Clear Proof

As readers here know, I’ve been developing my theory over the last few days that the planting of Steven Avery’s blood happened after the RAV4 left Avery Salvage and sometime around before, or when it arrived at the Wisconsin crime lab in Madison.  As I posted yesterday, not a single person in law enforcement reported seeing any blood in or on the RAV4 on 11/05/2005, the day before it was taken to the crime lab.  I pointed out that I found it odd that no one was able to see the blood in the back of the RAV4 that was later found, nor the blood that should have been clearly visible near the ignition switch.  I also went on at some length about why the leaves on the hood of the car looked planted, and so on.

Well, come to find out, I am not the only one to have noticed various anomalies.  Over at Reddit, a prolific poster and researcher, hos_gotta_eat_too on Reddit made a stunning observation

This photograph below was taken at Avery Salvage yard late morning, early afternoon of 11/05/2005.  The area around the back door lock off to the left is absolutely clean.  There are also no mud smears near the Toyota brand element just above and to the left of the LE MIEUX GREEN BAY dealership lettering

To make it even clearer, I have circled the area surrounding the back door lock:

By the time it arrives at the crime lab, however, there is clearly a smudge near the key entry port along with some strange mud swipes near the dealership lettering.


I have to do a little research to determine whether this area was tested, and if so, whether what is shown in these photographs was determined to contain biological material, but if testing of this area had not been done, I wonder what testing would now reveal?

But even if no biological evidence is revealed by testing, these photographs incontrovertibly show that the RAV4 that wound up in the Wisconsin crime lab in Madison on 11/06/2005 was not the same one which left the yard the day before.

Moreover, the place where it is most significantly different, of the thousands of square inches of space on and around the vehicle, happens to be very close to the exact kind of area where blood is found on the inside: where the key goes.

Thanks to @TManitowoc for this one and recirculating this one.

UPDATE: Thanks to the efforts of hos_gotta_eat_too, it is clear that the area around the back door lock was swabbed, and was found to contain biological material.  (go down the list until you reach item A23.

I don’t know what else this can mean except that evidence was planted.  Wow.  If this doesn’t make it into the next season of Making A Murderer, I would be very surprised.




  • Kratz USED the lab photo in his opening and testified that WAS Steven’s blood! Buting called his lying ass out on it in his closing. But Kratz HAD to KNOW that WAS NOT Avery’s blood. Wow that guy is such an asshole and worthless Willis just sat there.