Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Ken Kratz (#9 Is Going to SHOCK You!)

I’ve been complaining about how horrible journalism is these days, but if you can’t beat them, may as well join them, right?  So here is probably the first of many top 10 lists for

  1. He was once in band called Alibi with current Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel It was a Blood Sweat and Tears cover band, and Kratz would often perform wearing nothing but a small white towel (so I heard from a friend of mine who once worked at Auto Trader).

    Album cover for Alibi, a band that both Ken Kratz and Brad Schimel, Wisconsin’s current Attorney General, played in

  2. His username was Exboytoy1.  Apparently he liked to use the dating site while he was still married. In case you have trouble reading it, this is what it says:“It’s complicated, I’m not!Currently separated, final divorce pending. No drama in the divorce. I hope to be able to find someone to communicate with, then begin to date eventually. Serious relationships ONLY. I am an attorney in Appleton, respectful, communicative, very affectionate, “sappy” romantic, own my home, and have amazing life experiences.
  3. He prefers to date women who would be about the same age as his grandchildren (okay, maybe you did know that)

    Serial sexual predator Ken Kratz basking in pervert heaven with his girlfriend Leah Marie

  4. Kratz once put a gun in his mouth and was on the verge of killing himself.
  5. He is a self-described narcissist.  He admitted this to Dr. Drew Pinsky in an interview he gave in 2016
  6. In a slip of the tongue, he once admitted that the Brendan Dassey confession was false.  You can hear him say this in the same Dr. Drew interview linked to above.  It’s at about the 32 minute mark.
  7. Ken Kratz is friends or at least was friends on Facebook with Thomas Fassbender who has publicly said on Facebook, about his girlfriend, Leah Marie, Very hot 

    Screen shot of one of Ken Kratz’s fb showing his gf Leah Marie, along with a comment by Thomas Fassbender

  8. When he was a prosecutor, he would trade legal services for sexual favors.  He was fired for this, but never received any criminal charges for it. 
  9. He drives an old Buick
  10. He doesn’t keep his car very clean

    View of trash filled front passenger well of Ken Kratz's Buick Regal

    View of trash filled front passenger well of Ken Kratz’s Buick Regal