Ken Kratz’s Garbage

View of trash filled front passenger well of Ken Kratz's Buick Regal

I’ve been referring to Ken Kratz as “The Garbage Man” for a little while now not because of Ken Kratz’s personal habits about which I knew nothing, but because he likes to peddle garbage evidence whenever he gets a chance, and so far he’s had a lot of chances with probably plenty more on the horizon.

But when I went to visit him today, I had no idea how true that title would turn out to be.  When I was in Wisconsin a month ago, I had called Ken Kratz multiple times, and sent him several emails trying to arrange a face-to-face so we could discuss the evidence which he keeps on insisting was excluded by documentarians Moira Demos and Laura Ricciardi.  Though he sent me a few emails that were basically copy and paste jobs going over nothing more than the talking points he’s been repeating ad nauseam with great relish, he never responded to my requests for a meeting.

One of the things that’s still great about America is that nowhere else do you find free speech so well protected.  As long as you are not issuing threats or hectoring someone over time, you can ask or say anything to anyone.  If you’re in a business, sure they can ask you to leave, but they can’t stop you from speaking your mind.  It’s a powerful thing to do sometimes, and every time I ask questions of authority of even of average citizens, I often feel a sense of patriotic pride, one, in fact, that restores my faith in America.

I arrived in Wisconsin on 29 January, 2016 with the intent of attending a protest being held on the steps of the county court house in Manitowoc, almost directly across the street from the Econolodge where I’d been staying.

My second objective was to make the six hour journey from Manitowoc to Superior, Wisconsin where I thought I might find Ken Kratz since Superior is the city where he runs his law firm according to Google.  Would he speak with me on camera?  Would he even be there given how often he’s been called on to make a media appearance?  I had no idea, but there was only one way to find out.  So I gassed up the Kia Soul, bought a jug of milk and some Oreos, and hit the road.

The effort paid off.  The featured image is of Ken Kratz’s circa 2005 Buick Regal.  The passenger well is filled with trash, as you can see in the featured picture.  Yes, Ken Kratz really is a Trash Man in more ways than one.

View of trash filled front passenger well of Ken Kratz's Buick Regal

View of trash filled front passenger well of Ken Kratz’s Buick Regal


The picture below shows the rear view of Ken Kratz’s Buick Regal.  If you ever need to call in these plates should you ever see suspicious activity, be it a victim of domestic violence being exploited by a scandalous prosecutor, or the framing of two innocent men by a self-serving, pathological liar, now you for sure don’t actually need to be standing any where near this car to do so.

License Plates of Ken Kratz's Buick Regal 357 TXU

License Plates of Ken Kratz’s Buick Regal 357 TXU

This shot shows what looks like legal folders.  I wonder if he’s still doing law work for vulnerable, impoverished women (or men?) in exchange for sexual favors?  I guess that’s pretty much acceptable in the lawyering business unless you’re a prosecutor in which case you might lose your job, but nothing much more than that.  You still get to keep your law license, and who knows what disgraced prosecutors are allowed to get away with.

Law folders in the back seat of Ken Kratz's Buick Regal

Law folders in the back seat of Ken Kratz’s Buick Regal

At this point you may be wondering how it is that I know for sure that this is Ken Kratz’s car.  Stay tuned…you’ll see..



  • The diet coke is not working for you kratz.

  • Well, I do miss midwest values when it comes to cars. Here in fake Los Angeles no lawyer would be caught dead in anything less than a new model Mercedes (even if they cannot afford most will lease).
    All lawyers keep files in locked cars. That part was very normal. The front part of his car goes along with being the addict he described himself as being. Nobody is perfect and he is still a mess and happy it was only soda and not beer or liquor! Sobriety is very hard….if he really is working the steps then all is good.
    Good videos!

  • Did I see a Pepsi Can “that is evidence he was involved” this is what he used as his evidence to falsely imprison Avery and Dassey. That car is filthy (inside and out) and he is wanting a date. Leaving important legal documents in the car with what looked like a taped transcript that anyone can take, this shows how much he cares about his client, and this is what he would call legal ethics.