Was Ken Kratz The Murderer? Now We Can Finally Find Out

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I don’t think Ken Kratz’s so-called hood latch evidence amounts to a hill of beans, and all this nonsense he keeps repeating about sweat DNA is an invention of his own making, not that this stops him from talking about it all the time, and not that that the mainstream media is going to grow the balls to question him any time soon.

My view is that Ken Kratz and the State of Wisconsin violated Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey in ways that are unfathomable, and the charge was led by Ken Kratz.

I don’t know about you, but it all makes me SUPER pissed.  In any case, for whoever might suspect Ken Kratz might have had a hand in all of this, we are now one giant stride closer to knowing.



  • Who’s DNA are you wiping on the car? I can’t quite hear it in the video.

    • I’m obtaining Ken Kratz’s DNA as it is his car.

      • So did you go looking for Kratz at the courthouse?

        • No, I didn’t. He said he didn’t want to talk unless he has an audience of millions and one of the clowns from the Main Stream Media throwing him softballs. After the softball, Ken gets back to his talking points: 1) opened door with towel; 2)DNA from sweat on hood latch; 3) Avery lured her to the property by using *67 and giving her sister’s address; Avery was trying to create a false alibi by NOT using *67; Teresa’s bones were intertwined with the wire remnants of burned up tires.

          That’s all he’s willing to talk about. He doesn’t want to talk about why there was no physical evidence in the garage or bedroom where HE said the crime occurred (using different theories for each trial), or why investigator’s never bothered to do something as basic as asking Ryan Hillegas, the ex-boyfriend of five years, for an alibi, or why someone would move bones from one fire to the next, etc., etc., etc., His unwillingness to have a fair, open-ended discussion about the evidence he avoids talking about makes him a fraud, in my opinion.. I should also note that he is guilty of what he so often accuses the filmmakers of, in the same breath he makes his accusation. He can’t very well say the filmmakers “deliberately excluded” evidence unfavorable to Avery while refusing to discuss the evidence that was anything but unfavorable.

      • Ohh now that makes sense lol.

  • Ken is on the Warpath….He is getting ready to be exposed and he knows it!!


    Kratz said that his motivation for writing the book is to “stand up” for cops, the justice system and Halbach by laying out all of the evidence that he believes proves Avery to be guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.“My book will set the record straight,” he said. ”I want to bring a three-dimensional view of this murder mystery to life. I want people focussed on the one and only true victim of this crime, Teresa Halbach, and not the perpetrators.”

    “The validity of the conviction is being challenged. The reputations of law enforcement, prosecutors, judges, and others in the criminal justice process are being trashed,” he said. “The overall trustworthiness of the justice system is under attack.”

    • He got one thing right in that quote. The justice system in and around Manitowoc and Calumet Counties is under attack for incompetence if not out-right prosecutorial misconduct.