But You Should Have Seen Me!!

Unless you were watching very closely, you might have missed that there were two flyers announcing Teresa Halbach as a missing person.  There is this one, which we’re already familiar with:


teresa halbach's endangered/missing poster

Teresa Halbach’s Endangered/Missing poster


And then there is this flyer seen only in a couple of frames of the series.  It’s clearly different.


Second Missing Poster for Teresa Halbach

Second Missing Poster for Teresa Halbach

As those who follow the series know, Teresa was reported missing on November 3rd, 2005.  By the very next day a search party was organized, and maps of the area were printed  up and distributed. One was even blown up and pasted to cardboard backing.  Two buttons featuring Teresa’s visage were also made and distributed after Teresa’s disappearance. Two sets of completely different flyers were made.  Could all this have been the work of one person?  If so, which person?  Seems like it must have been a meticulous person who thought of everything, some kind of organizational savant, even.  Was it he very same person who led and coordinated the search party, I wonder?  If so, it couldn’t possibly have been the same person who couldn’t remember on the witness stand what time of day it was when he last saw his lover of five years?
In this screen capture we can very clearly see both Mike Halbach and Ryan Hillegas, just as the search party was being launched (a day after the announcement of Teresa’s disappearance) wearing a button with Teresa’s image on it.
Ryan and Mike wearing button with Teresa Halbach's image

Ryan and Mike wearing button with Teresa Halbach’s image

But the button below doesn’t look to me like the button above.  I’m not sure when the button below was made (yet), but why would you need two buttons?  This button is peculiar for another reason.  Without trying too hard, it is possible to see what looks like the reflection of whoever took the photograph of the button. But to me, the spectral image of the man’s head looks like it was photoshopped onto the button.   Can some readers help me out on this one, please?

Button with Teresa Halbach’s face

Here we see maps of the area being handed out.  If only one map was printed off, that’s remarkable enough, but if there were several maps, each featuring a different county, or different locations within a single county, no one could deny that this an impressive feat of organization to pull off in one day if you add it together with all of the other things that were done.  If this was the work of one person, imagine what such an organizational mastermind could pull off after a week of planning!

`Road maps being distributed during search for Teresa Halbach

Though a bit blurry, what the image below shows are enlarged versions of the hand flyers being passed around to individual members of the search party.  Please note with what exacting care this display of maps was made.  Someone knew exactly where to go online (I think) to find maps of the county.  Examine how perfectly all of the elements of the display are arranged.  Remarkable.
Enlarged map of area where search party looked fro Teresa Halbach

Enlarged map of area where search party looked fro Teresa Halbach

In sum, whoever did all this was a very organized thinker, meticulous, and capable of conceiving intricate plans and carrying them out over a period of time.  Let’s imagine, for a moment, that the murder of Teresa Halbach also took this much planning and precision.  If so, ask yourself whether it would have been possible for a guy with a 70 IQ to achieve or whether it was more than likely achieved by a person of above average intelligence.
“But you should have seen me.  You should have seen how wisely I proceeded –with what caution — with what foresight –with what dissimulation I went to work! ” From Telltale Heart by Edgar Allen Poe




  • Thank god Steven was willing to help out on this plan by
    1. Calling TH to the property at 8am on that Monday
    2. Taking the whole afternoon off so he had no alibi
    3. Having his fiancee’s huber law visitation rights removed so he wouldn’t be seeing her that monday
    4. making some very ‘suspicious’ phone calls to TH before and after her phone goes from active to dead
    5. having a bonfire that evening and lieing about it originally to LE
    6. having his nephew over that evening and cleaning up his garage – but lieing about being with anyone in his initial interviews with LE
    7. having a cut on his finger freshly made that same day a girl goes missing and last seen on his property approaching his front door by his own blood relative.
    8. putting some of that fresh blood from his cut finger in the victim’s car
    9. allowing others to put her bones and her electronics in his pit and burn barrel

    He really was very accommodating to help foster the perfect execution of the above average intelligence guy’s plan.

    • I believe that LE was very accommodating. They’re combination of ignorance and arrogance was easily played by killers. As you said above, thank God all they had to do was remove ANY alibi. Jodi doesn’t get out and Brendan is Stevens alibi.
      Take over the property for 8 days, (the bones took forever to arrive) and didn’t it seem a little odd on Nov 6th with literally hundreds of LE actively searching that no one notices “the bones”? Don’t tell me SA’s dog was guarding the pit, because news footage of this search shows no dog by the pit–And are we to believe that with all that manpower and equipment that no one there knew how to remove/deal with one dog? They hadn’t moved in the bones yet. LE, are they just plain ignorant or very accommodating? I think both!

  • To be honest , it looks like the reflection of a man named Edward Wayne Edwards a somewhat unknown serial killer who killed alot on Halloween.

  • Actually when I look again that is her ear, not the nose. I have only made it this far on four blog reading, so maybe you have bee asked before but do you ever go to websleuths? I bet they have a page started there regarding this case. I'm gonna check it out. When there was a high profile murder case near my home, I followed it and interestingly, some of the "amateurs" were right on target about where the missing girl's body was found, myself included, based on reading about history of the suspected murderer's background.

  • I agree the photo of the button is a little weird. If the photo was a close up, usually a reflection is obscure by the camera or phone itself. I cannot tell if that is what appears to be the glasses or not. I think not because you can see the nose. Maybe the photo is not a close up but has been cropped and the reflection is not the photographer? Anyway…if it is photoshopped to be a superimposed image, then that is a little stranger to me. It is def. not the same button they are wearing in the photo. Look at the right ear and angle. You are very observant of small details.