepresentation to the public of “Making a Murderer” to the WORLD are lies…Since “Making a Murderer” that is international with the social media and that “keeps breeding out of control” government officials wants the Steven Avery story stopped (it’s a little to late). So they are possibly using Mr. Dan O’Donnell and iHeart Radio….

          The best thing could have happened is the documentary “Making a Murderer” and the entire world is standing united for the first time in history, against judicial misconduct Worldwide. There are many indigent that have been falsely imprisoned, and killed by lethal injection here in America. However, if you work on Wall Street, or a high ranking member of the Government Administration, or steal $750 trillion from taxpayers to keep banks afloat (supposedly) Paul Hankson works with China now, and we haven’t heard a word about him since he took the check and ran, after citizens that worked for decades were getting ready to retire (lost every single dime in the 2008 financial collapse that was premeditated by financial scholars of Harvard Law School that also woks in the Administration and the government keeps society entombed in debt with Bernie Madoffs (of all breeds) and bank executives allowed to commit High Profile White Collar Crimes, that pay a fine in a few million dollars, that then write it off on their taxes, that we the citizens continue to pay for these Al Capone Criminals, that don’t serve one second in jail, or prison, they are allowed to commit additional financial crimes beyond belief. Then you have Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey, that are innocent, but we cant give them a pardon. This is horrible!!! Keep in mind these high ranking officials and judicial system, police wants us to RESPECT THEM FOR WHAT. We pay them to work for us, not financially rape and pillage the World that the taxpayers have to pay for, AFTER THEY WRITE IT OFF ON THERE TAXES including legal fees for big corporations. the entire system is corrupt. And for the first time our voices can be heard, but no one is going to tell me our voices has not been, because the World is Standing United For The First Time in
          History for the Same Cause High Profile White Collar Crime reversed onto innocent victim, Steven Avery & Brendan Dassey that are falsely imprisoned for life with no DNA, Blood, evidence, Only a charbroiled body that was found by a Canadian Forensic Analyst that stated to Mr. Buting, TH body had to been placed in a crematory in high VERY extreme levels of heat. The only person I have seen throughout this
          is Ken Kratz that finds it normal to take dates to the Morgue to watch Autopsies and if they wear a skirt and heels they will then become his girlfriend. You talk about a sick mind that is morbid in every way…Did he have coconspirators? When didn’t he have throughout this entire thing. But it goes deeper than Kenny Boy Toy…I have a document where a guy was sentenced to life in Prison for murder in 1984 assumedly that was pardoned the same day he was convicted. He must been with the good ole boy system, or a relative. Then ranking officials wonder why the world is outraged over Making A Murder case. Unbelievable but it happens daily to innocent victims. I bet the ones that have been falsely imprisoned are coming out in groves, to speak of their false imprisonment injustices

          Thank you…

    Please Share This (Interview with the Avery Family, from England Reporter) The family is overwhelmed with the support worldwide, and so grateful. In this interview the world is overwhelmed by this endless injustice.

    There is a Facebook page called “Justice for Steven Avery & Brendon Dassey” and you have to become a member to get on the page. They also are in the process of setting up a Paypal Account for donations, since the family lost everything putting up their farm and business for legal fees, this will assist them in getting back on their feet, and also help Steven & Brendon as they remain falsely incarcerated for almost another decade, add that to the 18 years Steven has already spent, being falsely imprisoned for 18 yrs = 28 yrs of false imprisonement for Steven, and 10 for Brendon.


    “Innocent Man” author speaking of book he wrote about Steven Avery’s 1st False Imprisonment. He stated he worked for Watomic WI sheriffs department during that TIME & STILL DOES I think. But he is very angry over Stevens 1ST False Imprisonment, “wait to you hear this one” and how this went down.. Seems like a great guy…

    OMG please have everyone share this video on FB & Twitter, please (send) to Steven Avery’s present, and previous attorneys. I want to help Steven and Brendon so badly…

    Thank you so much…

    • Thanks for sharing that. Makes me wonder what Mr Griesbach thinks now about this case, given all the new analysis.

      Griesbach was Assistant DA and investigated the wrongful conviction. He didn’t work for the sheriff’s department.

    • I listened to an interview he did with Wisconsin NPR. IMO, he’s falling into the same trap Kratz et al did re tunnel vision and says he thinks Avery is guilty of the murder. He cites ‘evidence’ blindly without seemingly questioning the validity or other explanations.

      See what you think.

      Hey, Steve Avery is not an angel. In fact from the records of most of his siblings, they have a lot to answer for. BUT, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve a fair trial. Plus the Halbachs deserve a clear outcome. Right now, they don’t have that in my opinion. And *that* is the same thing that happened in the rape case, only with an even worse outcome.


    I read in this complaint where Mr. Kratz invited a young lady to go to an autopsy with him (possibly where the crematory is located) Stated by Attorney Butting in a news
    report today. A Canadian forensic expert stated the body was so charred it had to been PLACED inside extreme high levels of heat (possibly inside a crematory ).

    This shows Kratz detailed texts, telling ALL these young ladies to keep their mouths shut, asking if they want to play in or on his BIG SAND BOX. It was very upsetting to me, but I think this guy may possibly be the one behind the crimes, not the already falsely imprisoned. What he says in these texts, floored me. I think this is the one…Just my thoughts and proves he would do anything else. IT FREAKED ME OUT!!! I am certain it was a conspiracy, but he was behind it ALL… If you can forward this to Steven Averys new attorney this will help his case.

    • Hey, thanks for the info..I’ll have a look.

        Get your new Making a Murderer/Steven Avery fix on *NBC’s Dateline*, Friday, Jan. 29 at 10 p.m. and on ID on *Saturday, Jan. 30 at 9 p.m.*


        Who’s ready for a very Steven Avery weekend? You are, that’s who! **Dateline** is getting back on the Avery train after the success of Netflix’s Making a Murderer with “The State of Wisconsin vs. Steven A. Avery,” a new investigation into his case and the murder of Teresa Halbach.

        Dateline ‘s new one-hour special will feature new interviews and a rare 2005 sit down with Penny Beernsten, the victim of the sexual assault case that saw Avery jailed for 18 years with a wrongful conviction. Andrea Canning visited Manitowoc County, Wisconsin and interviewed the following players: Ken Kratz, the prosecutor in Avery and Brendan Dassey cases; Jerry Buting, Avery’s former defense attorney; Kim Ducat, Avery’s cousin; Robert Hermann, a current Manitowoc County sheriff; Steven Drizin and Laura Nirider, appellate attorneys for Dassey; and Michael Griesbach, author of “The Innocent Killer” and an ADA in Manitowoc County.

        MORE: Making a Murderer Was Almost Shut Down in Court & 9 Other Surprising Facts From the Creators’ Twitter Q&A

        Avery and Dassey’s trial for the murder of Teresa Halbach were featured in Netflix’s Making a Murderer documentary series. The show became a binge-watch sensation over the holidays. Avery and Dassey are currently serving life sentences for the murder of Halbach and Avery recently hired defense attorney Kathleen Zellner. Zellner has a history of getting wrongfully convicted people out of jail.

        Dateline ‘s special isn’t the only new look at the Avery case coming your way this weekend. Canning’s colleague Keith Morrison will host a new Investigation Discovery special about the case on Saturday, Jan. 30 at 9 p.m. Steven Avery: Innocent or Guilty? will aim to provide viewers with “critical details surrounding the case.”

        “We are excited to share with viewers the latest in this compelling saga,” Henry Schleiff, group president of Investigation Discovery, American Heroes Channel and Destination America, said in a statement when the special was announced. “Following our investigation, we expect that [the Steven Avery special] will present crucial testimony and information that addresses many of the questions surrounding Steven Avery.”

      • Daniel Can you please share this on your and every social media website.
        Thank You!

        Steven Avery – Petition for a federal investigation Manitowoc County Sheriff needs [SHARED & SIGNED] we only have (until Feb 6, 2016)

    • Kratz is a cad, but he didn’t kill Teresa. That’s way too far out there. Sorry.

  • Career

    After graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater in 1983 and Marquette Law School in 1985,[citation needed] Kratz was admitted to the bar and licensed to practice law in Wisconsin.[6] He worked in the La Crosse, Wisconsin City Attorney’s Office from 1985 to 1987. He served as an assistant district attorney in La Crosse County, Wisconsin from 1987 to 1992.

    Kratz was appointed district attorney of Calumet County by Governor Tommy Thompson. He served as president of the Wisconsin District Attorneys Association in 1996. Kratz chaired the Wisconsin Victim Rights Council in 1993 as well as its successor, the Wisconsin Crime Victims Rights Board, from 1998 to 2010.[7][8][3][9]

    In 1997, Kratz prosecuted a prominent child abuse case, in which parents allegedly locked their daughter in a cage. The mother pleaded guilty.[10][11] In 2008, Kratz explored a run for the Republican nomination in Wisconsin’s 6th congressional district.[12]

    Prosecution of 2005 murder of Teresa Halbach

    Kratz was appointed special prosecutor and headed the investigation and prosecution of Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey in neighboring Manitowoc County for the murder of Teresa Halbach on October 31, 2005.[13] Manitowoc County officials had recused their Sheriff’s department because it was being sued by Avery for wrongful conviction, following his exoneration in 2003 of a 1985 conviction.

    Kratz gained convictions of both defendants in trials in 2007. Avery was sentenced to life without parole. Dassey, then 17-years-old, was sentenced to life, with no parole before he reached the age of 56.

    2009 Sexting scandal

    In October 2009, Kratz was prosecuting a domestic violence case against the boyfriend of a 26-year-old domestic violence victim. She filed a police report in Kaukauna, Wisconsin, alleging that Kratz had sent her 30 sexually coercive text messages over the span of three days.[14] She said that she felt that he was trying to coerce her into a sexual relationship at the risk of dismissing the case against her boyfriend.[15] The report was referred to the state’s Division of Criminal Investigation. During the DCI investigation, two more women came forward accusing Kratz of harassing and intimidating them.[16] At the time, Kratz was serving as chairman of the Wisconsin Crime Victims’ Rights Board.[3]

    Kratz resigned in October 2010 after governor Jim Doyle sought his removal.[17][5] After his accuser filed a federal civil suit against him, Kratz settled out of court in 2013.[18][19]

    In June 2014, Kratz’s law license was suspended for four months by the Wisconsin Supreme Court. During the disciplinary hearing, Kratz “admitted abusing”prescription drugs and being treated for “sexual addiction and narcissistic personality disorder”[8][3] [20]

    In popular culture

    Kratz’s role in the Steven Avery case was documented in the Netflix documentary series Making a Murderer (2015).[21] Kratz “did not cooperate with the producers or interview in the series”. He later criticized them, “saying they had left out key pieces of evidence”[22]

    After the release of the series, Kratz began receiving death threats.[23] His Yelp page was flooded with negative comments criticizing his tactics during the case.[24]

    • Good info…thanks for that…

      • “Rebutting A Murderer”, showing ALL the evidence that Ken Kratz stated was left out is now being exposed on “Netflix”

        Please share this…

        Thank you!

        • Yeah? I’ve heard about this guy. I’ve read his stuff, and so far he’s just going over ken Kratz’s media talking points. I’d love to debate him. Highly doubt he would take me up on the challenge.

        • Daniel, I know your busy when you get time can you look into change. org
          Initiate a Federal Investigation of the Sheriff’s Offices of Manitowoc County and Calumet County, Wisconsin

          This one needs almost 46,000 signatures.

          Another needs 146 for “same thing” created from Florida it needs 200.

          Another created on 01/7 from CO needs 11,000 almost up to 500,000.

          “I hope everything is Kosher here” I don’t understand…All I know is these petitions have to be signed that needs 46,000 by Saturday. I have tried to spread it world wide, including with Shaun Attwood & his sister is helping (both prison activists).

          Thank you!

        • Ill consider it,but we need a lot more from folks than their signatures. We need a deeper commitment.

        • There is another podcast out of Canada comparing to US situation. A defense attorney, a prosecutor, and a retired judge. They are all appalled.

          It’s called “The Docket – Making a Murderer After Show” and is on iTunes. I pull it in on Soundcloud. Look for @mspratt on twitter for more info. He’s the defense attorney. His wife is the prosecutor.
          They are up to Episode 5, plus yesterday released an episode of an interview w/ Jerry Buting.

          So many people are criticising the program for what it left out. But now the actual trial transcripts have been released, as close to the truth can be examined by the public and raises many unanswered questions from the trial that were not explored w/ witnesses. I am making a huge list of those, comparing witness testimony and whatever photographic evidence is available.

  • If Ken Kratz documented IN WRITING to Daniele Luke (the owner of this blog I assume) that Teresa Halback TOLD (SOMEONE) AFTERWARDS (WHO IS THE SOMEONE?) THIS DOCUMENT PROVES TERESA WAS ALIVE WHEN SHE LEFT STEVEN AVERYS HOUSE (TO TELL SOMEONE HE WAS IN A TOWEL) ***THEN TERESA HALLBACH NO DOUBT HAD TO BEEN ALIVE (TO TELL ANYONE ABOUT THE TOWEL) AFTER SHE LEFT AVERYS PROPERTY OR SHE COULDNT TOLD A SOUL (IF THIS IS TRUE) IF NOT KEN KRATZ ENTRAPPED HIMSELF IN ANOTHER LIE. PHONE RECORDS ARE NEEDED & LOGS OF ALL CALLS & MESSAGES…WE DONT CARE IF HE WAS IN A TOWEL…HOW CAN YOU PROVE RAPE, AND A BODY THAT HAD TO BEEN TAKEN TO A CREAMOTORY FOR THE BONES TO BECOME CHARED, BUT MADE CERTAIN THEY WERE NOT ASHES HMMM??? WHOSE FINGERPRINTS ARE ON THE BOX OF BONES? What about the soil, did it match the soil where the body of bones were buried & dumped picked up from a crematory that had to be VERY high heat levels to burn these bones in ONLY a few days? Jewelry: where were her rings, earrings, necklace? Where were her teeth, that are bones or her dental files? How did they prove rape without a rape kit and no flesh? How did they prove she was stabbed in the stomach & throat? After all the body was pieces of bones SO THEY USED & ADDED BRENDAN DASSSEY AS ANOTHER TWIST, with a limited learning disability, and framed him to lock in the 2nd False imprisonment in Steven Avery, during the same time he was filing suit for $36,million, and NOW since Manitowoc WI (ENTIRE)sheriff department WAS NOW PERSONALLY LIABLE TO PAY THE $36, MILLION. Because the SHIERFFS DEPARTMENT “insurer stated” THEY WILL NOT (COVER FALSE IMPRISONMENTS) and this $36,000.00 was now coming out of their pockets personally…So then they frame Avery again, but lock his sentence in with Brendon Dassey as a coconspirator .
    None of the Maninowoc County, WI fabricated case made sense with the prosecuting attorneys? Theresa Hallbach she was stabbed in the stomach and had her throat slit in the bedroom…where’s the blood never presented? Why isn’t her DNA on her car key, it was scrubbed off, placing only Avery’s DNA on that key? Why is the blood on the car dash the exact size, and shape, of a q-tip? Why was the vile of blood tampered with at the sheriff’s office? How could they use a coerced confession from a minor, which was obtained illegally, as a legal confession by Brendan Dassey with a learning disability? How was the officer able to identity the make, model, and year, of a vehicle that hasn’t been found yet, to call in a plate? How is it possible that with all the vehicles at the Avery property, the two who found the car, did so within fifteen minutes? Why was the brother talking about the mourning process when she had only been missing for a few days? Why did the roommate wait four days to report her missing? What messages were deleted from her voicemail? Why did the brother have scratches on him? Why were officers who were barred from the property, allowed on to search? How could they do DNA to prove the body was raped after it looked like it had been placed in a crematory furnace of high levels of extreme heat, but looked like they turned it off in time to leave only bone fragments, instead of corpse dust? WHY WAS COERCION, OF A TAINTED EVIDENCE & JURY THAT WAS ALSO IN FEAR, AND HEARSAY ONLY ‘ NO CIRCUMSTANTIAL FACTUAL EVIDENCE THAT RELATES TO STEVEN AVERY & BRENDON DASSEY’ ALLOWED IN THIS TRIAL? The whole world NOW feels they are “not guilty” from watching this documentary. Thankfully they made this documentary “Making a Murderer” for (educational purposes). It educated the ENTIRE world to see how corrupt the system is “and that’s ongoing.” Now the world JUST happens to be in shock because they found learned there is illegal corruption, illegal detainment, and illegal questioning, with no due process, planted body & car 20 ft. from Mr. Avery’s bedroom window, BOY WHAT A SMART CRIMINAL. Then investigators REMOVED Brendon from school (in the middle of class) not contacting his parents, or his whereabouts, through deceitful investigation premeditated manipulated methods, with Brenden coerced confession from investigators “without an attorney” in addition his public defender THAT also framed him telling the media he is asking for a “guilty plea”, along with his personal investigator that also framed Brendan. Then Ken Kratz filed a lawsuit stating he didn’t want the documentary out to the public, because Ken states on the internet he states in a video it was in defense of Steven Avery “wonder why?.” With no solid evidence against Avery and another legal battle for the producers of Making A Murder? The producers they won. If Ken Kratz is so have such a fair WI District Attorney in the justice system, why would he attempt to subpoena this documentary he didn’t want shown? And what was his reasons? One of the producers of this film, is a lawyer, which had to hire a lawyer herself to defend themselves, and the documentary? Why try to hide anything throughout this entire process? If anyone will lie once, they will lie again, it doesn’t stop at the first lie, and then you have to live these lies. No fingerprints or DNA to connect either to this crime just lies that can carry injustice. Make no mistake anyone can be falsely imprisoned by the LEGAL SYSTEM and placed unlawfully into Mental Institutions, Jails or Prisons, the last place you would think of searching for your loved one, or they would end up.
    THE END…

  • The entire case hinges on the first case. The state had motive. One of the oldest motives in the book, money, 36 million dollars. It was in the midst of a law suit with the same people who have accused him of a crime. For that reason alone, even the Supreme Court should be recused. The law suit is against Avery vs. the state. How can the state adjudicate against a defendant while being accused themselves? There is a conflict of interest and impartiality is impossible.

    How many people working for the state have loyalties to one another within that power structure is shown to be remarkable. It’s a we vs. them mentality and unfortunately the public are the subjects who find themselves against a “system”. In reality, the system is people who have good jobs, budget plans and allocations, from the same colleges, loyally protecting others who have helped them benefit as well. Those benefiting from the very same financial security that Avery was undermining in his lawsuit.

    Even if the court case should go federal. The food chain within the government is all the same. The state receives federal funds and is involved on a federal level itself. Trusting them to be impartial is like trusting a family member to turn in one of their own blood. Once there is question of loyalty, the case should be as far removed as possible. The problem is that the government is all contingent and unified. Impartiality is really not possible.

    How can we know for certain that Steve Avery is guilty or not? Especially when the state used the same officers who botched the first case. It is outlandish and completely absurd that he was found guilty by the same people who were proven to have been discredited in his earlier conviction. Unbelievable. Why even argue about their “evidence”? Who can trust a thing they say? The government is a society within society. “We the people” is a myth.

    Then, they settle for a $400,00 payout to Mr. Avery AFTER he was arrested for this crime. hahaha I mean, come on!! This is glaringly corrupt. Purely, anybody can see how this “case” deserves to be questioned. The fact that the state refuses to hear any appeals is also telling.

    How anybody wants more government is beyond me. It’s like wanting more of the Mob to look after us. I still don’t know why the Averys’ stayed in that state. Wisconsin is a microcosm of the rest of the country. You’ll see. United Staziland of America.

    Hi NSA btw.

    • Thank you so much for your trenchant comments. If there is anything by which we Americans are united, at the moment, it is our loss of faith in We The People as a meaningful concept to those in power, with the “We” being understood to mean all of US and not just them. It is never too late to mount a defense. If we learn how to harness OUR power in ways that are more inspired and ingenious than the tools of oppression, I believe it is possible to create a better society, and a better world. Why not at least try? The toxic legal system that we have can never be considered apart from the nature of our governance in general, and it is here, because it takes place on the local level, that we not only catch a whiff of the rotting corpse, but can remove the lid from the whited sepulcher for a closeup view of the maggot-infested entrails. And as with a cadaver, there is no point in trying to revive it. The proper course of action is burial, and to begin anew.


        Shaun Attwood on Richie Allen Show (
        Shaun is speaking of his horrible experience and imprisonment in Arizona here in America. And the author of the jail memoir. He talks about insider trading and how it works on the inside for the business’s to to never get caught. He speaks of billions of taxpayer dollars going into private owned prison taxpayers, that taxpayers pay $50K per inmate, per year. All of our jobs are inside privately owned corporate prisons, publicly traded are stocks on these prisons are traded on Wall Street, owned by Congressmen (if I am correct or owned by corporations). There is a PBS YouTube Video Prisons for Profit: 18 Months in the Life of the Nation’s First Prison Sold for Profit where OUR food is grown, OUR products being manufactured, ANYTHING IMAGINABLE you can think of producing. This is why they closed down business’s, they are now ALL on the inside of these privately owned prisons, they do not want ANY Americans to ever know about.

        More Video’s on inside American Prisons However, without us not having a job on the outside of these prisons, now, no one can purchase these goods, or barely survive. Also no taxes are being paid into our tax system, from good paying jobs, so now they are using prisons or anything else they can dream up. This is called “free slave labor” plus all our jobs that are inside prisons [never talked about]. Shaun Attwood didn’t talk about “Prisons for Profits” but the public all needs to know all this. You can edit any of my posts, and [please decide if they should be posted]. I cant imagine Steven Avery & Brendan Dassey have and are going through with everyone on the inside knowing they were charged with rape. Thank You

      • PLEASE SHARE!! This need to be on the news!!!

        The referee also concluded that, by stating to S.S., a
        Calumet County social worker and witness in a termination of
        parental rights case, that he “won’t cum in your mouth” and that
        he wished the trial to be over because he was traveling to
        Las Vegas where he could have “big boobed women serve me
        drinks,” and by making these comments while acting in his
        capacity as Calumet County District Attorney,

        On page [35] of Ken Kratz’s Supreme Court disciplinary proceeding it states he committed “forcible sexual assault” (RAPE) against a woman with the initials “J.W.”.

        “After various phone conversations, Kratz asked to visit JW at her apartment. JW asserts that Kratz arrived at her apartment and after threatening JW, [forced her to have sex]….”

        “The DOJ interviewed JW who provided a statement. The statement JW provided alleges that Kratz, while District Attorney of Calumet County, had forcible sex with an emotionally vulnerable woman [after previously prosecuting] the woman.”

        Ken Kratz needs to be in prison for rape, and on the sex registry list he is VERY sick man, that he falsely accused Avery & Dassey doing. THIS IS CLEARLY WHAT KRATZ HAS DONE

  • I find almost nothing about this theory to be convincing. I'll try to address many of the points in a later post. Thanks for commenting.

  • HERE IS WHAT HAPPENED: Steve Avery shot her and burned her body. I doubt he tortured her but may have raped or or at least tried to. The cops found Terea's car days before it was "found," in fact Andrew Coburn found it, and in the next few days they (including Lenk) planted a bunch of evidence so save their asses. It is quite possible Avery felt he could use the framing alibi to get away with it. The ex boyfriend did not "figure out" her voicemail password but had it via devious means. They key was planted by Lentz, the car may have been planted, and the blood was planted. Bones…possibly moved. Lastly, poor Brendan had nothing to do with it…if anything at all he may have been there at the "bombfire" and had suspicions. Also Ken "the Prize" Kratz is a piece of disgusting human garbage with an annoying fasletto who tries to manipulate young abuse victims into sex with his fat sweaty self. The two smooth melodramatic egotistical interrogaters that mainpulated a mentally handicapped insecure nerd into confessing to a crime by telling him he could go home if he confessed are sleazeballs that dont deserve to be alive as they have no conscience. It was a perfect sh*t storm, and Teresa and Brendan are the victims. The End.

  • I believe the reason he used Barb's name and phone # is because it was her van that Teresa was taking pictures of. It could be possible that Barb or one of the adult men that lived in the Janda home was actually supposed to been the one she was to deal with. She received the info of the Janda van pic the morning of the 31st. I read she called Janda residence to let them know time of arrival. It is possible something came up, Barb got called into work or Scott's mother got worse at the hospital and they told Steve to deal with pic. Since Teresa called the Janda # with her time arrival, maybe Steve didn't know this time, and tried calling her to verify.

    Steve may had requested her because she was familiar with their property and she did good work. I request people all the time that I know do a good job. I never thought that qualified me as a stalker. When Teresa got the address of the van pic, she had to known that was on the Avery property. If she said she never wanted to go back to that property, why did she go? Even if the address didn't tip her off, when driving closer to that location, why not drive on by and not stop? If her work relationship was as good as stated, I'm sure they would have understood her fear of her safety. I work for company that sends employees to people's homes and they are told if you ever feel threatened in any way, leave immediately and do not return. We end the business relationship, it's company policy.

  • I believe it's possible.

    • Daniel if you need to edit any of my posts feel free to do so. This is the most horrific injustice we know about, there are many others in America. My blood pressure is UP over this! Thanks

      For Manitowoc County or ANYONE to insult the public citizens intelligence of America [TAXPAYERS] of a negligent judicial system that caused Steven Avery / Brendan Dassey FALSE IMPRISONMENTS and many others. ANY OTHERS INJUSTICE OF FALSE IMPRISONMENTS like this is an HORRENDOUS INSULT to the ENTIRE WORLD.

      Does the Judicial system THINK we are BLINDSIDED to a TIME AFTER TIME proven Corrupt Broken System of Legalized Bribery, THATS IN CRUCIAL NEED OF AN OVERHAUL AND IS PAST DUE . The blindfold on “Lady Justice” is to [hopefully keep the public blinded], and the [lop-sided scales] does [not mean that justice will EVER prevail] or EVER be served. Their is a TWO TIER LEGAL SYSTEM, one for the WEALTHY [that are never imprisoned] and one for the POOR that are [always imprisoned] even if its FALSEY. How many times HAVE WE EVER HEARD of a WEALTHY PERSON BEING FALSEY IMPRISONED????? NEVER????

      Brendan Dasseys ENTIRE Trial Transcript Audio can be found on YouTube I could not find Steven Avery’s hopefully will also be uploaded soon.

      Brendan Dassey High School Interview Transcript and Audio #1
      Brendan Dassey transcript of and audio of interview done at Mishicot High School. The audio is extremely bad quality. That is due to Mark Wiegert and Tom Fassbender not bringing the proper recording equipment with them and failing to use what they did bring correctly. It is because the audio was of such poor quality

      Brendan Dassey Trial Transcript Audio Day 1 (Pp 1-16)
      Brendan Dassey Trial Transcript Audio Day 1 pp 16 30
      Brendan Dassey Trial Transcript Audio Day 1 (pp 30-44)
      Pg. 45-58 may be uploaded later
      Brendan Dassey Trial Transcript Audio Day 1 pp 59 74
      Brendan Dassey Trial Transcript Audio Day 1 pp75 90
      Brendan Dassey Trial Transcripts Audio Day 1 pp 90 105
      Brendan Dassey Trial Transcript Audio Day 1 pp 105 121
      Brendan Dassey Trial Transcript Audio Day 1 pp 121 138
      Brendan Dassey Trial Transcript Audio Day 1 pp138 153
      Brendan Dassey Trial Transcript Audio Day 1 pp 153 169
      Brendan Dassey Trial Transcript Audio Day 1 pp169 185
      Brendan Dassey Trial Transcript Audio Day 1 pp 185 201
      Brendan Dassey Trial Transcript Audio Day 1 pp 201 218
      The following pages on YouTube
      Day 3 pp 169 to 187 Brendan Dassey Trial Transcript Audio

      Wisconsin’s Corrupt D.A. Midnight Raids


      There are PERSONAL videos of AVERAGE people on YouTube and THIER REVIEWS made from all different NATIONALITIES. THEY ARE SHOCKED, CRYING, SAD, ANGRY,CURSING over Making a Murderer….This documentary TOUCHED EVERY HEART UNLESS YOU DONT HAVE ONE. Or should I say it touched the average, poor, and 99%. The wealthy don’t have to endure false imprisonments “I am aware of”. THEY ARE PARDONED FROM THEIR HIGH PROFILE FINANCIAL & ANY OTHER CRIMES “THEY ACTUALLY DO COMMIT” IF THEY ARE CONVICTED WHICH IS VERY RARE. One Presidential candidate is against tuning America into nothing but ONE BIG prison system. This is how the wealthy are financially gaining today. BY PUTTING PEOPLE IN PRISONS.

      My reaction to watching a scene in Making a Murderer
      *This man was falsely imprisoned* He is CRYING ON CAMERA to TRY to get thru making this video. He says he will never recover from this injustice. He said he still has never found peace and he lives in fear always of it happening again.

      Making A Murderer: A Call to Action
      It’s time to examine the US justice/legal system and find a way to get rid of crooked cops, sheriffs, judges, & lawyers.

  • Could it be plausible that the bullet casing they found "in the garage" from the gun over SA's bed was found on the property during the police/sheriff search. Just saying

  • I think at this point, the position and condition of the bones shouldn't come into play as they were haphazardly removed from the pit versus excavating them by a team of specialists. Who knows how they were laid out before since no one documented our photographed the pit before digging.

    Also, the whole bit about SAs sweat DNA being under the hood of the RAV4 and that the county wasn't carrying around a vial of his sweat. They had access to his trailer, which I would assume had some of his dirty/sweaty laundry. It would be easy to take one of his sweaty pieces of clothing and use it as a barrier between someone's hand and the hood latch. It would still transfer the sweat DNA of SA, but no fingerprints.

  • I am no forensic specialist but 'if' the body was burned in that pit, wouldn't the bones be more layed out as a whole ? The way the bones are staggered , the body had to been cut up and thrown in fire as pieces . Did Kratz say where this so called manipulation of the body took place?