Proof That The Key Was Planted

There are two different official photographs (1), (2) that are presumably of the same key—the one that goes to Teresa Halbach’s 1999 Toyota RAV4.  But if you look very closely, you will see that not only is there a different key in each photograph, there is a different lanyard (one is obviously a much lighter and brighter shade of blue than the other one), but even the black lanyard clip is different.

Once you blow the long shaft of each key, rotate them around forty-five degrees, and blow up the image, the difference become rather obvious.  The official evidence photograph (the one not taken while the key was still on the floor of Steven Avery’s bedroom) shows “cuts” (the official name for the unique, uneven “cut” into a that gives it an irregular edge) that are identical on each side.  The other photograph, the one taken of the key next to the bookshelf on Steven Avery’s bedroom floor, shows a key that has a shaft that’ cut on only one edge.

If you look closely again there are still more features shown in the respective photographs of the two keys that don’t match up.  For example, if you use the straight line that runs down the middle of both keys all the way as a guide, and you compare the very tips of both keys, it is clear to see that the tips of the keys, most especially, do not match.  There is not mistaking this.

This key:

Official evidence photograph of key purported to belong to Teresa Halbach’s 1999 Toyota RAV4


Is not the same as this key:


Unenlarged photograph of Teresa Halbach’s Toyota purported RAV4 key in Steven Avery’s bedroom next to his bookshelf


Closeup of Toyota RAV4 key found in Steven Avery’s trailer on 11/08/2005


Rotated view of the tip of official evidence photograph of Teresa’s purported RAV4 key purported to have come from Steven Avery’s bedroom


This photo shows most clearly that the two keys are not the same.

The key on the bottom clearly has a straight edge on top whereas the other key does not. They are not the same key.


Side-by-side comparison of the two photographs taken of Teresa Halbach’s purported RAV4 key




Side-by-side comparison of Teresa Halbach’s purported lanyard attached to which she purportedly kept the keys to her vehicle


Now that it has been established that the key was planted, it is now necessary to examine why.