See Sexts of Ken “The Prize” Kratz

The Sexts of Ken Kratz to Domestic Violence Survivors


The above links to a file which contains quite a few racy emails that Ken Kratz sent to some of the victims of domestic violence it was his job as prosecutor to represent.

My personal view happens to be that as long as sex between two people is consensual, (and that the parties are of course of the legal age of consent) it really is nobody’s business, but I post the document nonetheless because I think it is an important window on to the psyche of Ken Kratz, and I do strongly believe that the psyche of Ken Kratz is highly relevant to what happened during the investigation of Teresa Halbach’s murder, and the subsequent trial of Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey.

Much thanks to the anonymous reader who referred me to the information link.



  • Making A Murderer Update 29: Ken Kratz Rape Case

    Here’s a court document showing that Ken Kratz allegedly forced himself sexually on one of his multiple victims:

    On the sexual assault charge filed by the lawyer Thomas Basting, Kratz never spent a day in prison. The charges were negotiated down, so that he would only have a four months license suspension and a fine of $23,904.10, with the sexual assault left out of the conviction. Kratz basically played the system by blaming his addiction, and resumed practicing law.

    “Kratz has rationalized his poor behavior by confessing to various addictions: to Ambien, to Vicodin, to Xanax, and to sex, though he fails to point to either medical records or expert medical testimony that would explain the exact nature and severity of his conditions, or how they may have affected his ability to conform his behavior to ethical rules.”

    The court bargaining process is like negotiating a deal for a used car. Over time, the defendant usually agrees to a penalty provided the most serious charges are dropped. Technically, the sexual assault remains an allegation only, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

    Finger pointers are often the ones doing the stuff they accuse others of. Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey were accused of sexual assault by Kratz.

  • Hillarious…:) Ken “THE PRIZE ” Kratz.
    “Honey put your skirt and high heels on and lets head out to the Morgue tonight for an Autopsy”. He must belong to the Satanic Club…How did he EVER pass the Bar???

  • DETAILED SEX TEXTS of Ken Kratz that are ALL very disturbing, but Ken Kratz his secretary (I assume) Maria Ruskiewicz (pg.21) “Kratz gives her a drug felony conviction pardon…

    Ken Kratz also with “Jane Doe” (pg. 21) “last paragraph” invites Jane Doe on a date with him to the MORGUE. He states in his text to her PROVIDED THAT “she will become his girlfriend if would wears a skirt & high heels.”

    How Morbid!!! Ken Kratz takes his dates to autopsies at morgues of dead bodies, “are for dates”. Possibly where a crematory is possibly located. Michael Griesbach DA of Wotomic WI (ADMITS) the wrongful conviction in June “1985” of Steven Avery, and ADMITS ALL WHILE and the precise guilty persons Gregory’s Allan’s file that actually did rape Penny Bernson, Gregory’s file WAS ALWAYS PLACED/ INSERTED (into Steven Avery’s file) where Steven was falsely convicted of a his “first false imprisonment” and convicted for a 60 year sentence. Right after Steve Avery’s conviction several times Penny Bernson kept returning to the Watomic Sheriff’s office “stating repeatedly she thinks” you have the “wrong person” to the police, then a detective of the City took Penny Bernson to the sheriff stating the same thing “they ALL ignored her”. “Michael Griesbach admits all this in this video.”

    Please forward this information to Stevens his new attorneys, I read about. Thank you.

  • There is a good chance he is telling the truth it was legal prescription pills and no drug dealer. And if he ever bought illegal I think it would be in Milwaukee not Manitowoc. Desiring to go to jail for a night is not good for your children or future.

  • Keep in mind that he was sued over these texts, so it was found it wasn’t consensual. I know you didn’t say you thought it was, but in this case it wasn’t. 30 texts in 3 days? Ridiculous and very very stupid.

    My question, though, is when did his drug addiction start? The text thing was 2009. Avery trial was 2006/7, not that long before. Was Kratz drug impaired during this trial? Other trials?

    He should have had his license to practice revoked for much longer than 4 months.

  • Oh yeah, he’s a prize all right. ~eyeroll