More Evidence of Planting

Saturday is a day I like to go to Barnes & Noble to read and relax, so that is where I found myself again for the second day in a row.  I might go back again tomorrow, matter of fact.  I had a little time on my hands, so I thought maybe I would read through a few pages of Ken Kratz’s book, Avery: The Case Against Avery and What Making A Murderer Gets Wrong.  It wasn’t shelved in the True Crime section as it was supposed to be, so I figured, “Well, the same wiseguy who had hit the other Barnes & Noble probably hit this one too”.  So I looked in the fiction section, but didn’t find it there either.

After looking around for an hour (I don’t give up easily!) I finally found it in Psychology.

Very funny, right?

Now, just on a lark, I asked the lady at the help kiosk whether there were any books out by Thomas Fassbender.

“Yes, I know the name”, she said excitedly.  “We don’t have anything in right now by him, but we do have an other book written by another author that you might like.”

“Oh really??”

“Yes.  Yes, let me show you they way”

I said, “Okay” and followed, her to this book: