Did Ryan Hillegas Go Fishing 10/31/2005?

If Ryan Hillegas killed Teresa Halbach, there is no way he burned her body, and dumped her ashes and bone fragments in the back of Steven Avery’s house.  There is nothing about Teresa’s bones which make any sense at all whether you believe Steven Avery killed Teresa Halbach, or whether you believe it was someone else.  What it actually looks like is someone came along at some point and didn’t quite know what they were doing, and scattered her bones around all over the place without thinking it through very clearly.

But, actually that’s not true.  They did think it through clearly enough for all expected circumstances.  It would have been plenty good enough for what would have usually happened, but if whoever planted the bones had any idea that their actions were going to be the subject of intense scrutiny by a global audience ten years after the fact, they might have had second thoughts.  But no one could have known this so they were no more careful than the circumstances warranted.

We can get into the bones more later, but the DNA found on the bones was such a slight amount, and the dental records also don’t seem to be standing up to closer scrutiny nowadays either.  I’ll get to that one on another post.  For now, I’ll just say that we know they collected Teresa’s laundry from her house and all of her personal items, and  all of these items had plenty of Terersa’s DNA for a millions false convictions.  What a simple thing to do to transfer it onto a few bones.

More than likely Ken Kratz figured this out.  He, after all, had unimpeded access to evidence storage and even a macabre fascination with dead bodies if the invitation he extended to one of his sexual assault victims to tour the local morgue and view an autopsy is any thing to go by.  Police evidence lockers contain evidence going back decades.  Forty, fifty years.  Get a few bones, chop them up, but them on your backyard barbeque, say, and in an hour or less the sick bastard had what he needed plus some spare ribs.

Why did he bother?  Because when you’re trying to frame someone for murder, nothing works better than having the body.  Without one you’re just pissing in the wind.  All the other stuff that was planted on the Avery property wasn’t necessarily enough to frame Steven Avery.  It probably would have, but it wasn’t a slam dunk, and Kratz needed a slam dunk because this was going to be his ticket to glory, and he was right.  After the successful convictions of Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey I think he won some prosecutor of the year award.  I know that Wiegert and Fassbender were recognized for their excellent service, and of course, who can forget Len Kachinsky who was given a judgeship for his trailblazing legal work.

But how could you have a body and not really have a body at the same time? As I’ve pretty much already explained.  But also Kratz took care to make sure that a lot of the bones were missing (except, conveniently, that tiny fragment which has a bevel indicating a gunshot wound).  That way there would be no way to piece them all back together, which they very likely might have have done.

To conceive of this and pull it off successfully would take the mind of a very twisted and sick person, and Kratz has pretty much fit the bill for that the more we’ve gotten to know him.  He’s all over television and radio these days—a dream come true for any narcissist worthy of the name—so we sleuths and students of human psychology can count this as a gift because it gives us more opportunities to observe him.  You may draw your own conclusions, but I think he delivers with each new appearance.

But who knows, maybe it was Thomas Fassbender.  Mark Wiegert?  Who sprinkled the bone fragments?  It doesn’t matter.  What’s important, however, is what did happen to Teresa’s body?  Today it hit me today thinking about it as I am wont to do.

A fishing trip!  I’m guessing that Ryan also had access to a boat.  If someone asked Ryan Hillegas where he was or what he had been doing, this is what he would tell people.  The average depth of the lake Michigan, the Great Lake which abuts Manitowoc, is almost 300 feet.  (85 meters).  This is an important consideration because disposing of a body in a lake is usually ill-advised for murderers who do not wish to be caught.  In shallower bodies of water, bodies will begin to float up like balloons released to the sky as they become like air-filled sacks of flesh after the gases of decomposition begin to be collect.  But the pressures at much greater depths either compress these gasses, or force them out of the body, thus greatly reducing the chances that they will rise to the surface at some later date.

But Ryan’s pretty smart, and if he did kill Teresa, and this is the way he disposed of her body, I have a lot of faith that he took the necessary precautions to weigh the body down.

I have no idea what Ryan Hillegas ever said to people about the day in question so there is no way that I should be able to know what he said he did on October 31st, 2005. This post is really intended then, for those people who know Ryan and heard him explain what he was doing that fateful day.  It’s a bit of a long shot, frankly, but is his alibi, if you could call it that, that he went fishing?  If it is, how the heck would you suppose that I would know such a thing?

I should make it clear, I realize, that I don’t think that Ryan and Kratz were working together.  A conspiracy of any kind between them is not actually necessary, and in fact I do not believe it is likely.  As mentioned in a previous post, Ken Kratz wrote a letter to Steven AVery in 2015 asking Avery to come clean on the murder.  By the wording of the letter, it seems fairly clear that he still believed at that time Avery was the Teresa Halbach’s killer.  If he knew that Ryan killed Theresa, he obviously wouldn’t believe that.

I know from my Google Analytics that most of my readers in the United States are in Wisconsin.  I know that some of my readers know Ryan, and some are within his inner circle.  The public still doesn’t know exactly what happened, or what Ryan said he was doing the day Teresa died because the cops never bothered to ask.  But I know he still had to give an explanation.  So, hey, if you believed him all along, no worries.  We all want to believe the best in others, especially if we know them well and have given us a reason to trust them.  But if he went fishing that day, you know I have to be right, and if I am, I am calling upon you to do the right thing.  Call Zellner, or, if you’re feeling up to it, leave a comment.



  • I don’t think we have enough information about Ryan and I believe that is certainly on purpose. If nothing is cemented on the record, all we can do is speculate and form an opinion around what we do know. In this, I speculate Ryan had something to do with this, beyond what is officially on the record. His shitty memory and brain issues only appear when someone is going to record it. Like in court.

    I also speculate that Kratz knows far more than is publicly known. There have been far to many incriminating events attributed to him. And as far as conspiracy, really it would only take very few people. We all know it only takes the tiniest amount of dna to convict someone these days. Just look at how OVER THE TOP Kratz went in 2006-2007. And even with his little pamphlet he cannot be truthful.

    Back to Ryan. The cops didn’t ask for an alibi when they questioned him in Nov 2005. Gotta wonder why that happened. Isn’t that just a standard question for someone in HIS situation? Former lover (that didn’t tell the cops) and of his close relationship to Teresa. How is that NOT suspicious?

    So, it’s absolutely on Law Enforcement and HIM, we didn’t create this suspension, THEY did.

    I hope Zellner rips this sham of an investigation to shreds.

    • When Wendy Baldwin and Mark Weigert first appeared to take the missing person’s report, the did ask about a bf or recent ex bf. Both Karen Halbach and Scott Bloedorn told them she didn’t have one. If you read through the CASO report where this is brought up (it’s in the first few pages, actually) you realize that Ryan Hillegas is sitting in the room when this question is being asked! He never pipes up and says, “Uh guys, I had been her bf for 5 years, and I’m still madly in love with her”. He lets it slide. So Baldwin and Weigert had to have assumed that this Ryan Hillegas figure was just a friend like Scott Bloedorn or any of the other people in the room at that time. In this case, and in things generally, I try not to necessarily explain things as the outcome of deliberate intent if either accident, chance, or incompetence can explain things just as well. In this case, I think, there was a marriage of both.

  • “As mentioned in a previous post, Ken Kratz wrote a letter to Steven AVery in 2015 asking Avery to come clean on the murder. By the wording of the letter, it seems fairly clear that he still believed at that time Avery was the Teresa Halbach’s killer.”

    I always interpreted his letter to Steven Avery asking him to come clean was more about gas-lighting and taunting him than about genuinely expressing a belief in Avery’s guilt. It’s like an abusive husband will say to a woman with bruises all over her face, “Wow, you really hurt yourself last night when you fell down the stairs and ran into the door three times.” It says “we both know what really happened but you can’t make me say it, and I can make you feel crazy.”

    • I think you made that comment before, no? I think he’s arrogant and stubborn, and that he’s unwilling to consider that he might have been wrong because in his own mind he’s smarter than everyone else. To be honest, 9 times out of 10, he probably would have been right. The vehicle was on Avery’s property. Avery was from a family that owned a junk yard, etc. It all sort of fit. I am convinced that they were all convinced that it was Avery. I do, know, however, that a lot of people think it was a vast conspiracy. The fact that it wasn’t, worked to Kratz’s favor b/c he could just ridicule all of that to the hilt, and that’s exactly what he did do because he knew better.

      • Sorry, yes, I made the comment before but I thought it was on reddit, not here. :) I think Kratz is a narcissist and so doesn’t really think in terms of what’s “true” or not. He doesn’t really know or care if Avery is guilty. He doesn’t think in those terms. He thinks in terms of what’s good for Ken Kratz. He’s decided to operate in the paradigm that Avery IS guilty because it benefits Kratz to do so. If it benefited Kratz to believe Avery innocent, then that’s the paradigm he would operate in, having nothing to do with reality.

        But I agree with you that Kratz was not in on the murder and probably only a small part of the frame job, if any.

        • I do not find your argument to be persuasive. No offense, but it seems flawed.

        • Well I wasn’t so much trying to convince you as to express and describe a personality type I am very familiar with. I don’t know Ken Kratz but he looks to me like someone I have known very well in my life with this weird narcissistic relationship to reality. T