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Teresa Halbach's Day Planner

According to the document that Ms Zellner filed 10/23/2017:

It is undisputed that Ms. Halbach’s day planner was in Ms. Halbach’s vehicle at the time of her murder.  It is also undisputed that Mr. Hillegas who was in possession of the the day planner, gave the one page document to a friend of Ms. Halbach who turned it over to the police on November 3, 2005.  (Ms. Halbach’s day planner is attached and incorporated herein as Exhibit T).

Just to be clear, it appears that the entire day planner was not recovered from the RAV4 or from Teresa’s belongings found elsewhere.  The document which lists out all of the evidence from various sources including the salvage yard, Teresa Halbach’s bedroom, Steven Avery’s bedroom and trailer, and also Teresa’s RAV4 itemizes dozens of things, but not one is a day planner.  The following lists all that was found in the RAV4

For those of you who have not yet been brought up to speed on this, a woman who at the time went by Denise Coakley (and is now know as Denise Heitl) has come forward to put down in an affidavit that she called Teresa Halbach at 11:35 a.m. on October 31st, 2005 to set up an appointment the following day to pick up some photographs Teresa had taken for her.  The woman recalls that Teresa was driving in her vehicle, and said she would need to pull over to the side of the road to write down the appointment.  The document below, as well as phone records corroborate her statements as there is an entry with her name recorded in an at the time they agreed to meet the following day at the studio Teresa shared with a man named Tom Pearce in Green Bay.


It may not be that easy to see, but in the lower right hand corner a time stamp is visible.  It reads 10/30/2005 10:29: pm, and on the left corner of the document, on the same horizontal axis of the timestamp is printed the name “Teresa”.  There was no day planner, per se, except as one which existed software on Teresa’s computer.  To keep track of her appointments, the night before, she would have simply opened up the program, gone to a particular day, and then printed off a copy.  Another way you can tell this is by observing various places on the document where chunks of time are blocked off.  For example, the time from 9am to 2pm for Monday October 31st are blocked and you can tell from the document that this had to have been done with software.  What this means, significantly, is that there was no day planner, per se, if when we think about that we think of a tangible object.

The question, then, is this: If Ryan killed Teresa, why, among the various things that Teresa had in her car when it was found, would he have kept this document and then given it to someone else on the 3rd?  Who, for that matter, did he give it to?

There are several explanations that comes most readily to mind: This was the first significant action Ryan took in what would emerge as a pattern of behavior on his part.  By handing over the document to someone else, he immediately puts himself in a position of importance as a source of valuable information.

But it’s also about manipulation and control too as Ryan is now able to point the concerned residents in the area in the right direction since her schedule would have provided clues as to her whereabouts right before she went missing.  If he lacked relevance in Teresa’s life while she was alive, this was a way of getting even or, if you will, a way to finally prove his importance.

But there are still plenty of questions.  For example, if Ryan killed Teresa, could he have known ahead of time where she was going?  It seems doubtful because her schedule does not specifically say where she is going or when she will arrive, and there are no phone calls between Teresa and Ryan for October 31st on either’s cell phone records.  In any case, the appointment to go out to Avery’s property wasn’t made until the morning on the 31st.  Therefore, this makes it seem unlikely that Ryan would have intercepted Teresa near the time that she left the Avery property.

On the other hand, by the time Teresa had left the Avery property, the fact that she had been at the Avery Salvage Yard would have been information available to Ryan in the form of a receipt or some other form of standard documentation.  It’s not difficult to imagine how someone with this information might have thought that Avery Salvage Yard was a good place to dump a vehicle that had belonged to a person now deceased.

I also have to wonder why Kathleen Zellner is so confident that possession of this document places Ryan at the scene of the crime?  If Teresa was in her vehicle at 11:35 am, is it possible that she returned home before her first appointment with Mr. Schmitz at approximately 1:30 pm?  If so, it would have made sense for her to take her schedule into the house with her, and it’s also very easy to believe that she might have forgotten to take with her again when she left.

If her first appointment was until 1:30pm, where was she going when Denise Coakley called her?  It surely wouldn’t have taken her two hours to drive from her house to her first appointment.

Another question I have is whether there is anything written on the back of this piece of paper?  If Teresa received calls from AutoTrader to go to particular addresses once she was already out on the road, wouldn’t she have needed to write those down too?  If so, a good place to have done so might have been the back of this sheet of paper.  If there does happen to be any such information, I think it might prove to be quite valuable in shedding light on what right now is quite mysterious.



  • I don’t know that it shows definitively that Ryan killed TH, however it raises my chances that SA & BD didn’t to about 99/100. She had that planner in her possession, in her RAV4, at 11:35 a.m. beyond a reasonable doubt and that is only 2 to 3 hours prior to Kratz’s timeline placing her at Avery’s. If I recall correctly, she went on 2 appointments prior to Avery’s, which really shrinks the window for her to have gone home and for some reason take it in and then forget it. Then when you add the forensics showing the bullet never hit bone, the Dassey brothers conflicting statements and the hood latch results (90 times? really) I don’t know how any moral, competent judge could not grant a new trial. To me it is now overwhelmingly obvious.

  • Who is Ryan Hillegas and why do you think he did it???

  • Have you ever considered that maybe she made it home for the day, and took all her work & personal things inside? Ryan could have showed up shortly afterwards, so been totally unaware that among the things she took inside was the day planner. If he had a fight with her and she was killed at her house, he would have panicked of course. Maybe he threw her in the back of her car, grabbed all her work stuff & personal items to dispose of & he missed the day planner?

  • You are forgetting one other form of communication that’s been entirely overlooked and forgotten. TEXT messaging. Teresa had the expanded messaging option on her cell phone account, as did Ryan.

    I’m wondering if the DCI reports have this information about Teresa and Ryan’s text activities. Not just with each other, but with everyone. They certainly kept the Bryan report locked down.

    It’s not surprising that the DCI/DOJ turned down our 2 FOIA requests last year. I’ll bet they have a lot more information. As far as the day planner, I’m not sure why Ryan would have had access to it. Unless she was really hauling it, she didn’t have time to come home before making her stops.

    • I had thought about that, actually. I suppose that it is possible that text might have been used, but its popularity back in 05 wasn’t nearly what it is today. Don’t forget also that it was a lot less convenient to use. I find it very unlikely that Ryan would have texted Teresa asking her exactly where she would be and that Teresa replied with an address.