The Summer of Love

As most people by now know, not long after watching Making a Murderer, I flew to Wisconsin and met with the Avery family on Christmas Day to tell them my suspicion that it was Ryan Hillegas who murdered Teresa Halbach.

There were a lot of reasons I had for suspecting Ryan, then, and those suspicions have only grown over time not just for me but for possibly tens of thousands of people around the world.  If I am proved to be correct, then the entire matter must be opened up and studied so we can begin to understand what happened more fundamentally.

For example, one of the biggest questions I had early on was whether those involved in investigating and prosecuting Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey really, truly believed that these defendants were guilty.  This question makes a difference even if we can not find aught of any aspect of those innumerable manners of Ken Kratz that we are all wont to find repulsive from the most involuntary depths of our limbic system.  It’s one thing to prosecute two men who you believe to be guilty (who are not), and another, altogether, to prosecute two men in whose guilt you don’t believe or to which you have a cold indifference because a conviction will be a major stepping stone to future glory.

As if I were the string-pulled puppet, too, of my autonomic nervous system, I can now confess that I may have imputed more genius for mayhem to Ryan Hillegas than he may have properly deserved.  You see, my initial position was that Ken Kratz, along with the rest of Manitowoc, had been fooled by a devious and highly intelligent schemer.  Thus, while the rest of the world was apoplectic with rage, I felt sympathy for Kratz and the sheriff’s office.

Nonetheless, I tried to keep an open mind about all matters pertaining to what Making a Murderer brought to light, and that included my presumption of law enforcement’s moral rectitude.  You might wonder, “why a presumption of rectitude”?  Well, I believe it comes down to being rigorous and fair, and maybe even realistic.  Like most Americans, I do not want to believe that we live in a fundamentally corrupt society where law enforcement plants and manipulates evidence.  I know it has happened, but I believe it happens very rarely.  I also need clear and compelling evidence.  If Coburn called in Teresa’s license plate before her car was found, I believe that it is far more probable that he’d simply called in to verify the plate number listed on one of the flyers being distributed in the community that day or the day before than it is that he was standing in front of Teresa’s car before it had been officially located by Pam Sturm. Also, if your starting point is that dirty cops with impunity plant evidence all the time either individually or as a department-wide effort, you lose a lot of people right off the bat.  I’d rather start with the way the system itself should have started with Steven Avery: innocent until proven guilty.

I still reject any notion that law enforcement murdered Teresa, or found her remains and then decided to frame Avery.  In fact it’s been rather difficult to listen to the crackpots behind these theories blather away as it means others with more substantive observations are all the less likely to be taken seriously.

Now, concerning the planting of evidence, there is no way to espouse Avery’s innocence without espousing the planting of evidence by someone.  But who?

For some reason, I must tell you what must by now be obvious. I have a morbid fascination with Ken Kratz.  That high pitched, dulcet, expressive voice is the Lorelei beckoning the ship to the rocky coastline; or the hypodermic needle serenading the hopeless heroin addict: every syllable is carved as if from diamond.  It is Claire Quilty’s puppy cocker spaniel’s enticement to little girls, the homicidal clown performing tricks at your neighbor kid’s birthday party; all in all efficient, honed and very dangerous.

The delivery of Ken Kratz is chilling in its capacity to give a convincing performance of perfect empathy. But if empathy be not there, what should one expect to see by cracking open this whited sepulcher, I wondered?

Jesse Hicks had asked me about Kratz when it was known as far back as January of this year that he had some dalliance with a young woman and that it was considered by some to be inappropriate.  He had tried to have a relationship with a woman whose boyfriend he was prosecuting.  I didn’t know much more at the time, and I felt that as long as it was consensual and legal, it was no one’s business but their own.

I’d also written to Kratz several times requesting to meet in person.  I was in Wisconsin at the time, so I thought why not ask.  I had a lot of questions, and none of those had anything to do with his private life.  He never agreed to meet, but he did take the time to copy and past into an email a long list of what he called evidence that the highly slanted, as he would describe it, Making A Murderer left out that put matters in a proper light.  I went through all of this supposed “evidence” and responded back to Kratz with five or six exhaustively described flaws in each item.  I never received a counter rebuttal.

His refusal to reply made me wonder: how interested was Kratz in the truth, really?  My attempts to make further contact with Kratz eventually became futile.  Yet he still seemed quite eager to talk to anyone who would listen, going on television and radio shows with millions of listeners as a featured guest.  Would he talk to me if I knocked on the door of his law office?  I flew to Wisconsin to find out, and nearly ended up going to jail.  Spoiler Alert: while he’d been more than happy to talk to Nancy Grace, Jeanine Pirro, and many others in the main stream media, he definitely did not want to talk to me.  I found his car in the parking lot though, snapped a few pictures of the trash strewn interior (interestingly, Kratz is a fan of Cherry Pepsi just like Teresa Halbach once was), and, as a lark, but also a show of solidarity with Avery, swabbed his DNA from underneath HIS door latches (his hood latch wasn’t really accessible).

Over time, my view of Kratz would really change quite a bit, even from what it was when I left the environs of his law office in Superior, Wisconsin.  I came to know the full story about Stephanie van Groll who he had sexted during the height of his addiction to pills.  That seemed fatuous enough, but more, and more of these kinds of reports just kept coming out.  And a lot of this information was widely and easily available before his appearance on shows like Nancy Grace of Dr. Drew.  It seems like these personalities build their franchise through moral posturing, so it struck me as odd that both, and many others beside would look to Ken Kratz, a man increasingly becoming known as a serial sexual predator, as a source of reliable information about anything.  In every one of Ken Kratz’s media appearances he trotted out the same fourteen or so talking points that he had trotted out in the email he’d sent to me in January.  And in almost every media appearance, the media personality in question would simply repeat almost every outlandish claim verbatim without ever seriously questioning, lo, without even casually questioning the merits of these claims.

Anyone who has followed this over the last several months has surely heard about Avery opening the door in “nothing but a towel”.  That was but one piece of Kratz’s evidence that he claimed was intentionally left out of Making A Murderer to untowardly influence public opinion.  Someone who had worked with Teresa Halbach reported that she had once mentioned that.  Was it that Teresa said Avery opened the door in a towel?  No no no!  Nothing BUT a towel must have been what she said because by so saying, there is no possibility that Avery was wearing anything underneath the towel such as a swim suit.  He was completely naked underneath the towel, but how we know THIS is not clear since it was never claimed that he removed his towel, which, when you think about it would have been reported with even more urgency and alarm since it would be more shocking than wearing a towel already is in Wisconsin, at least while answering the door.  But that wasn’t reported.

And this first link in the causal chain is very characteristic of all the other links in the causal chain that Ken Kratz put forth to convince people of Avery’s guilt after his conviction in the wake of the media attention Making A Murderer garnered.  See, the towel incident made Teresa afraid of setting foot on the Avery property.  In order for Steven Avery to “lure” her on to the property of the salvage yard, (Kratz’s phraseology, again and again), she essentially had to be tricked (or so Steven Avery believed).  That is why *67 was used!  Few people in the media, and possibly none, seem to be too troubled though by how a woman could be lured out to a property she’d been to over a dozen times, or how using *67 might have aided such trickery since a person’s identity is usually quickly established once the person answering the call answers.  If you listen to what Kratz has to say about a lot of things, you’ll find that he has a chronic habit of distorting things, and also of using suggestion and innuendo.

The hood latch DNA is a prime example of this.  He initially claimed that the source of this DNA was from sweat.  Ken Kratz has a preoccupation with sweat for some reason.  But he appears to know little about it because sweat is not a a source of DNA.  “Did the cops go around the salvage yard planting evidence with vials of Avery’s sweat?” he often sneered. If you neglected to question Kratz’s claim that sweat can be a source of DNA, you would have to concede that it would indeed be unlikely for cops or anyone else for that matter to go around Avery Salvage with vials of Steven Avery’s sweat.  And even if you did question Kratz on this point, without being an expert on either sweat or DNA, how would it even occur to you that the person making the claim was a sociopathic liar who happened to have the intelligence to make up nonsense from whole cloth that sounded quite plausible.  I have an RN’s degree, and I didn’t know any better, and I consider myself someone who doesn’t let many such claims go untested.

Kratz has been married three times.  He has described himself as a sex addict on more than one occasion.  I’m going to go out on a limb here and speculate that Kratz probably cheated on each of his wives several times.  If so, I wonder what lies he told?  I wonder if he got really good at telling lies, maybe even to the point of mastery?  Maybe he became adept at making implausible scenarios sound plausible?  With bank accounts, children, houses and cars at stake, cheaters have a lot of reasons to become expert liars, I should think.  Think about how Kratz’s soft, modulated voice would sound in apology for stepping out, how, in its retreating self-assuredness it could convince you that you were going mad, that black had suddenly become white and white had suddenly become black.  Cheaters have to go in for the strong sell.  Without boldness and confidence wrapped in a package of velvet they don’t succeed.

Kratz wins because he’s underestimated.  He’s effete-seeming, soft, protuberant, disarming.  But he has that voice, and that voice was created and sculpted by the manifold lies one is obliged to invent to conceal infidelity.  That voice can convince women that he’s sorry, or sincere; it can still talk attractive young women into bed (his current girl friend is only 25, and he is 56); it can convince talk show hosts who should know better that it is worth listening to and credible; it is the authentic voice of a true predator that, as lead chair of the Wisconsin Crime Victim’s Right Group can offer mollifying and pleasing platitudes while he is coercing the daughters of those very members into sex; it is the voice that can convince a jury.

Kratz likes to feel powerful.  Everything points to that.  His voice gives him this opportunity.  But it takes far more wisdom than most men have to avoid overreach.  When you find yourself almost as depraved as Caligula, at what point do you draw the line when it comes to your behavior?  If there is something within your power to change to your advantage that will further your ambitions and sexual conquests, your very raison d’être, let’s say, should there be any reason not to change it?  I mean, how do you restrain yourself when you reach that level of self-importance?

According to an article in Newsweek published August 15th, 2016, Ken Kratz was so distrusted by his colleagues in the DAs office once he became the subject of an investigation looking into the nature of his sexual predations while serving as district attorney, that they were afraid he would tamper with the evidence that had mounted against him.

Here is an excerpt from that source:

The documents obtained by Newsweek also reveal new details about the DOJ investigation into Kratz and the prosecutor’s reaction to it. Then-Governor James Doyle asked the DOJ Division of Criminal Investigation to probe Kratz just six days after the AP report about his sexting. When news of the investigation broke and Kratz resigned from his job that paid $105,000 per year, the acting Calumet County District Attorney unplugged Kratz’s computer and put evidence tape over the plug opening. And both investigators and Kratz’s successor appeared to be worried the disgraced prosecutor would sneak into his old office to destroy evidence. When the DOJ director of field operations asked whether Kratz had the keys to the DA’s office, the acting DA said Kratz had both keys and the door lock codes that permitted access to the entire office. But as precaution, the acting DA said, he changed the codes on the front door of the DA’s office.

I’m trying to make a connection here, readers.  I am desperately trying to make a connection here about Kratz.  It’s one that Zellner herself is trying to make.  She gets it:

When you see a fabrication of reality such as what was done in that press conference, you wonder where those ideas come from [and] what would motivate someone to make up such a graphic scenario.

What she’s saying is that all the lurid, deviant sexual deeds that Kratz said Dassey performed on Teresa Halbach were deeds that Kratz had performed, in his on mind, at least, on her and every other woman her age that happened to walk by.  Kratz does not have a problem conjuring up elaborate sexual scenarios.  He is a self-professed sex addict after all.  This is what he spends his time doing, it is integral to who he is and how he thinks.

And that is why, according to the Newsweek article, Kratz chose to staff his office with only attractive young women.  If you read the article, you’ll find that there are nearly twenty women who have told stories about Kratz either making obscene comments, or gestures (unrequested hand up a skirt to name but just one).  Several women report sexual coercion.  Here is but one account:

A woman who met Kratz when he prosecuted her for shoplifting in 2006 said the prosecutor called her “out of the blue” in 2009, said he was getting a divorce and then came to her apartment, where he said in a threatening manner that he “knew everything about her” and “if she did not listen to him, he could get her ‘jammed up,’” according to an investigation report. “While Kratz was at [the woman’s] apartment, [he] said he ties women up, they listen to him, and he is in control. [The woman] stated that Kratz wanted her to engage in bondage with him. She said he instructed her to give him a ‘blow job,’ and she did.


Though Kratz has before admitted that he acted inappropriately (because he was suffering from an addiction to pain pills because of an injury), in the face of the totality of these complaints he steadfastly maintains his innocence:

Kratz tells Newsweek that all the accusations against him are unfounded, citing the fact that the DOJ decided not to bring any criminal charges against him. “They had nothing. They thought they were going to charge me with misconduct in office, but none of that was ever true,

He sounds quite repentant, does he?  Should you wonder why Kratz was singled out among so many prosecutors from around the state without any similar allegations being made, well, Kratz has an explanation for that too:

Kratz maintains that campaigning politicians pushed the investigation of him, and that a DOJ press release that asked for information about his misconduct triggered the numerous complaints against him.


A great deal of the evidence that was collected for the Steven Avery murder trial was kept in Calumet County.  Do I believe that either Lenk or Colborn planted evidence?  I still have strong doubts about that.  But wasn’t it Kratz who had the evidence?  Wasn’t it he who had the keys and codes to all of the offices, likely including the evidence room at the Calumet County Sheriff’s headquarters?  When we really closely examine the character of Ken Kratz, what do we see?  He cheats on his wives and girl friends; he coerces vulnerable women into sex; and he does these things not once, not twice, but dozens of times spanning long stretches of time; he denies and discredits his victims, and whatever he does to his victims, he does it callously and unapologetically.

Now that I have a much fuller understanding of who Ken Kratz really is, I strongly believe he is so utterly lacking in character as a human being that he would have readily used anything he could have laid his hands on to make the case against Avery.  I have my suspicions about Hillegas, but I am sure about Kratz.



  • Very reasonable and logical analysis that makes sense. I too look at the moral character of a person and decide whom I am going to deem credible. I hope you don’t mind the hijack in commenting to make some important points about this case.

    To start, KK has no respect for the female gender. They are bodies. Property. A release of his fantastical mind for self physical pleasure. Females (whom he does not get and never will) are disposable and unimportant to his twisted mental mind; TH’s death was the perfect opportunity for KK to become the hero in some way if it’s only a woman to exploit.

    To garner some credibility as a woman I’ll share I happen to have a BASc.Criminology – and could never work in the system due to the corruption in corrections (where I was stationed in internship). Some of them want to abuse you, some of them want to be abused comes to mind when I remember those days. The guards were the psychopaths, the inmates the sensitives. I know, it’s upside down. So I got out but I went on to other things that brings me here today. My eyes are wide open now the oppression of female gender (and sensitive right brain men…often confused as ADHD or learning disabled – different, but according to the status quo also not valued). And I am appalled to learn in my studies and experience as a woman that a complete lack of empathy is the problem when it comes to men considering our sex. No idea. Clueless. Can’t know and don’t seem to care enough to find out the value we could potentially offer the universe if allowed to use our creative right brains, the imagination, and where the best ideas and solutions to any problem comes from. It’s retarded starting at grade one when left brain training begins and creativity is ignored. Anyone who hated school is likely a right brainer and those poor people are almost always the one’s victimized and bullied throughout life. Weak, you might think (wrong, but when powerless in voice, whatcha going to do?).

    Rape and child molestation is legal, to make one point about the oppression. If you want evidence I’ll share my stats, the bottom line is going to show you a 97.8% failure rate in convictions in any case of a he said, she said. She will lose and so most either do not report, or is simply not believed in these staggering numbers. Even 13 year old girls who accuse Donald Trump of rape by him and his buddy in a hotel are not believed over his big money and voice. Thus, child molestion and rape are hardly reported at all anyway. Every day a woman is murdered by her boyfriend or spouse. Do you know the stats on how many woman owners get away with murder? More than who don’t. Missing women is accepted, investigations get very little $$, or the work seems too hard for the overworked cops. The way it is spun is, “A grown ass woman is allowed to leave home any time she wants – she doesn’t have to report to anyone.” Sure. They’ll say that like a mantra to avoid having to search even as she left her purse, shoes and lipstick at home. I call b.s. on that. But, the believability of the male is everything. Ask ex cop Drew Peterson (and other husbands whose wives died by falling in a shower or bathtub (nonsense again – believed everywhere) how many wives and girlfriends he was able to abuse or murder before finally making such a mess of himself he had to be investigated. So, value isn’t there and I’m talking to you about empathy – because you and many other men cannot know what I know about this case from a female perspective.

    First, no one in this state gives a rat’s ass about Teresa, or her mother. They know how to spin stories to suit the cause and to keep the mom shut up. Manipulating her with his sick twisted stories would be a joy for KK which is another motivation for his public tours *shudders* .No one cared about the women he had abused throughout his entire life, until text messages became hard core evidence for brilliant right brain women who thought her text messages from the pig might make someone HAVE to listen. Then the abused woman who first came forward opened a floodgate and once again it would be impossible for a DOJ to ignore the public scrutiny of one of their own. Just like the republican’s have supported Trump all along, until he gets so ridiculous in his manhood he outed the thinking. So KK got fired and the state gives the appearance of giving a shit and all is right with the left brain world of manipulating women. It’s all unconscious. We don’t know what we do, and we are all hardest on the female sex. My sex hates my sex for Christ’s sake lol it’s that ingrained in the culture.

    All of that being said, of course Ryan murdered his girlfriend whom he was annoying, stalking, and gaining intell from her roommate about after she rejected him. Ryan was friends with Mike and there is a story there that will have to do with TH and her brother. Right off the bat Ryan the murderer had direct family support and this makes framing easy. Ryan had been listening to the news concerning the state’s problem with Avery, and heard that this hated man got off a rape charge with DNA evidence. Well, he would think, being a morally bankrupt soul, how about you go back to prison he would fantasize – and make DNA the way back? And Ryan’s framing began with the assistance of Mike. Mike has no respect for his sister as he willed her dead while still missing, talking about (dry eyed) how his grieving process will begin, or something to that affect. Are you kidding me?

    And that is why I’m smart in another way others might not get. You see I lost my son when he was 25 years old. I know what grief looks like in a family where the child dies in suspicious cases. Not just because of my child’s car accident – but because of the many grieving mother’s I have met throughout north america – whose children died by accident, suicide, and murder. The first response is DENIAL.

    The less info about the death the more denial. How do they know she is dead? They know because Ryan killed her and he told Mike (made up some b.s. about how it was Teresa’s fault, accident or something with a fist in the face, and Mike would have a motive or an indifference to go along). Mike has no feelings for his sister, and she had none for him – look at her video again. Study his affect in speaking to the press during the investigation, the trial, and the MAM. Has none. No feelings. Dead. It was one, because it always is one in the passionate rage or ego broken boyfriend/hubby who would think such an act is necessary when he no longer owns his property. Someone thought they owned her if you have empathy for women and how they live like that sometimes. Too often.

    Avery had no motive to murder a soul, but all of those left brain genius’s who count on logic so much seem to be able to let all senses take their leave in this case.

    As far as the others they were complicent for a reason, financial and most likely intimidation of the higher ups – who were directly benefiting with this turn of events on the Avery property. There is nothing more tempting than an opportunity for the motivated psychopath than to execute a crime like this. They think they are all so smart but they are dumb as doornails to me – the only thing they had going for them was permission for framing from the state.

    Thanks so much for your insights and work; I’ll follow, as well as many other cases of injustices in america everywhere. Another good one in Florida is the 12 year old black boy doing a life sentence for murdering his 2 year old brother – and that interrogation was a joke, the abusive mother did it. Lot’s and lot’s of cases!

    I suggest the root of the entire fiasco concerns the status of women in society. We are the lowest in credibility, below visible minorities, gays, transgenders if it is a male. A transgender man just won woman of the year or some bizarre thing because of his story in transgendering. Yea. Even that man is better. Not putting any of these folks down myself, I’m just listing where women rate in life. I could go on but I know I already have, I just want to get it out there as much as I can that women are being scapegoated in the criminal justice system everywhere. Used as pawns for corrupt motives. 500 RCMP women officers just filed a law suit regarding systematic and legal sexual harassment and discrimination policies people are just becoming aware of now. I think we in Canada are not tolerating so much anymore and waking up. If it can happen to female cops, you think female victims matter at all ?
    to unempathetic male counterparts? I am starting to wonder if the conditioning of our society is teaching the opposite of empathy for others – no wonder we are used without much thought to the plight of our individual situations.

    Empathy. We need to try and teach empathy about woman

    My cause in this case is that lack of love for Teresa all the way around.

    Ryan + Mike + State = Opportunity – and these all have individual secret sexual and financial motives that will always be more important than the death of a young woman just starting life.

    • Thank you for your epic, insightful comment. For how long have you suspected Ryan? What made you conclude that he was the killer?

      • When I first watched MAM it was after a Nancy Grace episode where she was talking about this man and his nephew and how the documentary was one sided. That was a challenge for me, to just go in and see if I sensed one-sidedness. I had no idea about the case, characters, nothing. As I began to watch I couldn’t help but notice there was some information missing – the reason the boyfriend isn’t guilty. Anyone who has studied criminology or the justice system knows the boyfriend is almost always the culprit in the mysterious murder of a woman. He certainly would have more motive than Steven Avery. But nothing. Not only is the boyfriend not given a lie detector test or asked where he was at the time of TH’s disappearance, he is assisting in the investigation of her being missing, and given access to the property she was last reported being.

        I suspect Ryan because unconsciously so does the state by not asking questions of him
        As Ryan and Mike were speaking to the media the guilt on both of them poured out of them. If that doesn’t give a reason to interview Mike, then the state knows he is guilty and don’t want to find out more, or they surely would in any other reasonable murder investigation. It isn’t logical to not focus somewhat on the boyfriend…and the more he looked guilty the more the state looked away. For heaven’s sake the dude was involved in the search and access to the house of the ‘suspect’ they want to convict. Look away look away look away.

        I don’t like to judge from the ego but I do like to use my intuition from the heart – and in any murder case (it is a serious thing to do – murder someone else) there is a motive in the mind of the killer. In this case there is no motive for SA to kill. No evidence of a lingering hate on women, no hint that he hated Teresa. Calling her number with *67 was his insecure ways, nothing more. Ryan has the best motive as well as being the most likely suspect. He was rejected, calling her daily and when that didn’t work calling her roommate. Calling her brother in a bid to win this property back. Some men think like that and it is the most common cause of death for women.

        All of that aside, then I watched Ryan answer questions during trial and all I could see by that point was arrogance. Where are the tears for the woman he was calling daily? This was only two years after her death – how does he get over the love of his life so quickly, has a smirk on his face about not remembering what time of day he last saw his precious girl…not knowing morning, afternoon or night told me he was guilty as well as all of the other dots to connect.

        How come Ryan nor Mike is crying about her death but seem so focused on SA and his property? Because of their guilt and participation in the framing of the whole thing with a willing police department behind them.

        Lot’s of reasons Ryan is guilty. I have less understanding of motive concerning the brother but it will be about indifference to his sister in favor of his best friend, or financial gain I suspect. :)

        • Correction (important one) “As Ryan and Mike were speaking to the media the guilt on both of them poured out of them. If that doesn’t give a reason to interview RYAN…”

        • You’ve picked up on all the stuff that I’ve picked up on. Ryan Hillegas still doesn’t have an alibi for where he was and what he was doing when Teresa was murdered. I know a lot of people have asked him (including me, repeatedly), but he still refuses to clear it up. In fact, no one seems to be actively looking into the matter.

  • I still am not convince that Lenk and Colborn are not involved.

  • I personally think that he is the paperboy that got picked on by the bullies. I believe he gets his revenge sending innocent people to prison. Avery had 29 yrs locked up and that’s long time for him to say he thought it was Hillegas also.

  • Interesting voyage into Kratz’s psyche. Morally deficient for sure. I agree with most of the observations you make except that of Colborne and Lenk’s involvement regarding the planting of evidence. I have a hard time believing they are not involved in some way. Even if they did not physically plant it, they probably know who did and when to go looking for it, and that alone would make them complicit in the crime of framing an innocent man. I, for one, believe 100% in Steven Avery’s innocence. Was Kratz involved in the planting? Possibly. Was RH involved? With all those phone calls to and from LE on Nov. 4, I have my suspicions. Given all the other strange behaviour of RH, I believe he is a prime SUSPECT in the murder of TH and that needs to be investigated thoroughly, without delay. One commenter stated that RH may commit suicide (if he’s guilty) when the heat becomes too much. If I were Ryan, I’d be scared someone that has a lot to lose from the truth coming out, will come looking for me and I may have an “accident” to prevent THEM from having to face criminal charges of a different sort. Just thinking.

    Love your articles. Well written and thought provoking. You should be a professional investigator or investigative journalist.

  • Wouldn’t that be the bomb if it turns out you were right about Ryan after the Averys called the Manitowoc sheriff on you!

  • Thank you for the work you have put into this – I know you have been highly tenacious in pursuing the truth to this nightmare.
    By the way-I completely agree with your analysis!

    • Thanks so much for the comment! Needless to say I’ve been following the news today, and I’m quite eager to find out what Zellner has to say. Specifically, the alternative theory that news organizations report she is going to reveal (hopefully tomorrow). My support for Zellner has been real, albeit a bit tepid because she has simply revealed so little. We both certainly agree that it wasn’t Brendan Dassey, and I have serious, serious doubts about Steven Avery. So who she ends up fingering is going to be monumentally important to me. I’m sure that whatever she has to say should be respected, but I am not going to take anything on authority alone, be it from Zellner or anyone else.

  • Nice to see you writing again.