Dean Strang Grasping at Ridiculous Straws.

Endangered Missing Poster
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This flyer was distributed by the citizen’s search party on November 4th [I had earlier written November 3rd, but someone mentioned in the comment section, “are you sure it wasn’t the 4th, and for now, that seems to be correct.  See comments below for further clarification.]  Within the red box you should be able to make out the description of the vehicle along with the plate numbers.  They’re not that easy to see, but  they’re there.

Colborn was given this flyer, or some form of information with the plate numbers on it at some point during his work day on November 3rd more than likely.  When a white, college-aged, attractive female from a respectable family goes missing from a small town, people respond to that.  Do we know whether she was reported missing before or after the call Colborn made to dispatch confirming the plates?
Or maybe he scribbled the plate numbers down in a meeting.  Maybe he spilled coffee on the piece of paper they were written on.  He called it in to confirm the information was correct. No other explanation makes sense.  If he was part of an evil plot, and he happened to be standing in front of the vehicle, as Dean Strang was trying so hard to suggest, why would he need to call in to dispatch for confirmation?  Colborn didn’t have the plates in front of him, and nor was the car.  He simply had this flyer that was passed out over the entire town, and certainly to members of law enforcement. When Colborn calls it in, he basically reads directly off the fly itself, word for word.  [I’ll go back soon to quote his exact words as presented in court by Strang on the recording]On the flyer, we can see the vehicle description as a 1999 dark-green Toyota RAV 4, SWH-582.  Dean’s smoking gun is actually an example of good police work.  Oh, yeah, there was no reason to expect that such a routine task of police work would be remembered two years afterwards by a man Colborn’s age.
A better question to ask is who made up the flyers?  If not the police, how did this person happen to know the plate numbers?  Do you know the plate numbers of your vehicle, right off?  I’d estimate only about 1 in 20 do (I actually have a valid source for this obscure statistic!).  What I don’t have a statistic for is how many people know the plate numbers on the vehicle of their ex-girlfriend.
Look at all those official looking images on the perimeter of the flyer.  Three altogether if you don’t count the state of Wisconsin itself with a little dot indicating the general area where Teresa Halbach went missing.  Does anyone recognize these images as belonging to any agency?  Or were they just made up by some clever person with photoshop skills?
I know it’s only a matter of time before some person of slow wits accuses me of working with the cops. Anyone who knows me well would laugh very hard at that.  What I’m trying to do is cut a swath through all of the nonsense (with Occam’s trusty razor, if I do say).  As soon as we can eliminate the low hanging fruit, the sooner we can begin to discard even more credible suspects.  Ryan Hillegas, if you’re reading this, what I want you to know is that from now on I’m going to do my best to eliminate you as a suspect.  How’s that?
Lastly, the image of Teresa herself on the flyer…now where have I seen that very same image before?  Oh yeah!  Some more to say on that image here.




  • When questioned by Strang, Colborn didn't say he'd read the license plate number off a flyer. Instead, when pressed, he claimed someone else must have given him the number–but that he couldn't remember the conversation. He then said he couldn't have gotten it any other way.

    Additionally, Colborn claimed the dispatcher told him it was a '99 Toyota–but that untrue, proven by the tape Strang then played back for him a second time.

  • The same thought has occurred to me. Thanks for your encouragement.

  • Yeah. But colburn made this Call on the 3 of nov. Before the flyers. Didnt you se the program. Lenk and colburn Are 2 very currupted officers, who i think have a great deal with heaters murder to do.

  • Agree with Stephanie…for you all you know, thats actually Ryan trying to fuck with you.

  • If people are trying to stop you, you're probably on the right track. Keep it up!

  • Oh Good Gosh "Anonymous".
    There are thousands of people out there who all believe one thing or another. Your entitled your your own opinion as everyone else is entitles to theirs. Your words aren't going to change anyone's perspective because you've brought absolutely nothing valuable to the table. Two men are in prison and have been a long time because they were set up. I don't care what you have to say about missing evidence blah blah, none of that is relevant. We've all seen enough to form our own opinions on who possibly has been living life normally when they are the ones who should be locked up. You may be "Ryan" or someone close to him which is exactly what it sounds like to me. You have no more of a right than anyone else to state how you feel.

    As for the comment in the post about Dean Strang..He was a Phenominal defense attorney an he could only do so much. It's a damn shame they didn't win this case!

  • Agreed, but from my perspective, if Steve is innocent, TH left the property. At that point, the quarry becomes the logical intercept point for a) she has to pass it on the way back b) it's adjacent to the backside of the avery property. So it makes perfect sense to me that someone planning to frame Steven would intercept, kill TH and burn the remains in the quarry. At that point, the remains are transported by burn barrel # 2 to Stevens pit with some remnants left by mistake in the barrel when placed behind the Janda home. Its a simple drop point from the quarry to where the Rav4 was found and is likely the same way the police saw the vehicle prior to the official "find". This scenario suggests an insider like Scott or Earl.

  • It's very difficult to speculate about the exact logistics of where the body was burned, how it was moved from one place to another, and so on. The expert witnesses for the defense were on several occasions very effective in challenging some of the prosecution's experts. When the prosecution's expert argued that the burn pit was the primary location of the burn, I'd have to say that this was one such occasion. Dean Strang did a great job of discrediting her.

  • I forgot to add that the Rav4 could easily be placed on the Avery lot with access from the quarry.

  • My question is how does the story fit with the remains. Obviously the quarry represents a great intercept point for a killer, since TH would have to drive by it, and it would then be easy to wait for her to come by. She shows up, he has the his car already parked in the quarry, shoots her, throws her in the back, drives into the quarry and burns the remains. What Im struggling with is how does the murderer get the burn barrel from the Avery property back to the quarry, fill it, transport it to Steven's pit and then position the barrel back behind the Janda home?

  • I've been thinking about that too. And I have a different take on it entirely. I"ll be devoting an entire post to it soon. Thanks for your comment.

  • Hey Daniel, as a side note to the trial I came across this blog here:

    The interesting tidbit reads "Yes! And I’d like to add a little something about the jury. I’ve learned since posting this that one juror is the father of a Manitowoc County Sheriff’s employee, while another is the husband of a Manitowoc Clerk’s employee (important because of the evidence tampering/access to files supposed to be secured in the Clerk’s office). "

    So when the jury was initially polled and 3 jurors were dead-set on "guilty" I think we can figure out who two of them were…

  • I found this passage very interesting:
    Kratz has belatedly discovered a documentary project about the Wisconsin justice system that included interviews with Avery. Kratz wants all the material collected for the documentary, claiming his right to evidence.

    The project is research and interviews of the Wisconsin justice system using the false conviction of Avery as a frame. Laura Ricciardi of Synthesis Films, Inc. has accumulated over 250 hours of recorded material.

    Ricciardi claims protection as a journalist. She further claims that Kratz is attempting to use her as an (unpaid) investigative tool for the state. Ricciardi stated in an affidavit that she avoided any mention of the current charges against Avery and Dassey since that was not her scope.

    But, Kratz claims that Laura Ricciardi was allowed to film the unsealed vial of blood found in the Manitowoc County Courthouse and that she is an investigative arm of the defense.

    Kratz goes on to claim that she is not a journalist and has no protection for her work.

  • Have you read this blog by an apparent local that closely followed the trial in real time? It mostly corroborates the documentary without the so called "bias"

    He's also a photographer. Here is his contact info from that webpage.

    It may be beneficial to speak to someone that had doubts about Avery being the killer as the events unfolded. Since you're in the area maybe you could arrange a meeting.

  • I am bothered by the "Endangered Missing" title. When adults go missing, it usually says "Missing" unless they are suicidal or are believed to be with someone that might harm them. Do we know the basis for this case?

  • Wondering if you've considered Peter Dassey ? Can't find any background on him, but certainly he had a motive.




  • I have questions. That's all. I may go away, but the questions will remain. Two men are serving LIFE sentences. If it were up to me, I'd let Ryan go free if he did it if I could get those two out.

  • Damn, you might be right. I've been looking all day for where I thought I saw it, but still haven't found it. If I made a mistake, I will post a correction. But it really won't change anything. The license plate numbers were everywhere including the local news on the 4th of November. He simply got a notice from somewhere a little earlier than anywhere else, and was calling to confirm. Dean Strang's theory, the one everyone keeps talking about, is total bunk.

  • Interesting. Would that be the same template that the police department uses? I wonder if we can find a copy of that template to compare?

  • First of all, it would be called a warlock hunt if it were one, not a witch hunt, since Ryan is a man. I think we can at least agree on that much. Now, when you say that the police got everything right, I'm not sure what you mean since they never asked him for an alibi. He said he was never treated as a suspect. Look, here's how I feel. If there is a killer on the loose, and two innocent men are in prison, I think you'd agree that we need to do something. Moreover, the sooner we can start eliminating suspects, the sooner we can get to the person who killed Teresa Halbach, whoever that might be. Eliminating Ryan as a suspect shouldn't be difficult to do if he had nothing to do with the murder of Teresa Halbach. I'll be the happiest person alive if there were a way to scratch him off the list. So Ryan, I know you have to be reading this by now if your friends are. Can you please answer these questions so I can go home? If you want to contact me so we can arrange to meet to sort this out, I would be much obliged. Here is a partial list of questions I have for you

  • "Look at all those official looking images on the perimeter of the flyer. Three altogether if you don't count the state of Wisconsin itself with a little dot indicating the general area where Teresa Halbach went missing. Does anyone recognize these images as belonging to any agency? Or were they just made up by some clever person with photoshop skills?"

    If you look closely, you'll see that the flyer has a line at the bottom that says "Sponsored by The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America," along with their logo next to it. I assume this is a standard template that they use for producing a Missing Endangered poster.

  • are you sure they started distributing flyers on the 3rd and not the 4th?