• Angels in the Outfield

    Anonymous is trying to ask did it go straight to voicemail b/c that is how most block calls. There are other ways but that is easiest.
    He wants to know if you recall it ringing the usual 4 to 6 times before the voicemail picked up. Then you are not blocked. I don’t see why Anonymous cares about this but I wanted to clarify their point.

  • Hillegas KNOWS more than he’s saying. He may have been contacted by the real killer and given clues to evidence placement. He didn’t kill her though. T Halbach was killed by Edward W Edwards-to frame Steven Avery. The NOTES in the case prove he was there, they were written in a code he used in many of his murders that wasn’t decoded until 2010. Edwards died in an Ohio Prison on 4-7-2011 after being arrested in 2009 for 5 murders he admitted to. 2 of the victims were a young couple in Jefferson Co. Wi in 1980!

  • He probably doesn’t respond because he blocked your number and isn’t getting your messages. You wouldn’t be able to tell.

    • No, he hasn’t blocked my calls, actually.

      • How would you know? Have you tried calling from a different phone?

        • DO you know Ryan? Do you know that he’s blocked my calls? If you called someone, how would you know whether your calls were being blocked? What good would it do if you could call from another number? Why are you so sure it wasn’t Ryan who killed Teresa Halbach? Give me a good reason to think it wasn’t him, and I’ll gladly post whatever you have. Thanks.

        • 1. No. 2. No, but I guess that he has because that’s what you do when someone you don’t want calling you keeps calling you. 3. You wouldn’t know. 4. If they answered a call from a different number, it’s probable they have your number blocked. If your call went through to voicemail whereas it normally wouldn’t, they definitely have your number blocked. 5. Why do you think that I think that?

        • I don’t know what you think.

  • What you need to do is go down there, peep in his mailbox, then videotape yourself looking like a fucking maniac.

    It’s the only way.

  • Follow the old boys club and money trail and you shall find what you are looking for. Someone at that quarry knows. Ryan obviously did not do this on his own. Josh, Old man Randant and Zipperer are your protectors. Find who and how there are connected to state officials and you will know what Zellner knows.

  • Find out where Ken Peterson was all week and why he spoke to Ryan 22x.

    • I don’t think Kenny Peterson is ever going to say anything. What I am trying to do now is bring pressure on those who know Ryan who I suspect are protecting him.

      • Then you may want to speak with Teresa’s brother. He didn’t only seem to be “protecting” but he also had some inconsistencies.